Kendrick Lamar (Finally) Explains What m.A.A.d Means (Video)

blame it on Meka October 19, 2012

Speaking to the LA Leakers, Kendrick reveals that the “m.A.A.d” in his album title stands for either ” my Angry Adolecent divide” or “my Angles on Angels Dust.” October 22nd is the date (you can pre-order now)…

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  • joe

    Wow.. that sucks. PCP is one helluva drug

  • D-Skrizzy

    So…it’s not a WC reference? Dissapointing.

  • MrBojangles

    So … what is Kendrick’s message? I’m having a hard time figuring this kid out. He’s definitely not cute from Lupe’s cloth. Section.80 has him identifying the downfalls of our generation, yet his recent collaboration with A$AP shows him participating in it. Who is he? Does he want to change things, or just point out what needs to be changed? I’m confused.

  • Marr

    K DOT

  • Dot

    @MrBojangles He is just telling his story in hopes to inspire the children from his city.

  • King G.

    I like Kendrick but I have to say that the album is a bit disappointing to me. The production should have been much better. The lyrics are on point but if the overall vibe of the music is too mellow then I can’t find myself listening to it more than once in a while.

  • flo

    cant please everyone. its fucking hip hop what you want?

  • marty mcfly

    The way TDE fans act you would think GKMC would be the greatest piece of recorded music the earth has ever heard but it wasn’t. Its funny that 2DBZ posted that video of Kendrick playing songs for Andre 3k because the whole time I was listening to the album I thought it sounded like Andre. The album isnt wack, thats not what im saying at all and in fact it is a good debut album but I dont think it was quite the modern day Illmatic that people been saying it would be for the past couple years now. I wouldn’t even say it’s better then the Documentary album from Game. The album was cool but thats about it.

  • King G and Marty, I know its just your opinion but its a retarded one. Its either you know fuck all about hip-hop or you are talking shit. Not better than the documentary? Well, I rest my case. Hopefully, the over-whelming majority of not just hip-hop fans but fans of music would recognize this for what it truly is; a modern day hip-hop classic.
    My only quibble is Kendrick including “Back-street freestlye”. I know he spat that when he was 17-18 and it was on there for spme sentimental reasons, but Kendrick at 17 is not Kendrick at 25. “Black boy fly” should probably have replaced it. Definetely buying this on the 22nd. Might buy it twice even.

  • jwiii

    y’all obviously didn’t listen to section.80 if you’re asking who is kendrick lamar. go put it on repeat numbskulls.


    good kid, m.A.A.d city is modern day classic?

    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    Take Care
    good kid, m.A.A.d City

  • marty mcfly

    @excalibur, your first sentence was “I know its just your opinion”. Thats the point, its mu opinion and im not obligated to act like every project Kendrick does is classic cause thats not how I feel. You have your opinion and I have mine have mine. Go back and listen to why I said what I said about the Documentary or any classic album you wanna pick from. You talk about the majority of hip hop fans? first of all The Documentary sold 5 million out the gate and NO im not expecting ANY album to do that this year or the next but obviously somebody out there other then myself supported that album. GKMC is cool but not everybody thinks its the fucking greatest shit ever cause I just dont hear that. Its cool and I hear what he’s saying and I can relate to his story especially since the skits all sound like people I know personally cause west coast culture and lifestyle is also what I grew up in but the album just aint my type of sound overall. If its yours then go buy the shit and play it everyday but dont act like somehow since you like the album so much that anybody who doesn’t must be retarded cause thats not the case.

  • mrwhatwhat

    @mrbojangles “im not the next pop star, im not the next socially aware rapper, I am a human motherfucking being over dope ass instrumentation..kendrick lamar!” – kendrick lamar (ab-souls outro)

  • Damn homie

    Somebody get @excalibur some lube cuz he on Kendrick’s dick hard.. Buy it twice?? Lol and how is comparing it to the Documentary some type of blasphemy?? Documentary is a classic. I haven’t heard the album, because I’m one of the few people who actually still gets the thrill of unpackaging and listening all the way through.. The angel dust thing is crazy though.

  • Grimzz

    respect to marty i see what you’re saying…kendrick is trying to make his own sound telling his story…i can see where a lot of ppl can say where the album can slip…nothing wrong with that…i’m a big fan of originality and for his first go round with a studio album i think it’s really good…i still put life is good ahead of it due to the style of nas and his album…a top album nonetheless from kendrick

    one more thing STOP USING CLASSIC THE FIRST WEEK OF AN ALBUM RELEASE…shit’s annoying…lol

  • MewLover34

    Not really sure how you could complain about a single song on this album. It is perfect top to bottom. I had really high expectations and it was insanely better then I thought it would be. Hip-Hop album of the year hands down, but that’s kinda obvious. Anyone can have whatever opinion they want, but if you think this is anything short of an absolute masterpiece, you really are missing out on what will be one of the better albums of your life.

