Bring It Back: Kendrick Lamar – 2DopeBoyz Freestyle [2009]

blame it on Shake October 21, 2012

Just under three years ago a lesser known Kendrick was prepping the release of his self-titled EP (which still bares some of my favorite tracks from his catalogue). And during the promo campaign, the Compton kid laced the Dope House with an exclusive freestyle. And now that good kid, m.A.A.d city is available on iTunes, I thought it would be cool to bring back something some of y’all might have missed. So sit back, click play and vibe out…

DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Lamar – 2DopeBoyz Freestyle [2009]

  • As soon as I became a fan (when Growing Apart dropped, back in 2010), I did my research and this was one of the tracks that I downloaded.
    Real music fans do this. And they will buy the album tomorrow (or get it in their mail/itunes because they pre-ordered it on October 2nd).

  • you

    Kendrick Lamar EP is my favourite project from him. Every track is genius.

  • sz

    I first became a fan of Kendrick when he just changed his name, you guys posted the track “Today”. Til this day it is one of my favorites, I then got the Kendrick Lamar EP, purchased the OD, and Section 80., and then I pre-ordered GKMC on itunes….I have supported this man from day one, and I’m glad to see him get his due.

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    Album is dope but I cant help but feel like Backseat Freestyle, Poetic Justice, Swimming pools (kinda) and Compton should have been left off. An album with tracks replacing those 4 would have been classic.

  • iRafy

    ^What?!?! You crazy.

  • Joe

    poetic justice is the only one the should have been left out but he needed at least one big name feature.. the other 3 tracks fit in perfectly in my opinion

  • gkmc

    He has come a long way. I honestly didn’t hear or know who he was until Section.80 got alot of buzz last summer. I’m not a Kendrick or TDE stan, but he’ll definitely be getting my support tomorrow. To anyone buying the CD, the Target version has 2 exclusive bonus tracks, making it a total of 17 tracks. iTunes version will have 1 exclusive digital track (Colelct Calls).

  • that truth

    ewww this nigga got old man fingers

  • Cali760

    This guy better win a few Grammy’s…

  • yep

    Album is dope but I cant help but feel like Backseat Freestyle, Poetic Justice, Swimming pools (kinda) and Compton should have been left off. An album with tracks replacing those 4 would have been classic.

    780 & Heartbreak said this on October 21st, 2012 at 7:36 pm
    Exactly! I completely agree.


    @gkmc iTunes has Now or Never and Black Boy Fly too

  • $$$

    Backseat Freestyle is ill as fuck. That’s a fun ass track.

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    Whether theyre good or not is irrelevant, the narrative he was going is broken by those 4 tracks. should have been bonuses. Cant ever compare to something like Prince of Thieves or Disposable Arts

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Son Of Yvonne is dope too.

  • picky

    i first heard of kendrick when that “purp & yellow” track dropped with game & snoop back in like 2010. i checked the rest of his shit out because i had no idea who he was yet his verse on purp & yellow killed off everybody elses. OD and section 80 are still on heavy replay with me and i have yet to hear GKMC …gonna go buy me one tommorow :)

  • $$$

    You can’t say whether or not the narrative was broken unless you’re a black youth living in Compton in the 90’s and 00’s. That’s the shit they did with their free time and that’s what KL portrayed, haha, sorry that you only wanted ambient, non-braggadocio on the album.

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    uh yeah actually i can since its pretty obvious with an ear that those tracks besides Swimming Pools are just kinda thrown in there

  • $$$

    I suppose. Only Poetic Justice gave me that vibe.

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    poetic justice is probably about kendrick having sex or losing his virginity to Sherane, so it does make sense. but the drake verse and production feel out of place

  • koke

    I hate Drake, album would be so much more epic without him. But still Drake alone isn’t enough to ruin the album.

  • hustle20ne

    i was watching a u-stream of jay rock and kendrick lamar working on a mixtape and i remember them saying KL was a really dope rapper, but then kendrick lamar puts out bitch im in the club and the song he made about eating pussy. i thought he was wack as fuck. then he came with the kendrick lamar ep and i became a fan!

