Meek Mill – Maybach Curtains f. Nas, Rick Ross & John Legend

blame it on Shake October 17, 2012

With just under two weeks before Dreams & Nightmares drops, Meek gives Rap Genius the green light to premiere one of the most-anticipated cuts.

  • hustle

    rick ross always gotta jump on his artist’s best records.

  • uh huh

    no joke… and takes the last verse, which as expected, was not nearly as good as Nas’. i guess William is paying for the beat and its about maybachs so thats kind of his lane. still fuck shit. sounds like a justice league beat for sure

  • dtb

    boring. which is keeping the course for meek.

  • koke

    Don’t listen to anything with Rick Ross on it…..

  • wat

    Agreed dtb

  • yeap


  • oaklandgorilla

    Only listened to the Nas and John Legend parts

  • Wu Tang

    every album from mmg camp all sounds the same. but whyyy ?

  • CHeeKZ Money

    Say what you want haters, that music and hook is beautiful.

  • TDE

    This cool and all but, Meka, Shake, we need a new Kendrick post so cats can talk about the new album that just leaked..

  • 2dopefan

    @ CHeeKZ

    ur half right. hook and instrumental are on point but meeks verse is average at best. not hating, just an opinion.

  • Mike Diesel

    this track beats Poetic Justice IMO

    John Legend, Ross went HAM

  • Q

    Shit is weak no where near Poetic Justice albeit two totally different concepts but we’ll be hearing Poetic Justice for a long while I don’t care if I never hear this again. Shit is BORING.

  • Ryan

    Nas murders Ross and Meek … but that was to be expected

  • ratw

    @Q that’s only because young money is on it

  • pick

    this is horrible it just goes to show this is not hip hop at all this is some industry BULLSHIT..meek mill thought if he put nas on a song then its considered REAL hip hop..AND HE GOT AWAY WITH IT !..but theyre not getting me with this bullshit ..the first album i ever bought was by nas and now thanks to this song i just lost respect for a legend

  • skrill83

    the music and the chorus is what makes this track…the rapping is just filler

  • Rik

    Dope song, but, its still an album track, its not live enough to draw people (on the fence) to go out an wanna buy the album when it drops!

  • djmuzika21

    How does Nas collaborating with someone you don’t consider good or real make you lose respect for him? That’s some gay ass hipster type of shit. Nas is a legend in his own right and if he wanted to jump on the track or if the MMG camp dropped money for him to hop on the song, why not? One feature on a song does not taint a discography of such celebrated work.

  • not

    you niggas hate on anything not tde, meek is talking bout real life on this

  • yeezy da creator

    why does meek mill sound like loaded lux to me?

  • CAPO

    Typical MMG record always big name features to attract people

  • the realest

    ou niggas hate on anything not tde, meek is talking bout real life on this
    not said this on October 17th, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    ^ that

  • MrsJones

    uGH WHAT LAMES thumbz this BS up…lucky my bae nas is on this otherwise…ngaz must b on that cookcrack if this bs is what they call dope! Cant believe Nas is spittin with meek and ross…foh…first Nicki…aww’man c’mon Nas son……

  • gavin

    yall are fuckin nerds. i like how all of you hate rick ross and meek mill but still go out of your way to comment on all there shit. its sad. what do you think you’re accomplishing? other than making yourselves look like losers.

  • omer

    NEEDS TO RELIVE THIS, that song is nice but its like he made the song

  • adrian

    Y’all serious??? Do Y’all hear that beat and that hook omfg. Love that live sounding shit. That bassline got me leaning

  • millymeek

    not a fan of slow cadence, quiet rapping meek mill. that boy can spit though PHILLY

  • tevin

    fuck yall rick ross haters but yet this guy can fuck ya mom if you dislike him go to hell

  • ItalianJob

    Guys there are millions of worthless rappers out there. If you *really* want to criticize them all you wouldn’t have a life. Leave Ross and his group alone and go do something with your life. This is just music, enjoy or grab another track from your favorite band.

  • T_onyB

    Damn sick ass song but Ross fucks songs up man, Nas and Meek on here spitten some deep shit and this nigga on here talkin about croutons

  • Law

    y’all some hating ass niggas … give Meek his props for making it out the gutter, this a nice lil track