Kids These Days - Traphouse Rock (Artwork)

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The Chicago collective enlisted the talented David Silverstein to design and illustrate the cover art to their upcoming album, Traphouse Rock, dropping October 30th.

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  • Kanye Carter

    This is so damn dope, Traphouse Rock is gonna be some good ass music. And best of all, its free!

  • Kenny Laveau

    Awesome artwork by David

  • Danny

    It's like a nice version of Slaughterhouse's artwork.

  • Yeah "Kids These Days" are a Dope group, and much needed...when the only group you hear is "The Roots"(Much respect to the Mighty Roots Crew)..we at Sleeper Cell Mixtape( have been a Fan!!

  • lo

    aside from The Roots...Kids These Days & ArtOfficial are the only legit live hip-hop groups


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