Sean Price – Bar-Barian (prod. The Alchemist)

blame it on Meka October 18, 2012

This is absolute wickedness. Mic Tyson drops October 30th; pre-order here.

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  • dev

    Skyzoo put out an extremely dope album this month and Mic Tyson is sound hard as fuckk!!! It’s a shame they are getting overshadowed by Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar

  • Lampz

    Kendrick Lamar is actually pretty good. He has great lyrics. You can’t really compare him to Sean P.

  • CARBONATEDBeverage

    Kendrick Lamar makes soft music for girls and hipsters. He’s dope but his album sounds weak as hell to me. Too much whining and crying about hard times and all that cliche shit. This track here is something you can just throw on without feeling all sad and shit.

  • TheOn3

    HEAT ROCK >>>

  • Juicy-G

    This album is going to be TUFF!!! I love this shit! Sean P!!!!

  • A-a-a-a-alchemist

    ALC gettin his WU on

  • jewlz the director

    Sean Price will be the first Album worth me buying in about 7 yrs…all this corny yeast infection jean wearing as rappers shit is for the birds!!! Long live Sean Peeeeeeeeee,you got my duckets when Mic Tyson drops,word to BIG L!!!!

  • Money Love

    Sean Price is a fat ass that sounds outta breath over tracks…dam get on the treadmill…he’s not as nice as someone like Drake, that makes beautiful songs about his feelings and emotions about being canadian and shit…plus everyone need to get off Alvin and the chipmunks from Compton’s jock!

  • Akademo

    This is that real Hip Hop. Why you fags come on a Sean P post and talk about Drake soft ass? This that Duck Down shit we’ve been missing since the 90’s. When will you new rap fans learn that this new rap is nothing compared to that rugged and raw lyrics over boom bap beats? ALC is definitely on his A game. We need more of this ya’ll! Buckshot, where you at? Rock, where you at?