• sirj

    I liked the other video for this song better

  • $$$

    I'm pretty sure The Weeknd is living a double life as an MC in Clear Soul Forces.

  • xastey

    ^^^ dude you syping on me.. I JUST found Clear Soul Forces on bandcamp

  • Disappointment

    *Yawn* GLAD he's gone for the monochrome but yet ANOTHER unimagined video... and is it me or whoever's re-done an' mixed the audio down has removed some if not ALL of the rawness of the vocals (particularly the choral vocals) and the [electric guitar] strings etc... shit's missin a sonic layer or somethin... the track's DEFINITELY lost some of the 'kick'/hopeless anguish it had before (without tryna sound overly melodramatic)... shit sounds waaay too impotent an' sanitized now...

    ...' fuckin shame *head shake*...

  • $$$

    @xastey: Haha, nah I'm not, but glad you aren't sleeping on them.