Game – Jesus Piece (Artwork)

blame it on Miss_Peas October 21, 2012

Game unveils the controversial artwork for his upcoming album, Jesus Piece, which is set to drop in December and features guest appearances from Kanye West, DJ Premier, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Scarface, Wiz Khalifa, Trey Songz and Tyga. Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

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  • Milhouse


  • Ogu

    Dude seriously made the ‘S’ of Jesus a 5 because it’s his 5th album.

    Game, folks. Creative mastermind.

  • ALD

    dis nigga Game better pray for forgiveness..

  • Nick

    Even Jesus thinks this dude is wack as hell.

  • DJDakaYungDan

    Shitty features like we need more songs with him and mainstream artists. look up bishop lamont the confessional, because the artwork is pretty similar and i bet that tape is better


    • Phantom

      Idk i think doctors advocate & lax were sick as hell, i think he went downhill after lax, r.e.d. Was ok, but im not so sure about this one, celebration was dope, but i dont think it needed all those wack features it wouldve been dope it it was just him & cris

  • Decepticon

    Nicki minaj homie ?? You really gona have nicki minaj on yo cd homie ?

  • bxb

    Lady GameGame

  • KING

    Dude shoulda just stayed retired after LAX. RED was mediocre and this cover makes him look like a joke. Especially the fact that he’s got wack ass features (Nicki, Wiz, Tyga). Game used be fuckin dope. Now he’s a joke.

  • nito

    at least its not a picture of Mohamed cause that would have been a problem


    Haters is gonna hate

  • oksure

    Looks like he’s biting a Killah Priest album cover. Weak.

  • I wonder??

    I wonder if Game will bite nicki minaj’s flow on her feature.

  • BroskiGotThe.30


  • @rowjayC.O.B

    I don’t think they will really use this, it will probably change.

    Not really looking forward to it as he keeps getting worse and after hearing that wack single with all those bubblegum rappers on it i have to laugh.

  • Killa

    This is mad disrespectful. atleast Jesus is white on the chain. fuck the game. Fucking stripper ass nigga that claims he’s blood in he’s mind. he’s own real
    Brother even doesn’t like him. Smh

  • DBS

    I’ve liked every Game album so far but that single is just terrible, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt but it’s not looking too good.

  • NYdreams

    lmaooo is that a red flag on “jesus” …. this guy wildin now … the angels in heaven shaking their heads like why is he trying so hard ?

  • sizzle

    Looks like Lil Wayne.. hahah. Game is such a cornball. Hang it up. Go back to school.. you lame!

  • Mike

    I don’t like it, was surprising though.

  • who cares

    This has to be a joke. I mean really, that cover is 100% ass.

  • 5%

    200% ass

  • fucking moron

  • MrWill

    Better have that Bone Thugs remix on the album or I’ll download it the free way. Who am I kidding? Kendrick’s album is the only one I’ll buy this year.

  • Honest8

    Why did he put Lil Wayne on the cover of his CD?

  • hong

    ^ cosign

  • lil whine? fagris brown? rose khalifa? dafuq? who said no features last time? Game playin with niggaz balls til da last minute

  • Atlantic Sea Child

    at least its not a picture of Mohamed cause that would have been a problem
    nito said this on October 21st, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    I wonder if Game will bite nicki minaj’s flow on her feature.
    I wonder?? said this on October 21st, 2012 at 2:21 pm


  • bitch please

    alt cover plz

  • gkmc

    lol, I am surprised this got more controversy than Ross’ Black Barmitzvah cover.

  • This is neither sacrilegious or Artistic, more laughable … you’d have to take it seriously first to be offended by it … I mean the jesus on the cover is black for gods sake are there ppl in the world who actually argue that/make it a issue ?? why ? and then what ??.

    And its far far far from art, its actually silly … weed leaves, Louis V like prints, jesus wearing a chain of himself.

    lol is funny … comes across as trolling (doing something controvrsal to get attention, comments and traffic so to claim/prove relevence), but sadly enough for Game its Kendrick lamar who has everyones attention right now from the west and this wont help steal some of kendricks shine … this will be forgotn b4 the stores open tomorrow morning for kendricks release.

