• http://dxmxaz.tumblr.com/ MikeLopez

    love it

  • Mike Tomlin

    good kid mAAd city did not dissapoint. Thank you Kendrick for bringing hip hop back to hip hop.

  • jrt123

    The Recipe remix is out now too.

  • j

    LMAO at jay rock's struggle on this shit...

  • raz

    weird i feel like thats one of rocks better vs.

  • SaYwHaT

    Ya idk what this kids talking about his verse was solid it just wasn't very long, he has spit a lot better verses tho..2 each his own I guess

  • Maga D

    Man, who the fuck goes to Target for music though? Now I bought an album without this mix on it, maaan fuuuuck. I bought the RZA joint too, & I have to say, today was a good day.

  • http://yoface.com methamphetamine

    I came here for T.D.E.'s verse..