Kendrick Lamar – The Heart pt.3 (Will You Let It Die?) f. Ab-Soul & Jay Rock

blame it on Illy October 20, 2012

Photo: Shake

K. Dot follows up 2010’s “The Heart” with part three, produced by Tae Beast, and some quick bars from Ab-Soul and Jay Rock. good kid, m.A.A.d City out Tuesday. Pre-order it now. SHAKE UPDATE: Before the crew finished recording this track last night, they hit the stage in my hometown of Las Vegas. Hit the jump for a brief preview courtesy of MTV; in which Kendrick speaks on crowd participation.


  • abcq

    any features on it?

  • Damn Homie

    If you post it… Dick Riders will come… Lol Aside from making fun of Kendrick Stans, the song is dope man.

  • God bless Black Hippy.

  • III

    Surprise Ab-Soul feature…nice.

    For the people who aren’t fans of Kendrick: y’all can at least admit this is dope. I know Kendrick dickriders are everywhere on this site, but give credit where it’s due. This is some hip-hop at its finest.

  • Some Guy

    Most overrated rapper in recent years. ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Fashawn, Skyzoo, eLZhi, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T… Just a few names of people who are better than Kendrick Lamar.

  • Boom

    ^^^^ lol

  • PanoramaBlack

    Jay Rock says somethin’ on there too

  • Damn

    This song shits on K.Dot whole album what a shame ..

  • lol

    J. Cole – fuck no.
    Schoolboy Q – fuck no.
    Fashawn – FUCK no.
    Skyzoo- no.
    Ab-Soul – he’s a better lyricist than Kendrick, but Kendrick’s music sounds better IMO.
    eLZhi – I’ll give you that. elZhi is probably the best emcee still rapping aside from Nas.
    Big KRIT – no.

  • Joe

    everybody is a critic on this website.. just sit back and enjoy the music… why spread hate ?

  • jrt123

    People hate bc it’s the easiest thing to do on the web. This track is wild. Soul’s verse with this line though…. “In the midst of it all was cooking them pots & pans out. Looking forward as forward’s forced to form a new plan now.” Wild!!! Soul is too damn dope.

  • marty mcfly

    Its not hate but I just dont get it. What song or songs is it that makes Kendrick a better rapper then everybody else? What song are you talking about that clearly back up all these claims of superior artistry?

  • picky

    im probably one of the few kendrick fans that still hasnt heard the album cus im waiting till the 22nd and i knew it would pay off. he just gave us this for free to hold us over till the album :)

  • jrock

    Skyzoo is better

  • marty mcfly

    I’ll give you Hiiipower but specifically on GKMC, what songs are you talking about.

  • $$$

    @Joe I wish everyone could see it that way or don’t enjoy the music but there isn’t any good reason to spew hate. They’re just making themselves feel worse in the long run

  • $$$

    ^ Stole my name again, huh, bruh? Haha, anyway. I think Kendrick just strikes a nerve for me growing up in Southern California. He does that “feeling” aspect of rap really well, i.e. “His Pain II” or “Good Kid.” $.02. Everyone enjoy your weekend.

  • $$$

    Also… I think with these Heart tracks you can tell it’s really just that: poetry from the heart. He’s as good of a writer as Nas or Elzhi. There’s alot of intricate shit Ali does with the mixing in Kendrick’s voice in studio sessions as well; listen to Backseat Freestyle with great speakers to see what I’m talking about.

  • Bddddddddddat

    @marty mcfly

    bruh ..stop trying to “get it” …if you listen to a bulk of kendrick material … and you cant determine for yourself why he’s in the upper echelon of mc’s …then its just not going to happen for you … its really not that difficult my dude …

  • marty mcfly

    Its not hate because obviously Kendrick makes some cool shit but the way some of you make it sound, it must be something in the music that either im not picking up on or dont understand. I take it that most would say its some kinda feeling but was just asking, that is all.