  • Shame shame shame. No disrespect to Jesus, but this cover is just garbage. So low budget, doesn’t look professional..or even appealing. M.I.A. album covers be better than this… even Lil B covers be better than this. I used to be a Game fan but ever since The RED album he’s been slacking

  • @ gkmc.
    Rick Ross;s mixtape cover didnt have a Jewish rabbi with a gang badana on his face and weed leaves behind him … lol this (a black jesus wearing a chain of a white jesus with a blood gang bandana on it with weed leaves and LV prints on church windows) is Fuckery at its best its so laughable

  • marty mcfly

    For those mad at the damn artwork, thats cool but LA has always been using this style of art. Go back and look at the debut album cover from Snoop Dogg back in 93. There it is and its just the cover so it aint that serious. The Game fans will probably still be fans and the people who never liked Games music will probably still not like it.

  • Slaughterhouse

    This cover doesn’t bother me. That fact that some of you are offended means that the cover did it’s job. Anyways, lookin forward to the album. Game’s worst album is LAX and even that wasn’t HORRIBLE. As much as some of you hate the dude he consistently puts out good music so I can’t hate on that. I can hate on some of the features though. I wish he’d cut back on them… a bit.

  • Look at all these butthurt Christians, the cover was made to attract attention, you idiots are just feeding into it.

    Good job.

  • @ marty mcfly.
    You know why ppl dont respect or take you seriously ?? its because you never on topic never … who the fuck said anything about the style of art used for this cover ?? the issue all of us are commenting about is the Sacrilegious nature of the cover, jesus with a blood gang bandana on. No one mentioned the style of the art.

    Wake the fuck up and take yourself seriously before anyone els can … I know deep down you’d like ppl to take you seriously and not clown you all the time

  • j

    wow i was listening tot he documentary the other day and doctors advocate after 5/5 and a 4.5/5 he just flows like crazy on them albums and the beats are mostly second to none, LAX was ok and RED was ok but hes fucking it up now and sad thing is he has ability to make dope tracks but half of them wer eon mixtapes last year.

    And why everyone trying to drop in the fourth quarter, nothing is gonna sell lol, calm down rappers wait your turn.

  • marty mcfly

    @[email protected], you dont have to take me serious cause that dont make any difference to me. People commented on the cover and I gave my opinion on the cover. If you dont like it then dont like it, I really dont give a shit.

  • Fuck mmarty

    Marty stfu your a bitch noons likes you now go back to jerkin off to Frank ocean bitch nigga

  • NOBODYY!!!!

    nobody like marty mcfly. nobody. you talk out your ass bruh. that is all

  • thatothanigga

    If this was a mixtape cover, it would be dope.But an actual album, not a smart move.

  • yaboymal

    wrong in so many ways

  • IslandKid

    man completely cosign with @siy.. hahahah so frustrating how marty does retarded shit like that and then never admits when someone else is right.

  • djruthless

    wow this is some real life Boondocks shit

  • VJ

    Game & Fif need to do an album together. Straight Dre beats. Only chance for both of ’em to get a buzz. And this might come across as a joke, but I’m dead ass.

  • malcyvelli

    this is a sacreligious piece of um… “art” but its way more funny than disrespectful, idk whats sadder, this cover, or the foolishness happening in this C section, half of you niggas need to off yourself man

  • NesTa

    This Is Trolling @ Its Finest.

  • chuck

    shits gangsta. i love it.

  • OneEyeIsTheKing

    It is sad what has happened to The Game. I remember purchasing The Documentary and listening to that album straight through without skipping any tracks. And look at him now…. once again, that feature list proves he would sell his Jesus soul to the devil himself to remain relevant. I wish he would think more about the music and the fans than about his own image and gain. Thumbs down coming our way.

  • marty mcfly

    You pussies bitchin over a damn cover, STFU. @Islandbitch, I implied that this type of art has been done before and its not that serious and all of a sudden your frustrated? Bitch

  • I bet if it was Kanye’s cover everyone would be drooling about how artistic it is.

  • What Willis Was Talkin ‘Bout

    WTF is the Corvette symbol doing in there?

  • HouseofStarks

    Game Has 3 number one albums, He’s cool with most of the big names in the game. Just the instant frenzy over his album art proves he is still relevant. Some People stopped being fans of Game after his debut. If you aren’t a game fan you aren’t a game fan. He’s been a wildcard his entire career. I’d like to see a Game and 50 cent reunion, The Documentary is still his best work and the duo make good music. I’m looking forward to Game’s album, hopefully I can get a Schoolboy Q feature. Game was the face of West Coast Hip Hop for the 2000’s until he passed the torch to Kendrick.

