Meek Mill – Dreams & Nightmares Intro

blame it on Illy October 22, 2012

Jay-Z’s Life + Times premieres the opening track to Meek’s debut LP, out Oct. 30. SHAKE UPDATE: Hit the jump for Meek Mill’s break down of the track; which is part of his track-by-track breakdown with the homie Shaheem Reid.

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  • yaboypaul

    fuck this we on that good kid maad city flex right now!

  • JChrome

    the beat progression is amazing! good intro really. a couple weak singles but this is tight

  • Pedro

    wow! nice :D

  • Lynxie Krueger

    I might download the album but i will never support anything relating to William Roberts and i can bet my house and car it won’t be as good as Kendricks even with all the flashy big names

  • tH7

    @yaboypaul trust me my nigga

  • trendsetta

    I got the feeling Meek album finna move them Attention Deficit numbers…timing of the album is really bad. He already dropped the most anticipated track which wasn’t legendary or something. (Maybach Curtains). Only track that had a good buzz on the alb is Amen but that’s off Dreamchasers 2. I still think the album shouldve dropped along with Ima Boss. I don’t think Meek will be able to outshine GKMC at all so I think the album gonna go in vain.

  • cap

    no ones been waiting for this sorry milk meel

  • yesssir

    will people really be able to listen to an entire album of him yelling? I could barely make it through the intro…


  • Just like Kendrick, Meek has a story that most can relate to. This album is going to do solid numbers…stop hating and embrace the music.

  • Its gonna be so disappointing if his album sucks.

  • Lucifer

    dis shit is so horrible wtf ya dumb muthafukas listening too dis nikka trash im sorry his flow is always the fukn same wow no talent what so ever of course all them youngins gonna buy this bullshit album either that or ross gonna buy most of it hahahaha fuk dis typs of music what ya cornballs call hio hop when its not

  • antinerdrap

    The beginning part was cool until he started yelling. His punchlines is sooooooooooooo weak.

    • Boss


  • marty mcfly

    DOPE !!!

  • kkkkkkk

    this dudes retarded…i heard nigga and fuck like 100x…open a dictionary

  • Read a book

    WTF is this?? Started off decent then turned into some bs that I’ve already heard 1000 times beofre. Best of luck to the kid, but something tells me his album is gonna be overshadowed by GKMC.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Why is this nigga shouting? He already repeats the same old shit and weak punchlines enough as it is, now he fucking screaming them on the track too huh?!

    ‘All I know is murder…’
    ‘If you ain’t about that murder game..’

    Can anyone please tell me how many people Mr Robert Williams has killed murdered please?

    What goes through a person’s head when they decide that is a line they feel the need to brag about. Let alone one that is a complete and utter fabrication.

    And they wonder why Rap has these negative connotations associated with it.

  • NYdreams

    i aint gonna lie but this is bad timing for the album… that imma boss song gave him all the hype but that turned into a song on a group album which was stupid cause meek was really buzzing hard when that came out…

  • Alex

    Ummm he went in

  • wrhw

    @yaboypaul = hating ass nigga

  • felix

    so boring

  • Lance Geneva

    Meek Milly all day.. That nigga obliterated this shit..

  • Thinker

    “Can anyone please tell me how many people Mr Robert Williams has killed murdered please?”

    does it matter, you faggot? and if it does, do u know the man personally? why u so mad?

  • gad

    Can someone please tell me how many people Lesane, Christopher, Nasir and Marshal have murdered please?

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Looks like I touched a nerve with those Meek Mill stans huh! I think you’re the ones that are mad.

    And all those other rappers you mentioned, the exact same applies.
    Pac and Big have untouchable status for some reason, when in reality they are just as fake as Rick Ross.

    Nas and Em get a semi-pass because they actually have talent.

    The difference is when Meek Mill/Waka/Gucci drop those kind of lines they actually believe they have/will do it. When in reality they are housed up their condo’s in the suburbs surrounded by their poor, desperate ‘goons’ who all have the same IQ as a houseplant.

    So engage in a civilised discussion, or, prove my point exactly and call me a faggot again babycakes ;)

    Music for neanderthals.

  • WHAT!

    @TruthHurtsNigga – you’re a faggot. WTF u gon do about it? NOTHING! “U twitter thug. U facebook gangsta. Keep playin wit dem keys nigga. Keep playin wit dem keys.” – Sadat X

  • MoneyMill

    Can I get that “preview” link tho?

  • InTeRnEt ThUg lol

    @truthhurtsnigga, are you just trying to stir shit up on a fucking blog site lol. Trying to say Pac AND Big are just as fake as Rick Ross?? get the fuck outta here. Pac had relations with the Bloods and Biggie was a mid level drug dealer. Both we’re two of the greatest of all time, there’s a reason both have a cult like following. Your about as ignorant as Gucci or Waka, speaking of Gucci how his he fake at all? I don’t even like his music and know ppl tried killing him for his chain. Or how about Waka’s bus getting shot at last year? Are those bullets fake. Just because you never lived in an environment like “most” rappers don’t mean you can just run ur mouth. You on the other hand sound like some one who’s “housed up in their condo’s in suburbs…”

  • The producer

    Bruhh point blank period… This nigga is gonna make bands off this album… While you bitch complain and whine this nigga on his shit laughin yo comments off high af… At the end of the day… All you wanna hear is good musik. And this is good music…

  • Looking forward to album let us hope it’s as good as it is hyped up to be..