  • I would love to hear someone explain how Kendricks “Overrated,” ill wait… on another note, the few tracks I have heard (The Art Of Peer Pressure, Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe, Poetic Justice, M.A.A.D. City) give me confidence to say that GKMC will be a CLASSIC.. yes I said CLASSIC, from the production, to the Kendricks Wordplay and style will make it amazing

  • If you not getting it you just not getting it, everybody is not supposed to feel the same way for everything

  • marty mcfly

    @Bdddddddat, yeah I see people such as yourself saying how great he is every week but rarely does anyone say what exactly is the great part. If its some sort of aura that your feeling from the astral plane when you hear a Kendrick song then so be it. I just wanted to know if someone was gonna say its because of theses songs…. or lyrics…. that mean this….. and @DopemusicBlog, at least you named some songs. I wouldn’t get into why some see Kendrick as overrated but im just saying if some people feel that way it mite be because you pick up on something that went over some peoples else’s head. If so then what was it? Nobody gotta answer that but just seeing if someone would or not.

  • Bddddddddddat

    lol bruh … get a grip.. is this shit really that complex to you? …. you got a good lyricist … you got good content …you got good production ..and a relatable story … if you cant vibe with that then boom is what it is … you actin like this shit is some sort of mysterious potion …like its brain numbing as to why those things are inciting to people lmao …

  • jrt123

    Personally Marty I enjoy the unpredictability of a Kendrick track. With some artist I know if they are going to be real trap heavy, or boom bap, jazzy or just really random. With Kendrick he gives me a track like Poe Mans Dreams then can give you something like She Needs Me. We have gotten to the point where so many artist are trying to sound like other artist that it’s making things stale but with Kendrick everything seems fresh. He really stays true to his own sound and techniques.

  • I don’t get how people can call Kendrick overrated, he’s one of the best lyricists AND he’s original… Did you hear the pain in his voice on this track? Soul and Rock killed it too. Banger!!

  • $$$

    Schoolboy Q does that feeling shit too in “Sacreligious,” “Far From Here,” and “Blessed.” They’re just some feelin’ rappin’ niggas sometimes.

  • $$$

    I think it’s just dope to have an insightful emcee who’s also just fun sometimes… Backseat Freestyle and Money Trees are just fun verses. That shit better hit clubs.

  • KP

    @marty mcfly

    The big thing for me when it comes to Kendrick is how relatable he is. I guess u could call it “astral” if u want, but I just feel his music a lot more than anyone else’s.

  • marty mcfly

    Again, it was just a question. Obviously its not hating, I honestly wanted to know and thats it. @ Jrt123, yeah I see what your saying. Its basically the same as when someone says an artist like Skyzoo aint that dope. They mite not be hating at all they just dont get it but if you explain what a song like say Krylon really means then people are more likely to understand what it’s about. People quick to say this person his “the best” or these lyrics are “better then everything” else thats out. I just wanna know what some people are talking about when they make those claims. You can call it hate but its really not at all. @kp, when you say “relatable” thats probably the best overall description i’ve heard from people about why they feel Kendrick is so much better then everybody else. I can see how people mite agree with that.

  • G

    @Marty to REALLY get it…you’ll have to listen to OD, Section-80 and GKMC in their entirety. To get a glimpse of why many people (including myself) think Kendrick is the best in the game right now, just listen to Rigamortis (for wordplay) and Sing About Me (story telling)


  • $$$

    …I think “Let Me Be Me” is enough for Kendrick to explain himself.

  • late

    Wow, the heart indeed. This track screams passion.

  • swish15

    ya bish

  • EricDean

    LOL. When an artist emerges from the underground and goes from being hip-hop’s “best kept secret” to sharing his gift with (and being appreciated by) the whole world, the “first fans” tend to get a little sour. Once they see their favorite gaining more commercial success, they start to be a little bit more critical, a little less forgiving, a lot less understanding. I have come to tell everyone it applies to: LET THE NIGGA BE GREAT. Someone as talented as K. Dot is going to transcend genres and appeal to a lot more than your little Compton clique, and he’s telling a story that so many of us live every day. Support him on Monday, buy the album, and let him experience both commercial success and critical acclaim. For his future. For the genre. And for us.

