• $$$

    This is nuts... That MethGibbs track and "Tick Tock." This should probably take preference over that Kendrick leak.

  • WHAT!

    Best soundtrack since Belly.

  • ef

    i think kendrick is the best new cat but god damn a wu album is too hard to top

  • Cage

    Bananas.... I skipped only 2 songs

  • dielon

    best soundtrack i finna heard in a while mayne....shit straight killin niggas

    glad to see ye graduating once again.
    good to see the clan still killing it
    good to see my nigga wiz is in this shit even though his shit now is wak as fuk
    good to see method man slayin his tracks
    and god damn fantastic to see king pusha gettin his

    all around dope soundtrack real impressed with this work

  • bricks

    That sample in the revelations track! Made this whole soundtrack for me lol

  • http://2dopeboyz.com Harlem

    It leaked.

  • Cage

    Danny brown straight RUINED tick tock smh

  • you

    Danny Brown on tick, tock - what a complete fuck up. I'm going to delete it and put on the leak without him.

  • http://www.thaphoundation.com Tha PHounDation

    Man the music is dope, Quentin Tarantino is the $hit, can't wait to see this.

  • Maga D

    The best album in a looong time