  • whatupsucka

    I can tell that you clowns on this site know NOTHING about Meek Mill. What Meek talks about in his music is real. He’s done shit, he’s around niggas that do shit, and nothing has changed for him but money. He’s not Rick Ross. In fact, I think Meek Mill is the most authentic street rapper that’s blown up in hiphop today. If you’re one of those suburban kids, you can find his history on Youtube and see he’s about that life. The boy even battled Cassidy in his living room with his house arrest ankle bracelet on. I bet half of ya’ll didn’t know that he had dreads and was battling niggas twice his age in the streets when he was 14 on street DVDs. I’m ABSOLUTELY amped for Meek’s album.
    You know the difference between Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar? Meek Mill RUNS his city, and has BEEN running his city before blogs. He’s not an internet rapper. He really grinded and did what he had to do to get noticed. Kendrick’s album is dope but do you honestly think he’s gonna do better numbers than Meek? Just because you look good on 2DopeBoyz and hiphop enthusiasts appreciate your lyrics doesn’t mean shit, ’cause ya’ll niggas still download the damn CD before you buy it and give e-daps. Look at Wale, Lupe, Big Krit, and their first albums. Niggas LOVED them on the blogs but they sold wood and could barely get on the radio. Wale just NOW found his niche and sold even better the second time around.

  • whatupsucka

    And if you’re one of those dumbasses that say “I can’t listen to an album of him yelling all the time”, that did NOT stop you from bumpin DMX. Meek is the 2012 version of DMX. Yeah, I said it. Ask me and we’ll debate this.

  • fuckmeek

    weak as fuck. kendrick>>>>>>>

  • that truth

    all of y’all meek mill haters cocks exploded when that bitch said “maybach music” and meek went the fuck in.

  • KING

    It was pretty good. I’ve been a Meek skeptic forever, and Idk if I should give him a shot or not. I can deal with rappers yelling and shit tho, but Meek kinda was annoying when he was yelling. Didn’t fuck with that. I digged his non-yelling part tho.

  • Thats how you open an album, I miss 72 bar intros. That’s what I used to love about HOV albums the intro is an endangered spieces, I fux with this.

  • West

    After hearing that kendrick i cant even listen to this guy. Not enough substance from meek

  • not

    i fucks with kendrick but the way yall ride the man is like he’s God to you suburban kids man seriously. i doubt people from compton actually listens to him, i’m from the hood just in college so i can understand and follow along with him, but truthfully people don’t fuck with him the way you guys may think. when im back home and try to put people up on him no one wants to hear his music, only the internet, j cole even gets play in the hood/clubs or what not. meek mills first week numbers will do way better than kendricks, kendrick is basically an internet celebrity, while meek mill have taken the place of jeezy in the streets. he’s the guy everyone is fucking with, they want him to win and he’s going to win

  • fuckboi

    ^lol, gtfo. Kendrick gunna be legend.

  • wqf

    agree with not, wtf does kendrick even have to do with this track. just some insecure hating ass kendrick fans coming here to try and sabotage a nigga’s work and shit. yall are some losers straight up.

  • A lot of people in this comment section don’t understand this nigga Meek. I’m from Philly, I used to watch this nigga on YouTube as a dirty ass youngin’ rapping on the corner in Southwest Philly, now he’s bout to drop an album talking about all the shit he’s been talking bout. Real words, stop fucking hating & appreciate a nigga that came from the bottom.

    Kendrick has nothing to do with this shit, leave y’all dicksucking lips elsewhere..

  • yoitzyaboy

    Wow why so many haters. Meek must have smashed off one of yakll chicks or something. Let the man do his thing. Phillly rappers get overlooked a lot bcuz of their raw and lyrical style but meek taken it to a whole other level and ya’ll gotta embrace dat or your gonna miss out on what hip hop is. I remember birdman and wayne use to rock fubu and now dey talkin bout gicci this and prada dat. If it wasn’t for people like gilly or meek milly. Lil wayne still be rockin fubu. Meek gonna make history. Fall back haters til ya head crack

  • FvckSwag

    ^^^ @wqf – CO SIGN

    why do so many people hate on meek anyway? dude came from the bottom and can spit its crazy how many haters he has.

    track is dope btw he went the fuck in on that second half.

  • AlexFirth91

    Deadass fuck the haters Meek Mill is that nigga he killed this shit and it got me hyped for the album even more. I fuck with Kendrick but he is over hyped. Stans can be annoying as fuck.

  • AAA

    he goes in but its not really that listenable like its not even that rhythmic. Kendrick tape puts this in the dirt. Like said above, he needa stop yelling lol. doesnt make the punchlines any stronger

  • yeaathat

    money, hoes , cars , im the shit , money , im the shit, whoop. substance in his raps needs to step it up major too. It has its place but come on put a twist on it.

  • Gengar

    Track is fire Meek’s album will be good kendricks album is great both are dope artist go out and buy both albums support what brings you to this site

    Sidenote Pac and Biggie don’t have talent?????

    How do you even respond to someone that say’s that? It’s pretty obvious they won’t understand

  • Jemal Dye

    ya al need to shutup & stop sucking my man , young & coming up from the hood and ya hating for what ? all he wanna do is do what he does best … Nas & Hov already told’em his album gone be classic & if you dont fuck with the intro then dont ever listen to meek mill again cause ya dont understand him at all .. This man work hard 24/7 , not trynah go backyo jail , made millions and his album didnt even drop yet & he under 26 how could you hate a man like Meek ? young and talented

  • Dunny

    damn, use another flow tho, yelling bout NOTHING over and over with the same flow.

  • Never heard this kind of content before…

  • This album gonna do crazy numbers these hatin niggas don’t know nun about rappin all that shoutin he doin is him snappin on this beat. Only really philly niggas can relate to this. The rest of yall need to go listen to Justin beiber that sound like yall type music.

  • the realest

    co-sign not

    truthhurts is a nerd