  • marty mcfly

    Steel’s Apartment is probably a better example then Krylon as far as Skyzoo is concerned but you get the point. @G, if you listen to most artists whole discography chances are you’ll get it but I dont think you should have to listen to 40 something songs to REALLY get it.

  • mcd

    Watch the Ignorance is Bliss video on Youtube. Listen to the Kendrick Lamar EP all the way through, then repeat it. Listen to Poe Man’s Dreams turn into the Spiteful Chant. I think Kendrick Lamar is dope because he can be a lyricist, a storyteller, and a shit-talker all in one. All of his releases so far have covered every aspect of hip hop in them. He drops some deep thoughts on you and then follows it up with an ignorant anthem, only to end with some complex outro shit. Smart, unpredictable, talented. I ain’t trying to dickride, I just see a ton of shitty rap on this site and then I see KL get the most hate.

  • ddave

    WOW, .. I felt that shit. I feel you Kendrick. I still remember our facebook convo when you put out your kendrick lamar ep. Glad you kept grinding!

  • picky

    ^^^^yo but do u remember when kendrick used to get the most love on this site and not by shake and meka but by the c-section …EVERYBODY on here liked his shit but kendrick isnt us anymore hes a STAR now so let him shine (no pun intended)

  • S.Carter

    GKMC suffers from mediocre production…the concept of the album is classic. The Heart pt 3 is better than any song on the album. Tae Beast went in on the production!

  • DatGuy

    The way I feel, GKMC is a classic simply because it is the best hip hop album since MBDTF. I still believe the lyrics and some of the production could have been better, and I personally prefer Section.80, but that was a classic as well. What makes Kendrick music so good is the great mixing from Ali, hard hitting beats with profound lyrics on top of them, the fact that he probably has the best flow in the game along with ASAP, and the way his albums tie in together to create a piece of art. But that’s just my opinion.

  • lilkandy

    I don’t get the concept of “dickriding” or being a “stan” of an artist. If you like an artist why aren’t you allowed to show you appreciation of him/her. Seriously, who doesn’t have a favorite artist or an artist they admire…

  • brite

    ^ Real niggaz that’s who. You can like an artist but if you say you think he’s the greatest or whatever shit like that you might as well be saying I would let that artist bend me over and tear my ass apart so hard I’ll need anal stitches.

    That shit is gay. Never show any positive emotions for another man. That’s bitchmade shit. You are only allowed to love two manly things, that’s your left ball and your right ball. You start saying you love another niggas music, or art or fashion or any of that other shit you might as well just change your name to Frank.

    And Kendrick has major dickriders. Just wait till the 22nd and you see all these retard niggaz with more money than sense, posting pics all over twitter about buying 20 copies of the same damn album just because they couldn’t suck his dick in person. Shit is embarrassing. Have some goddamn pride. Never fcking dickride.

    Kendrick cool. That’s it. Buy his music play his cds, enjoy that shit. But when you feel the need to go online and defend this nigga like he is godfather to your children you need to just PAUSE that shit.

  • Jayson

    9am in Dallas.

  • lilkandy

    LOL okay thanks

  • $$$

    brite is a real nigga.

  • Cubano

    Skyzoo aint that lyrical b….good rapper with good production

  • Ricki Lutes

    better than half of the songs on the album, but thats no surprise cause the previous heart songs are too

  • marty mcfly

    @Cubano, I dont think Kendrick is that lyrical either brah… just a good rapper with ok production. I think probably Jay Rock and Ab Soul are a bit more lyrical then Kendrick.

