T.I. – Ball f. Lil Wayne (Video)

blame it on Illy October 22, 2012

Directed by Marc Klasfeld.

After the latest episode of The Family Hustle aired, VH1 got the green light to premiere the latest visual from Tip’s upcoming album Trouble Man (Dec. 18). International viewers can check the video after the jump.

  • qado

    What an incredibly horrible beat

  • jb

    the chorus is tight “this club so packed…” that part only

  • dev

    what the fuck is this coon shit?!?! these guys cant be serious.

  • KING

    I’m one of Tip’s biggest fans. But this is fuckin wack. All those other singles he dropped before this (Flexin, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Go Get It) were bangers. I just hope this is the only wack track on the album. Been waiting a while for this record to drop.

  • Wayne’s part wasn’t really necessary tho

  • Tiff

    This just pissed me off. I love Tip. I liked Wayne’s older music. But, my man, T.I. just hurt my heart with this. What is this BULLS**T?! -_-

  • Justin

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  • Jay

    Why Wayne is either lazy or lost it and Why it’s a “Nope”:

    nigga…trigga = recycled by every other rapper these days
    Shake that ass like a salt shaker = really? like from the Ying Yang Twins?
    I keep a L lit up like a elevator = isn’t part of his probation no alcohol or drugs for a like 2 more years?
    Bitch shake it like a dog, hop like a frog = elementary rhyme
    horse…darts = doesn’t even rhyme
    Drink all muddy, flag all bloody = again, he can’t drink.
    I’m killin’ these hoes like that nigga Ted Bundy = i guess
    I’m a good looking rapper, I ain’t tryna stunt
    I’mma fire my blunt like Donald Trump = simple
    Where you at hoe? Where you at hoe? = lazy
    Can a nigga stick his key up in ya back door? = i’ll give this to him. that’s funny.

  • Rico Love sucks. What is Young Chris doin?

  • Fraway

    thank you for the international view

  • Marr

    dis dat real nigga shit yu digg

  • germany

    good shit from the king
    sounds new and fresh rap need that after all this trap beats

  • milkmedia

    this is a call back to triggerman and new orleans bounce. the saltshaker rhyme, the good lookin rapper line, where you at hoe and a few others are also call backs to bounce. you’d think if you took the time to type all that shit out, you might also take some time to do some research,

  • Solozaur

    @ milkmedia true dat man, i thought that those lines sounded familiar, awesome tribute imho!