Kendrick Lamar Previews “Don’t Kill My Vibe” For Andre 3000 & Dr. Dre (video)

blame it on Meka October 19, 2012

During a studio session with the two Andres K. Dot played the second track from good kid, m.A.A.d. city to their approval, while Rolling Stone watched the entire thing unfurl. October 22nd is the date (you can pre-order now)…

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  • MelendezAllan

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  • wat

    Andre 300, huh? Interesting.

  • aaa

    the album is amazing.

  • QZA

    OH my god. lord jesus. 3 stacks and kendrick in the same studio

  • ^3 MINUS-O Stacks

  • cecc

    Most anticipated cut form the album, hands down. The beat is heavily “insipred” from iLLmont’s track called ” Second Rate Dirt” which is mad dope also.

  • itsAlrightMeka

    ^^good one? i hope people read your “completely-punctuation-&-spelling-error-free blog”

  • wat

    There is something called proofreading.

  • nito

    am i the only one that gets the video off to the side. i cant see it cause its cut off.

  • saaeeed


  • sad


  • Pedro

    @nito nah I get that too

    Anyway I heard the all good kid, m.A.A.d. city, I think it’s pretty dope, but Section.80 is better, and I think backstreet fresstyle has no place in this album,

  • eSmoove

    @sad Boom Clap Bachelors – Tiden Flyver

  • Ton Be. Fresco

    K.Dot Killed It With The Boom Clap Bachelor “Tiden Flyver” Sample.

  • QBN

    It’s a real good album.. there was too much hype for it to satisfy everyone. I do like Section 80 better, but I feel this will grow on folks over time. My one regret is no Black Hippy track. I’m glad Jay Rock smashed his cameo, but since this is K.Dot’s first major label debut, it would’ve been great to have more TDE input to showcase the whole crew the world. Side note, I really miss Alori Joh’s presence on TDE lp’s.. RIP.

    But yeah, Kendrick came through.. no matter what numbers he ends up doing.

  • hustle

    i wish jhene aiko was on the album but oh well… i’m sure they’ll collab again.

  • swish15

    i can only hope a remix is brewing…
    gkmc is the best MAJOR LABEL debut hip hop album since illmatic, in my opinion. lives up to the hype in every single way.

  • this the dopest song on the cd

  • Sing About Me >>>>>>>>>>>
    Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe slaps though.

  • Joe

    if you think backseat freestyle has no place in the album, you obviously didnt listen to it and the whole story of it…

  • Jay Lee

    The 2 Andres in tha studio 2gether. Hmmm… collabo trax on both their long delayed albumz maybe? Can’t recall ever hearin’ them on song 2gether b4.

  • markaveli

    this track and money tree my favorites on album…

  • mAAd kid, good city

    the album is a story and every song has its purpose. the bonus tracks are just for fun though

  • TRMT

    If you want Black Hippy tracks get the deluxe versions. And Backseat Freestyle definitely belongs on the album! Listen to the story the album is telling through the songs AND the skits. And if you still don’t get it read some reviews. Pitchfork actually did a decent job with this one. And what the crap is up with this video? I can’t see anything..