• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P8Tkq5Kc6k&list=FLdyhZYIwt_rvZAjV3mFcoUQ&feature=plcp jones

    K should be talking bout the album leak instead of the artwork

  • ineedmoney

    kendrick was right for leaving- that hoe trippin for not knowing Martin

  • xastey

    That bitch dont know about Martin.. K.dot a damn fool

  • http://lazeehipart.tumblr.com/ Lazee

    this interview is was recorded a while ago JONES...like around the time the cover leaked...

  • Enlite

    She would be more suitable in the adult entertainment business. How the fuck do you not know Martin unless you're 10 years old or from north korea?

  • justsaying

    real talk....she just lost a viewer of her interviews for that Martin gaf. Fuck this shit for real.

  • Damn son

    How the fuck u not know what Martin is?? Lol I'm 19 and love Martin.. Hahaa That's just having no pop culture awareness.

  • Q

    Ab Soul ain't #Eatin. They only giving the homie a 4 song 15 minute set at the shows Q too. Their time will come tho. #TDE

  • hiiipower

    she aint bout dat life foreall

  • well

    she sucks at interviewing. like..awful. she's trying to get too much attention on herself the whole time and comes off as unprofessional

  • http://www.fuckbitchesgetmoney.com Mandingo

    if i was a rapper and she was interviewin me id turn it into a porno set and have her butt nekkid on the couch takin the deep dick pizza (while pokin my thumb around in her butt of course)...werd to brian pumper

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