  • Sandra

    he had previously said that his fifth album would have 0 Guest appearances. He mentioned in a video that it would only be 1500 or nothin and HIM. he blatantly lied. I’m somewhat upset that he forgot what he had said on that video because some of his best records don’t have any features. (RICKY, start from scratch, scream on em, put you on the game, higher, etc.) I wish someone would let him see that he truly doesn’t need features to have a successful album.

  • s.

    i’m also pretty sure that this album will get pushed back. no way is he going to have that december release. It’s two months and “Celebration” received a lukewarm reception. I’m just keeping it real.

  • s.

    **Two months away

  • Hiphop fan since 89

    The Blood of Jesus Christ very ironic and creative. This cover should not be offensive in no kind of way.

  • Alexx

    @Sandra that was when he was gonna call the album F.I.V.E. but he said people were stealing his idea (ex. 50 cent) So he changed it to Jesus Piece and decided to have features. I agree some of his best songs are him by himself but it should still be a solid album. He’s never put out a bad album. Documentary(great) Doctor’s Advocate(best imo) LAX and Red (both good)

  • It doesn’t matter what Game does now…once you catch that corny tag in the rap game, it’s so hard for you to shed it.

  • Westside Rollin’

    Ok first of all. That looks pretty dope. 2nd. Those features are pretty dope. Y’all fucks wit those people any other time. Yall should stop with that 50 shit because he has proved over and over again that he doesnt need ’em. 3rd that at only 6 rappers named on here. So stop with that feature excuse. I’ll admit somethimes I dont dig when he sounds like the person on the song but that nigga is a monster other times. Yall should really stop hatin like a bunch of bitches. This album could have just him rapping on it and yall would still act like bitches and complain about that. If you dont like his style, cool but Yall reasons for not likin his music are pretty much everything that some hater came up with and changed your feeble ass minds. Peace bitches lol

  • Frost

    Dude fell the fuck off…

  • dope cover

  • roy

    @Alexx you are full of shit for trying to justify his flip flopping about features. What does the album title and 50 “stealing” his concept have to do wit features? lol. He added features because that’s the ONLY way people will be remotely interested in his music. simply as that. stop making excuses for him.

  • bladaoh

    its cool…

  • T_onyB

    Sweet cover

  • Fosterakahunter

    I’m not very concerned with the artwork, as I’m not a religious person, and crapping on symbolism that another finds sacred is the way of man. (Oh, well.) The real issue is Jayceon and his corny-ass ways. He’s been around too long to be mimicking the style of cats he does records with. [email protected], I would consider dude a veteran, and some of the missteps that he still makes at this point in his career are absurd.

  • Album cover, the album in general is telling you, you can believe in god and still be about your thing, smoke, drink, party.. its just about having certain values, you dont have to be in church every sunday to be about that life… wise up kids.

  • yea, i think its pretty stupid

  • Lance Geneva

    Fuck religion.. This cover is dope.. (Waits for shots to be fired)

  • Alexx

    @roy I’m not trying justify anything, that’s what Game said lol

  • JesusPieces

    This would be a dope tracklist if Game wanted another classic

    1. Intro (Produced by 1500 or nothing)
    2. My City (Produced by Dj Khalil)
    3. Good Kid/Bad Kid feat Kendrick Lamar (Produced by Dr.Dre)
    4. The Code feat Nipsey Hussle & Jay Rock (Produced by Dj Quik)
    5. By Any Means (Produced by Dewaun Parker)
    6. Fresh Linen (Produced by Kanye West)
    7. Gold Ropes (Produced by Hit Boy)
    8. Mistakes feat Chris Brown (Produced by Boi1da)
    9. Back When (Produced by Sounwave)
    10. Old School feat Snoop Dogg & Dr.Dre (Produced by Scoop Deville)
    11. Thuggin feat Schoolboy Q & ASAP Rocky (Produced by Just Blaze)
    12. Memories feat Nas (Produced by Dj Premier)
    13. Protect My Seeds (Produced by Sounwave)
    14. Legendary (Produced by Denaun Porter)


    15. The Math feat Dr.Dre & Kendrick Lamar (Produced by Dewaun Parker)
    16. Switches (Produced by T-Minus)
    17. Remember Me feat Kanye West & Kid Cudi (Produced by Kanye West)

  • hiphop

    nigga if that tracklist was real all niggas opinions of this cover would be void. cause the album would be BANGIN

  • ant

    Your judging an album that is unreleased by a picture…..really? Smh