  • flo

    brite worry about your damn self than other fools. people can appreciate music however they want. thats the joy of music not everyone thinks the same as you nigga. stupid fuck.

  • hustle


  • marty mcfly

    Not to mention Saigon’s new album a be out soon. Just sayin


    hey brite your kinda cute man ;)

  • al

    This shit is crazy. cop an album and support

  • KeepItSimple

    Way too much debate on this site song is amazing tho

  • moo

    lol at marty talking shit. dude if you think you know so much about hip hop and can’t see why everyone likes Kendrick, you clearly don’t know as much about hip hop as you think you do.

  • Grimzz

    this is a good song…really good…

    another debate on kendrick lol

    i’ve heard niggas say cuban linx was garbage so remember folks…it’s just an opinion

  • do i, to you, look like a lame?

    Brite isn’t no gangsta…. He’s just another lost N****

  • Grandpa Mo Bitchez

    This track is cool but I don’t know who is comparing Kendrick to Pac he is no where near on the level of Pac….the album is dope tho

  • Joe

    other people are comparing him to pac.. not him ^

  • marty mcfly

    @moo, NO I just hear some basic reasons why people think Kendrick is somehow supposed to be liked by everyone because in his fans opinion everything he does is the greatest shit ever. I just dont think so and NO people dont have to give a complex reason why the feel the way they do but its not like anybody put me up on anything from GKMC. just for the sake of conversation, is F&L 2 classic or the greatest thing ever? NO but song for song that album packs so much dope lyricism that you could go on for the rest of the day about whats being said on the one album. If someone asked me to point out whats so great about Strange Fruition, ITAL, Around My Way, Audubon Ballroom, Lamborghini angels, Brave Heart, Unforgivable Youth, Hood Now and even the fillers like Hear Donor and Cold War, I could write in extensive detail on a bar for bar level about how all those songs give people some very valid reasons to make claims about how great a artist Lupe is from the beats to the rhymes. It would be much more then just being able to relate to the music or identify with certain narratives but do people make a whole bunch of outlandish claims about that album. NO and nobody is saying that its classic or a masterpiece or nothing like that. Lets also include American Terrorists 2 & 3 and Go To Sleep cause those were also intended for the album as well but even without those songs its already full of dopeness. Again I wasnt just talking shit about Kendrick, I simply wanted to know if someone could explain why he’s supposed to be the greatest rapper ever now. The answers I got back were cool but thats about it and thats fine but again I could just talk about the first single off F&L2 (Around My Way) and he said so much with just that one song its ridiculous not to mention the beat being one of the greatest classics ever. GKMC is cool but aint nobody really saying much about it other then maybe if I listen to ever song Kendrick has ever done then maybe the album will sound better to me. GTFOH

  • cap

    for some reason it does seem true even to me that .. IF YOU PREVIOUSLY LISTENED TO KENDRICK LAMAR BEFORE HE BLEW UP AND COCKSUCKERS LIKE ALL OF YOU SPREAD DISEASES TO HIS NAME YOU WOULD APPRECIATE/FEEL/ LIKE HIS MUSIC BETTER. Its easy for all of you new comers to kendrick to hate cuz you dont understand,plus most of all talkin still probably havnt even heard OD let alone ep.

  • Where Album is Part One & Two on ?

  • Grimzz

    Yo marty

    Lupe stans are more crazier than K.Dot stans bruh lol…i’ve been hearing F&L2 being declared a classic for the past month from a lot of cats…and they’ve been defending his insane ass no matter what so…yeah stans lurk with every artist lol

    i don’t see why anyone gets so worked up over opinions anyway…to me GKMC is amazing…i can break it down just like i can break down F&L2…both are good reasons that the culture of hip-hop is strong and alive…niggas was saying cole world was boo boo and Live from the underground was trash…i can find my homie right now who will put the new danger from mos def over black on both sides right now lol…it’s all opinion man

