Saturday Night Sexy: Nazanin Mandi

blame it on Illy October 20, 2012

Twitter: @NazaninMandi

Nazanin Mandi, girlfriend of R&B crooner Miguel who we’ve seen in his recently released “Do You…” and “The Thrill” music videos, is a California-born model and video vixen and the most appropriate choice for this week’s Saturday Night Sexy. Hit the jump. Miss Mandi will not disappoint.

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  • asdg

    Remember when people thought Miguel was gay? Nah, not anymore son. She’s bad

  • ALD

    Beautiful from the name to the body

  • brite

    Has the face of a 43 year old and is dating a clearly homosexual man. Still she’s one of the better bitches you’ve posted.

  • Leutrim

    Miguel isnt gay lol. Shes a dime if ive ever seen one

  • KING

    Damn she’s gorgeous.

  • yessheis

    She is persian.

  • Che

    yo man, MUCH improved from last weeks. Still think this series is corny, but this weeks hoe is actually beautiful. natural with a pretty face. good job, keep it up.

  • Che

    btw i see niggas saw that i posted the name of Miguel’s gf on one of his earlier posts!

  • Freeze

    best one yet..

  • DatGuy

    This what y’all niggas like??? I rarely oppose to the women posted on SNS, but she is ugly… I mean I honestly wouldn’t hit.

  • Thinker

    “I rarely oppose to the women posted on SNS”

    stfu gay ass nigga you do it every week.

    btw, compared to the other girls, this chick got an awesome face. everything else dont compare tho.

  • that dude

    This one is a 9 because she is natural

  • Mr. Hip-Hop

    Yeah….she got it

  • none

    weak! why the brazilian chicks gets no love here?
    the ugliest ones beats this over there

  • DJ Dilz

    Y’all might as well change the title of this segment to Saturday Night Skanky.

  • mR

    ^^ one of the best SNS’s ever, Carol Seleme, is brazilian. peep the archives, dam

  • mR


  • ChrisL

    Damn… This chick is sooo fine. MOST, of the ones posted on here are beat in my opinion. Shes got a perfect face, tits are perfect size and the ass doesn’t look like she weighs 600 lbs. DIME.

  • Nikky.Noir

    nazaDIME mandi…..yes.

  • troytrav

    *slow claps to fast claps* thank you 2Dopeboyz! Best one since Tabby Brown.

  • Thank Me

    This is good. Thank you for finding a beauty 2DB. Good ol ethnic beauty

  • Aremac

    Did someone say natural? Not one of these pics does this chic not have makeup on, still bad nonetheless. And most….nah, ALL of you closeted fags who comment EVERY week on how not hot the chics are are not earning any ‘cool’ points because you think you’re better , or can get a getter chic than the ones on here.

    How can you be a (straight) guy and be against the SNS section? Get off of 2DBZ and stick to your gay porn sites.

  • Dave

    When they say natural.they don’t mean makeup per say.but more like she has no work done like fake ass,tits,lips,nose …shit even her hair real.she looks middle eastern.always wanted a mid east chick.she the best yet in thee series.yaw need to put Brian Myles or tika some chocolate girls for once.

  • mz

    Def the best one yet. She looks perfect
    (those leather bikini shots werent the greatest though)

  • naoshad


  • TheJacka

    Another reason I love living in California. Some of the baddest chicks of all races.

  • malcyvelli

    dam, thus definitely the best, perfect amount of curves, im assuming shes got no ass from the lack of backshots but everything else compensates for sure

  • 410Dankz

    LOL at the dude that said no ass… I can guarantee that its nicer than the 300 lb broads that your fucking just because they have an “ASS” and because you can’t get anything else nicer. Damn, what do you expect? Every chick to have some fat, or fake nasty shit like fucking Nikki Minaj or some porno bitch… Go back to jerking off and fucking your nasty hoes.

  • Eugene

    Ok Miguel i see ya, anyways.. she’s goregous!

  • gbreeze

    priya rai >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • HAHA


  • ejm201

    they have been together like 7 years too

  • Unstoppable

    Her face definitely got that work from a surgeon…. I don’t know how many parts (I’m not an expert), but I’m pretty sure about the nose.

    She’s still super hot doe, I’m not gonna lie.
    And SMH at that guy who said she ain’t got ass -_-‘

  • JS

    At least 23 people on this website are gay, simple. Yet in a weird way, I see the light at the end of the tunnel in that, more opportunity of the rest of the sane population.