  • smh

    If you think GKIAMC is a classic then you are retarded or you are 16yrs old. And I’m a Kendrick fan, in fact he is my fav artist right now but GKIAMC is disappointing. Its weak. Stop stanning for a medicore album. Section.80 is wayyyy better.

  • MewLover34

    This guy above me said the new Nas album is better, and Marty mentioned an awful album that for some reason people with low standards call a classic. That’s all you need to know about anyone that has a negative word to say about this album. I guess their just not used to perfection. Backstreet Freestyle is amazing btw, not sure what that other guy is talking about.

  • DamnHolyShit

    Not really sure how you could complain about a single song on this album. It is perfect top to bottom. I had really high expectations and it was insanely better then I thought it would be. Hip-Hop album of the year hands down, but that’s kinda obvious. Anyone can have whatever opinion they want, but if you think this is anything short of an absolute masterpiece, you really are missing out on what will be one of the better albums of your life.

    MewLover34 said this on October 20th, 2012 at 3:41 am
    Kill yourself. “perfect top to bottom” “absolute masterpiece” Holy shit the dick sucking going on in this post is tremendous.

  • MewLover34

    K nvm the guy above me now is even dumber. It only takes a few listens to know how much better this album is than Section.80. Your not a Kendrick fan your just lying to sound credible. No one 16 years old has ever heard of Kendrick Lamar, that line is all you need to know that hes a troll.

  • DamnHolyShit

    You make me ashamed to be a kendrick fan. Fucking dick riding to the max times 100. And backseat Freestyle is a horrible ass song. Worst song on the album.

  • DamnHolyShit

    K nvm the guy above me now is even dumber. It only takes a few listens to know how much better this album is than Section.80. Your not a Kendrick fan your just lying to sound credible. No one 16 years old has ever heard of Kendrick Lamar, that line is all you need to know that hes a troll.

    MewLover34 said this on October 20th, 2012 at 3:49 am
    You have to be deaf, stupid and not know a thing about hip hop or music if you think GKIAMC is better than Section.80. Fucking troll.

  • MewLover34

    Yeah Sorry, but your just a tard if you think that song isn’t great

  • DamnHolyShit

    Also you are incredibly dumb for thinking no 16yrs old has ever heard of kendrick. Damn you dumb like really dumb…its fucking sad. Thats why I can’t take people serious that think this album is perfect cause people like you are dumb.

  • MewLover34

    Sorry if the truth hurts man. GKMAADC>Section.80
    You’ll understand in time…

  • MewLover34

    What songs suck by the way? I’d like a good laugh right now.

  • swish15

    Like went INNNNNN on Dying of Thirst. & Kendrick out rapped Drake at his own game on Poetic Justice. This, in my opinion, is better than The Documentary, from top to bottom. Which is the most recent west coast “classic” album.

  • marty mcfly

    @MewLover34, it aint just The Documentary. You could take any classic hip hop album and imo GKMC does not compete with it. Now if you wanna keep going with this shit just based on my opinion until I start saying the reasons why the album is NOT a classic then go ahead but id much rather just agree to disagree and say if you think the shit is classic then go ahead and think that.

  • MewLover34

    @marty mcfly
    No that’s cool with me, a reasonable response. I love so much on these sites, where if you disagree about something, YOU DON”T KNOW NOTHIN BOUT HIP-HOP!. And you must be a little fucking kid or gay or some other bullshit. I think the album is amazing, and it’s just silly to compare it to anything after 3 days to anything that has been out for years. Time will tell how much of a classic it is, but I think it’s off to a good start. If someone disagrees, who cares, keep it moving.

  • marty mcfly

    Its all based on subjective opinions anyway and no we dont have to compare it to any classic albums especially since it aint really even out yet but id just say that generally speaking, across the board period. Its not like hip hop gets a classic album that much anyway. In reality those type of albums come once every blue moon and in the last few years even the albums that people call classic, many people still disagree. If Jay Elec would’ve dropped his album this year then MAYBE we would be having the classic album debate and maybe GKMC comes close MAYBE but in my humble opinion its not quite there but still a dope debut album.

  • eZ

    Where was Ab-soul? and let’s be honest.. TopDawg had a helluva a run the past couple of years. Kendrick’s new album is not better than anything recent..that top dawg has put out. Overall… This album is not better than Section#80 it is what it is. The beats selection is definitely suspect.. but then again, this a Compton influenced sound.. My biggest problem with this album is Kendrick’s delivery. I’m glad he doesn’t spot obvious punchlines “like” Wayne.. But of no one can follow your story what’s the point. Definitely will support the album and the motivations behind the music.. To tell the story of the “good kid” in a “maad city”

  • marty mcfly

    You used the word masterpiece not classic but you get what im saying.