  • jul

    this shot me in the heart. i feel

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah you can call Lupe fans stans but most of them can point out why they think he’s so lyrical. Thats the point. Now some people said why they think Kendrick is so lyrical and I heard that and its all good but If I made the claim that F&L2 contained the best lyrics to come out so far this year (which I dont know to be true or not), its a good chance I could back that claim up with examples from the album. Im not expecting people to do that with Kendricks lyrics but if somebody did I would’ve said the shit was dope. So no its no hating on my part at all. People talking about, you should just know GKMC is a classic just because people say it is but NO I dont think so. The album is cool and again im not talking shit but its no need to try to convince me that im missing something about GKMC cause thats only gonna make me ask, well what song or songs are you talking about?

  • marty mcfly

    I’ve already given the album some props and agreed with most the people who had something good to say about it so lets just leave it at that. Thee END

  • Jay

    @marty mcfly agreed i wouldn’t say Kendrick Lamar is the greatest rapper of all time, he is good but not the greatest, and took me awhile to get use to his music, but he is okay. some songs i like by him that i can remember….

    Keisha Song
    ignorance is bliss
    The Heart part 2
    Vanity Slave pt 2
    Clould 10
    Shock the world ft J cole
    Temptation ft Jcole

  • hot Moe

    You are some ungrateful mufuckers. Complain about no substance in the game but wanna find some reason to slight this dude. His album is a fucking concept with complete balance. And we wonder why real raps ain’t in the game no more cuz u don’t appreciate even when some maintains it in the mainstream world. Smfh. LET THIS NIGGA CONTINUE TO RAP.. I see why wiz went pop. Y’all don’t give a fuck anymore.

  • marty mcfag

    I am a fucking fag. All of Kendrick’s jizz is 2dope.

  • People need to stop responding to Marty McFly.

  • beez

    i think most people will miss a lot of what he’s saying in GKMC because the story is tied together by the dialogue in between songs. if you’re ignoring that, you’re missing the point.

  • The U.N. is Nasty

    I think it’s fucking dope how Jay Rock is on this track. I haven’t heard it, but I expect him to go off like he did in Black Lip Bastard.

  • GR

    I can’t think of a better conceptual hip-hop album for our generation than GKMC. From Sherane’s eerie intro, Backseat Freestyle’s pure go to hip-hop, the pure gang paranoia from M.A.A.D City to Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst…. I mean, you can’t really expect anything more. Kendrick’s devastating flow and beats give you this powerful feeling of visualizing every track on this album.

    What more, you fucking haters, what more, you lost generation sappers. Name any other artist like Kendrick doing it his own way and this big of a spectrum.

  • marty mcfly

    The Slim Shady LP
    Get Rich Or Die Trying
    The Documentary


    We’ll see if that type of impactful legacy continues by the end of the month when this album comes out.

  • GR

    @marty mcfly This is 2012. A lot of how albums operate in the past 1 or 2 years has been drastic. Since there’s been a shit storm of distribution, you’re rarely going to see words like “legacy” thrown around, because of how fucking fast the world moves on. Doesn’t mean that great albums exist. GKMC being a pure example.

    Kendrick, GKMC… I mean, the dude is trying to do some good and he did not compromise at all, in spite of this fucked-up “popular” hip-hop industry. Give me a better album this year. I’ll rebuttal.

  • GR

    Someone’s explantion, from /mu/, when the album first leaked:

