angel haze – Cleaning Out My Closet

blame it on Illy October 23, 2012

Off her upcoming Classick mixtape out Oct. 25.

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  • rockrock

    Angel Haze looks like a flat-chested man with long hair

  • zzz

    She makes more money then you and gets better women then you do. Thought since we are going off topic why not

  • Gin Toki

    Damn This shit is a horrible story . . . Power to this girl

  • rockrock

    I’m pretty sure I wasn’t off topic. This is in regards to the picture posted of the artist.

    And she does make more money and get better women. Lots of women like successful black men and she definitely looks like one.

  • Blanco

    Just wow.

    Big ups sis.

  • leftBRAIN

    GOAT needs come give her that Shady deal..she can spit nasty

  • who cares

    No. People need to stop putting themselves on this beat. Em made it so no one can hop on it and come close to what he did.

  • That was a brave track man. Props to this chick I’ll give whatever she puts out next a listen cause of this no doubt

    Oh and rockrock you’re a bitch dude

  • dtb

    lyrics are pretty good. voice is horrible. breath control is even worse. she fuckin pants in between lines. stop that. its distracting as fuck.

  • ddave