XV & The Squarians – Squarians v.1 (Mixtape)

blame it on Illy October 20, 2012

As promised, XV and the Squarians crew, Freddy High, Sez Batters, and The Awesome Sound bring forth their Squarians v.1 mixtape featuring original music and freestyles. Stream and download it underneath.

DOWNLOAD: XV & The Squarians – Squarians v.1 (Mixtape)

  • Question

    Is he in beef with Seven? Cuz I’m not feelin’ his new beats


    ^ No but Seven is doing a lot of work with Strange Music and Mac Lethal and he basically just left Vizzy behind

  • b ali

    Strange music is ass. Seven n xv need to link back up n make more ill shit.

  • abc

    I was nervous he wouldn’t be on every track, this is dope

  • T9FTW


  • cap

    wtf are all of you bitching about….fuckin bitches .. lol wtf is wrong with yall negative ass energy. fuck outta here. do your thing vizzy!

  • Who Knows?

    mannn i’m a fan of XV and Seven…but i honestly fear that it’s some kind of disagreement/beef/fallingout between XV and Seven… they both was in the studio with Just Blaze crafting “The Kid with The Green BackPack” then immediately… Seven takes XV off his twitter bio… and then everything XV has released is missing Seven… i don’t even think Seven follows XV anymore on twitter… at this point who knows? but i really miss that “Mirrors Edge” Sound.. that XV and Seven created!! :(


    Seven is making beats for Mac Lethal and Tech N9ne now.

    Niggas need to quit pretending like they don’t know what happened. XV completely fucked Seven over. Even when “Awesome” was on TV it said Just Blazed produced it. Everyone knows Seven produced it.

    This nigga is so corny now bro. Tried to be a movie star before he was even in a movie. Now everyone bailed on him.

  • eight

    I agree with ST LOUIS. It’s true