    “In regards to the narrative of the album, I don’t think that it was Kendrick’s brother who got shot.
    This is the layout of the story in order of tracks with hints, at least this is what I picked up:
    1. Kendrick is about to meet up with this girl called Sherane. He takes his mother’s van to meet her and he bumps into two guys. If this was a movie it would cut.
    2. You then realize track 1 was a flash-forward, and this is the actual first track. At the end of this track, Kendrick’s homies pick him up.
    3. Self explanatory, he does a freestyle in the backseat whilst they’re driving.
    4. Once again, fairly self explanatory, they cruise around, smoking blunts, drinking and rob someone’s house and almost get caught
    5. They then talk about meeting up later at 10.30, cause Kendrick has to go meet up with the girl Sherane and fuck her. This is somewhat a “filler” song for the album, and just gives a bit more insight about how they’re all chasing money.
    6. This is where we meet with track 1, Kendrick take’s his mother’s van and borrows it and meets up. Kendrick talks about bad bitches in this, and Sherane is definitely one of them. At the end of THIS song, we hear the same melody we heard in track 1 and it flashbacks in to the two guys asking where the fuck Kendrick is from.
    7. They beat the fuck out of Kendrick and in this song he even says “they will never respect the good kid maad city”.
    8. Kendrick is mad as fuck for being beat up, once again another “filler” track but at the end of this track, he meets up with his homies and they’re helping him recover and give him some liquor drink since he’s just been beaten the fuck up.
    9. Talks about the liquor abuse, following on from track 8 and then at the end of this song, they see the guys that fucked up Kendrick and shoot at them. They shoot back and kill one of the homie’s brother. (NOT kendrick’s brother)
    10. Flash forward to present day and it’s no longer in the story. The first two verses are from the perspective of the friend (the one who’s brother died) and how he feels about the whole situation. It’s revealed that he wasn’t happy with Section 80’s Keyshia’s Song since that was actually based on his sister. He talks further about it and says that his story isn’t going to change shit on the streets. Throughout the whole song the chorus is “promise that you will sing about me”. Towards the end of the verse (from the perspective of the friend) he says that he’ll never fade away, and it is somewhat true, the memory will never fade away, but the friend actually passed away, HENCE why Kendrick didn’t have him do the verse himself. From here we can see that Kendrick feels complete guilt for the death of his friend’s brother and it seems that when he did a song about his friend’s sister (keyshia) it didn’t help the situation. However, he still was friends with Kendrick and asked Kendrick to promise to tell the story of his brother.
    11. We cut back to the story and the boys wanna go and kill the guys that shot Kendrick’s friend’s brother, they are confronted by a lady of the church who convinces them. Kendrick then receives a phone call from his mother about him taking it seriously and going to the studio since he got a phone call about it.
    12. I assume this is an epilogue of Kendrick and how he progressed and made it out of Compton to get studio time with Dr. Dre.”

  • marty mcfly

    You can say the times have changed but when 50 cent and Game came out the conditions were similar as they are today. I could debate you about other albums that came out but you already have your mind made up that Kendricks album is better then everything else. Your looking for a reason to rebuttal my opinion but its no need cause if the album is what you say it is then that will be obvious by the response of the fans who support. Now you can say times are different now or come up with whatever you want to come up with but it is what it is.

  • GR

    Conditions were not similar though. Twitter, Leaks, Internet…? I dunno. I’m down for discussion. I haven’t made up mind my yet, I’m pretty open because I listen to everything that comes out. And I know you’re pretty frequent up and around 2dopeboyz too, so shoot.

  • marty mcfly

    I’ll say yeah things were different because the Tv and radio was where most the fans were getting there first introduction to a new artist from but as far as leaks go. I think both 50 and Game also had to deal with that when there debut albums came out just like today because imo back then it was considered even cooler then it is now to get a new album that leak off the internet. Now as far as me saying what albums mite be better the Kendricks, thats not something I really wanna get into because his album aint even out yet and if this topic comes up again after some time has passed and Kendrick has already done what he wants to do with this album then we can look back and compare albums.

  • Cubano


  • iLLuminati


    In this day and age, rapper’s such as Kendrick Lamar leak there album early on purpose. Of course when asked behind the scenes, they play it off as it was leaked and they are angry about it. Fortunantly in this special case we have an album you will actually want to purchase when you hear it. “Good Marketing Scheme bad Blind World” Congradulations on making it thus far in your current living situation/experience. You are blessed with living through the release and premiere of Project33GoodKidMAADcITY. The truth will set me free. 2 decadesDeep


  • GiZA

    fuck off marty mcfly. you single-handedly make the c-section shit.

