MGK - Smoke Hard

MGK shares a freestyle over Work Hard, Play Hard and his debut LP, Lace Up, in stores now.

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  • jwiii

    this kid is fucking wack.

  • eq

    his album was extremely underwhelming

  • It was ok. Nothing special.

  • d

    yea, a good way to have people buy your album is at the end of this terrible song call them a little bitch. awful

  • dcd

    smoke hard? always thought he looked like a fiend...

  • koke

    He should just stop making music......

  • wat

    He's not wack, he can actually rap. He just makes TURBLE songs.

  • T9FTW

    This was horrible, just like Lace Up

  • Yelawolf>MGK

    hahahahahahahahahahaha did he really have part of his hook be "the bigger the scales, the bigger the zone"? Like for real? Cuz i swear all zone's weigh the exact same, no mattter how big the scale you weigh it on is...dude is straight garbage.

  • bladaoh



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