  • HTFC

    Heard about Kendrick first from OD, the only thing that made me download it was its cover art. Went to college that day and fuck I couldn’t pay attention to anything except that tape. The Heart pt. 2 just grabbed your attention with its slow fade into a rhyme gripped with such passion that I hadn’t seen in years from any rapper.

    The tape didn’t fall off from there, just building track after track with dope rhyme after rhyme.

    That’s still one of the best mixtapes ever released.

  • KL fan since Training Day. The growth is amazing.

  • adolfmayne

    poetic justice is one of the best songs drake had 1 of the best verses on gkmc i first heard of kdot through all the hype on the comments on a dom k tape

  • Damn

    another fucking project about Compton wow how creative and boring
    i use to Live 10mins from Compton & this shit is getting incredibly OLD really fast .

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    Smh, this site should change its name from 2DopeBoyz to 2KendrickDickriders.. Y’all niggas stay on his dick daily.

  • fuck what you think

    Its hard to believe how much growth there was between C4 and the EP, considering that they dropped in the same year. C4 is wack as fuck to me, but the EP is one of my favourite releases in the past few years.

  • TDE4life

    Only Backstreet Freestyle should’ve been left off.. Blackboy Fly should’ve been on the album proper. Cartoons and Cereal shoulda been there too, but I’ll just change the track order in Itunes..

  • agonyc

    Should have been left off? they are part of the story, and chronology which is pretty much the span of one night in compton… once you realize that track one is actually a flash forward in the story you would understand this….

    Backseat freestyle is him and his homies just riding round the hood smoking drinking having fun looking for trouble its part of the story and the events of that day.

    Poetic justice is his thoughts driving in his mothers van on the way to sheranes house, he is thinking about her how is it not part of the narrative?

    Swimming pools… his homies pass him the bottle after he had gotten jumped or whatever had happened, drinking away the pain also his thought process on why people look to drugs and alcohol to ease the stress of life

    Compton isn’t part of the sherane narrative but its part of the kendrick narrative, “Real” is him realizing hes on the wrong path and ends with his mother telling him TDE called and wants him to come to the studio… the tape is stopped and fast forwarded… bringing you to “compton” and present day kendrick.

    to leave these songs off would have pieces of the story missing…

  • @agonyc got it all right, they do make sense within the whole narrative

  • ewp~

    dude that shits dope but like what? did this just now drop, hahah we needed this waaay back

  • thatrealshit

    @ agonyc

    get explanation. the “short film” actually ends after Real and Compton is sposed to be like the end credits in my opinion (kinda like how all of 8 mile builds up to lose yourself at the end) but either way the concept is the same

  • thatrealshit

    *Great explanation

  • Pete

    Was just listening to this a couple days ago, crazy

  • IslandKid

    whats the beat to this freestyle? please help me

  • LK

    Section 80 was amazing, but this album is one of the best hip hop albums I’ve ever heard.

    You have to really listen to the album from start to finish, every second of each song, to get the full experience. EVERY song fits. Every song is in perfect order of how the story is being told. It’s more than music. I could picture everything he was saying in every song, as well as every talking skirt. The album was like a movie w/ only audio. Pure greatness.

  • LK

    @TDE4life, Not ONE song on GKMC should’ve been left off. You probably didn’t listen all the way through if you feel that way.

    Backseat Freestyle was part of the story, at the end of “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” they say “kdot get in the car, i got a pack of blacks and a beat CD, get your freestyles ready”

    EVERY song on here fits perfectly.. lol if anyone disagrees you simply didn’t listen to the entire CD. you can’t skip 20 seconds of any song on this album. This isn’t a Lil Wayne album with a bunch of random bullshit.

    @agonyc you are 100% right.

  • Jay Daniels

    poetic justice is probably about kendrick having sex or losing his virginity to Sherane, so it does make sense. but the drake verse and production feel out of place

    780 & Heartbreak said this on October 21st, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    You sir, are in idiot.

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  • that truth

    poetic justice doesnt break the narrative. its a song about bitches and he sets it up with his drunk father wanting to penetrate his mother. your hero prefaces songs with parental intercourse

  • Rich

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