  • casper wordsmith

    blablabla. you know kendrick gkmc is a classic, right!?

  • zachariah

    Marty, how about you start your own blog site and then really sit back and see who gives a shit about your opinion. Opinions make the world go round and promote individuality, you can’t prove someone’s opinion wrong, they own it.

  • that truth

    wow hes saying if you dont buy his album, hip hop will die? how modest. what a fucking faggot, cant wait for this to flop

  • greg focker

    the people on this site are shook by marty. he is just one opinion yet yall are fcking obsessed with him. even impersonating him and shit. dude hasnt said any out of pocket he raised some good points and ask some fair questions. most of you niggas thumb shit down based on who is on the picture. marty is clearly more mature and open minded than most of you niggas here.

  • X

    Good Kid, m.A.A.d City shits all over F&L2. Lyrically, creatively, consciously, and cohesively. Too soon to judge, but as a concept album, I’d probably go so far as to say this one was even better than The Cool. The story and the points raised definitely come across more clearly, and its at least as musically consistent.

    Ps- one of my favorite things about this album is that it’s designed for People that actually listen to music, instead of scanning through and playlist-building. If you don’t listen front to back, you’ll never get the whole story, you’ll probably miss the new ending to Swimming Pools (high point), you may not hear the banger of the album (m.A.A.d city) switch into an old-school, west coast grimy anthem, and you’ll almost certainly glaze over “Dying of Thirst”, probably the best song on the album, hidden 3/4 of the way through a 12 minute song.

  • I put The Heart Pt. 3 on GKMC. I’m sorry, I felt wrong NOT doing it. It’s just crazy.

  • Mannnnnnn… let me tell you… this nigga Kendrick SNAPPED.

  • G

    Brite clearly wasn’t hugged enough as a child…lol

  • QBN

    Lupe’s F&L2 was mediocre man.. yes dude is lyrical, but he makes forgettable songs. Kendrick’s music has serious replay value.

    Not everybody’s gonna like Kendrick, but you can’t deny the heart that dude puts into his music. He can go from heart felt to ignorant, to battle mode, whatever.

    And for the fool who said “Never show any positive emotions for another man.” STFU That’s some insecure homophobic shit.. nothing wrong with showing appreciation for a brotha’s work, it’s called being a fuckin HUMAN BEING.

  • P4P

    ^At the end of whatever, when the lights are going nuts and everybody’s clapping and cheering, that nigga just stands there salt as hell, hands in his pockets, stank-facing everybody, going “fags”.

  • DatGuy

    @Harlem I did the same thing, made it the intro. I put Cartoons and Cereal on there too. Those songs are too good.

  • marty mcfly

    @zachariah, I wasn’t trying to change people’s opinion. See its people like you that get mad just cause I got my own opinion but I still agreed with most the people that made comments back after I asked a simple question in the first place. @X, you wanna start a big comparison but not everything has to be compared, the only reason I brought up F&L2 was to use it as an example to explain how I would point out whats dope about it and again for the most part everybody who did that with GKMC, I didnt give back no rebuttal, I agreed with them. Smh

  • X

    @marty mcfly

    I wanted to start no comparison. I simply voiced my opinion and perspective, which, as you well know, is the entire point of a comment board.

  • marty mcfly

    @X, Ok cool then if you think GKMC is better then The Cool album and F&L2 then you go ahead and think that. @GR, asked me what albums I thought were better then GKMC and I didnt name any but this year a shit load of dope hip hop albums have come out and many went right under the radar because they have no mainstream connection. I didnt list any albums because not everything has to be compared. I asked what people thought was so great or so lyrical about GKMC and for the people that answered that, I took their opinion into consideration. That is all

  • X

    @marty mcfly


  • lmno

    @ marty mcfly is either trollllling maaaaad peeeeeople or he’s just dumb as fuck.

