Gucci Mane – Respect Me f. Rick Ross (Young Jeezy Diss)

blame it on Illy October 20, 2012

La Flare takes more shots at the Snowman (with Rozay this time) on a leak from Trap-A-Holics and DJ Cash Crook’s Large On Da Streets 28 mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Gucci Mane – Respect Me f. Rick Ross (Young Jeezy Diss)
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  • swish15

    umm ross is large every where.

  • bigbootylover

    people trying to gang up on jeezy like they did with 50


  • DaSilva

    the way Jeezy said, how the fuck you respecting someone with a icecream cone on the face ?

  • Pops

    Why does no one ever bring up the fact that Ross was a broke ass extra in Jeezy’s first music video? Go back and watch the Boyz N Da Hood video for “Dem Boyz”. See Ross in the background looking like an extra regular nobody trying to get his face seen.

  • A.I.W.I.M

    Fuck gucci Mane Fuck Rick Ross you Cant Fuck With the real jeezy ja Rule you bitches!!!!

  • Varsityballin

    jeezy dont want nothin with gucci in the street.

  • mcd

    yo is that the EA logo tattooed on his neck? Wtf ghetto sponsorship

  • Atlantic Records

    Jeezy won. He won in 2005 too

  • wat

    I’m waiting for someone in Brick Squad (because I know no one in MMG will) to mention Freddie Gibbs in one of these diss songs. I want to see that dude get into his first feud. That Jae Millz shit was weak so it doesn’t count.

  • bladaoh

    the ea stand for east atlanta. i doubt jeezy gonna respon tho…

  • Wu Tang

    PLEASE, PLEASE one of those whack rappers diss Freddie Gibbs so we can hear some dope diss tracks from gangsta gibbs. Freddie Gibbs ft. 50 Cent – Rob me a nigga (MMG DISS) would be funny. gunplayyyy

  • C-los

    This man gets sexier every time I see him… I have an idea for his next tattoo. A bacon cheeseburger on the other cheek

  • Gucci got going on you haters.

  • Gucci got going on you hater this rapper jaming.

  • Gucci was #1 singer and still yall out there hating on gucci man.

  • Gucci I wont to rap with u hit me back.