  • that truth

    whod buy that shit? worst hooks ive ever heard over the course of an album

  • odb

    smoke a lil sum’n, calm your life a bit, have a drink, and listen to the fucking album. U obviously went ahead and copped it the day the damn link came out because of the anticipation of this album. Any one is childish who listens to this with expectations of what they want to hear based on past work or works of others. K. Dot was ill but this record shows his progression on this here mic. The young man has been in situations where he met up with great/ diff producers and seized on it while sticking wit his root. Any way, the album stands its own as an excellent hop hop record. Just let the shit play, let time pass, and we will see in time If this is a truly a classic. As of right now this is what speaks for our generation. Respect to the classics, tde respects thos too. Jus quit fukin hanging onto them so hard and move on. Times r different and this man representing it. For the west coast and worldwide. This is what 2 0 1 2 sound like. I am from the west coast call me bias but since y’all love the past it like snoop said

    “Y’all ain’t got love for the west coast?!!”
    At tha Source you know it.

    Fuck you if u can’t respect the young kid and go out here listening to the same.
    I listened to the documentary when it came out. Don’t seriously still got the shit on rotation. Come on bruh. Id still have the damn Chronic, 2001 or damn doggy style if u wanna talk the classics. But don’t sleep on the young blood out here keeping this here
    Hip hop goin. Shit is different, shit has mad effort and some
    Thought provoking concepts.
    Let the time pass and we will see where it stands but as a fellow early listener I thought the shit was great and liked it better times over I played it. Living for today and changing everyday.
    If not this look into the fucking legendary roots or something don’t be stuck on stupid

  • andOneill

    i dont see why most people not feeling it, really is a great album, a great listen from start to finish, prob 2-3 tracks that i dont feel as much as the rest but thats the same with every album these days, think he really put alot of effort into this album so everybody should just enjoy it for what it is,its a great debut album, i think its not compared to section 80 because he had total control of the beats, song choice etc for that tape, this album dont forget is released through interscope which could have had an effect on this, still think its a good debut

  • hsuh

    GKMC is a classic and better than section 80 jus admit it u bunch of mouth breathers quit holding on let it go damn niggaz on here all sensitive n shit

  • not

    GKMC is a great album, which is better when listening from start to finish because of the story it tells. it sounds like aquemini with a west coast feel. and the skits make the album brilliant.

  • NYdreams

    GKMC is a good album dont get me wrong…but the documentary is shitting on this… from the production to the hooks to the overall package of it … that album is a true classic that i still listen to every 5 months or so … this album right here is good.. one of the best rap albums to drop this year but hip hop albums doesnt really offer alot of competition these days so….

  • In my opinion, Section.80 is more about a theme, it has better individual songs, GKMC is a solid story, it flows a lil better than Section.80. One thing people gotta stop doing is calling an album classic as soon as it was released. Illmatic wasn’t called a classic 18 years ago. Give this nigga time to develop as an artist before we start crowning him shit. That’s why people start hating artists so fast, because niggas always hyping and amping shit up. It was almost impossible for him to live up to the hype people was putting on his album. Just chill and enjoy the music

  • GKMC > Section. 80

    How could you even think that that album is wack, you’re obviously oblivious to good music..

  • swish15

    ya bish

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    Illmatic was called a classic when it first came out …got 5 mics within a couple of months of its release to validate those people’s opinions …. Sometimes shit is just obvious ….like watching lebron play in high school you knew he was going to be a NBA great from the get go even before he played one game in the league …

  • doodoohead

    lol wow cant people just let others have an opinion, some people loved the album some people didnt. deal with it.

    its like some people prefer rolls royce to lambo’s.
    its called a personal preference, or personal taste. the key word there is personal. lol.
    me personally i prefer rolls royce, and i loved this album.

  • swish15

    @BroskiGotThe.30 i saw Bron Bron play Mater Dei at Pauley Pavilion in hs, was the quietest 20 some odd pts I’ve ever seen in my life. Bron was listed as a guard at 6’8″ and was the tallest guy in the tourney. plus getting the “overrated” chant, some things dont change. ha

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    lebron was one of the most lauded basketball players this country has ever seen …. i dont even know what the hell point your trying to make… smh

  • CharlesB

    Kendrick Lamar, ab-soul, Drake, Nas, let me tell you.. it doesn’ matter how many records Kendrick sells, a hunid records, one hunid thousan’ records, let me tell you, Krispy Kreme donuts…

  • Nikky.Noir

    bunch of idiots arguing about what they thing rap is, really just arguing about what happens to resonate with themselves, hating on what resonates with others. Nice

  • Rita805

    I’ve been following Kendrick and all of TDE for a while now & I have seen how they have all developed as artists. I was not at all disappointed with GKMC. I think Kendrick has a versatile style and he shouldn’t be confined to one style. Section 80 has to be one of my favorites, but that doesn’t mean that’s the style I was expecting with this new album. People get too caught up with comparisons and forget to appreciate music for what it is. The whole album is a story. If you actually pay attention to the lyrics and the overall flow, you will enjoy it.