  • Nikky.Noir

    bunch of idiots arguing over what rap music is and what it should be, really just arguing about what happens to resonate with themselves, and hating on what happens to resonate with others. Nice

  • ewp~

    hip hops dying oct. 22nd? why when his album drops tho?

  • assFACE

    I’m from the Westside and I love Kendrick’s music. But, I turned it off after the first line, he said : I’m pac reincarnated or some shit. NO. Please none of that.

  • SonictheHogans

    Let’s be Real… The same dudes that say Kendrick Lamar is wack now..or say he is overrated..or say he is just ok.. Would’ve said all these same descriptions about Pac back in the 90s..It frustrates me..but whatever I’m going to appreciate this man’s music while it’s still here. Btw @brite… That had to be the most ignorant shit i’ve read on here.. and it’s some ignorant muthafuckers on here.. “don’t show any positive emotion to another male” or you are a dickrider…fuck outta here nigga and grow some balls.. if you really have that many problems you gotta be a closet homo period.. Support the message and buy the album today.

  • SonictheHogans

    @assFACE if you listen to the fucking song…you will realize he didn’t say that other people are comparting.. .and why it was said in the first place..smh

  • A Future Relic

    Willie Hutch sample….Supafly shit!

  • MusicHead

    Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Wale, Ab-Soul, Lupe Fiasco >>>> ElZhi, Blu, Skyzoo, Jay Electronica, J.Cole

    u blogs dont know SHIT !!!!.. u can be lyrical but if yo shit dont sound good then u aint gon be better.. Jay Elect is the only that can give those above a run but homie so inconsistent with music its doesnt make sense..Act II is never GOING TO BE RELEASED, no the released date is on February 30th 2013. Lol..seriously.

    Nas the greatest ever period, Kendrick is what Lupe’s was posed to be but Lupe let politics fuck with his music & dropped Lasers , which Lupe was posed to be greatest and overthrown Nas or atleast on his way & which he was til Laser’s & his poor beat selection skills but F&L2 is top 3 album of the year though. J. Cole was a false alarm as well.. Cole World was posed to be our “Illmatic” shid it was Sleepillmatic BUT even though it lacks the music u can ride to its still a great debut just not better than his Friday Night Lights and maybe previous work but homie still do his thing but he should never be brought up in top MC’s maybe before his 1st album dropped.Wale has ALOT OF potential .. im waiting on him to deliver that album that will send em off into top tier territory among all MC’s.

  • marty mcfly

    Kendrick is what Lupe was posed to be? GTFOH Lupe been doing for the last 6 years alreday what you praise Kendrick for doing now. Even with Lasers the first two singles were Show Must Go On and Words I Never Said. Kendricks was the Recipe and Swimming pools. All were good singles but lets not act like Lupe let politics stop him from putting messages in his music.

  • MusicHead

    @marty mcfly very true Lupe ALWAYS HAS MESSAGES but he can’t appeal TO ALL as a music artists because of him being political in his music, you can be cnscious & still be listenable & Lasers no matter what the messages was it was unlistenable as a whole as far as music overall & hard to enjoy coming from a fan whose bought every album Lupe ever made i could post the picture for you.. your talking to an 18 year college student whose probably listened an analyzed music & has a actual opinion that makes sense more than anyone, and to be real your the only one on this site that ever makes sense with your comments but the Kendrick one on this posts ..not so much. Lupe will always be my favorite BUT Kendrick can do what Lupe can potentially and not be controlled by an label like Atlantic did with lasers..but only time will tell..until then 5 years from now you will appreciate that GKMC is a classic & not every album thats a classic has all good songs some have one bad or filler..

  • rd08

    @marty mcfly ….. its been a week since the full album has been officially released … i would guess that who’ve had time to sit down and give the album a few listens ….. just wanna know … What is your Opinion of Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, M.a.a.D City ?