• wat

    Love the beat but Solomon is very underwhelming on it. Gibbs would sound good on this.

  • simba

    cant take this dude serious after that mook battle lmao!

  • http://www.jimmytaco.com dj jimmy taco

    love this.. the cover is sick... beat is crazy... thank you 2dbz..

  • smarty mcsly

    lame cover from iron maiden.

  • wat

    I FINALLY realized what beat this beat reminded me of. Ludacris - I'm On Fire

  • GirlImKendrickLamarAKABenzesToMeJustACar

    @smarty mcsly Thank you for pointing out that, would totally have missed it otherwhise.

  • Yessir

    i want you niggaz to give him all applause, b/c tonight this jewish nigga really became a man nigga... mazel toV!

  • spencer

    Get a different rapper on this beat. Could be beautiful. This sample from Pink Floyd deserves better.