Mickey Factz – #Y (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka October 23, 2012

#Y is a freestyle project that serves as the prelude to Mickey’s next mixtape #Ynot, which drops November 5th. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Tired Arms
2. King Me
3. Can I, Mause
4. Don’t Luv Me
5. Genocide
6. Dumbing It Down
7. Calvin And Hobbs
8. Sacrifice f. Bonita
9. Air Is…
10. Beautiful World
11. Click Clack f. Bruno Mars
12. Dreams Of Money (rmx)

DOWNLOAD: Mickey Factz – #Y (Mixtape)

  • poop

    fuck this crap

  • truth

    Mickey fell the fuck off. So did Donnis, Charles Hamilton and others.

  • marty mcfly

    Aint no way you listened to the tape that fast so you just hatin on rhymes you aint even heard. Smh

  • Duke of Ferrera

    dope ass tape…bars built ford tough

  • lookatmenow

    Don’t put Mickey in the same lane as Charles hamilton Mickeys
    wordplay is way better then most rappers out just because he didn’t
    sign to a big label he you say that huh Mickey is one of my favorites
    dope is dope

  • lookatmenow

    Great subjects storyteller and wordplay raw Mickey never lets down
    if he was rapping about drugs and money boneheads would love it
    Mickey keep doing you I feel you

  • really smh

    fuck this crap

    poop said this on October 23rd, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    Mickey fell the fuck off. So did Donnis, Charles Hamilton and others.

    truth said this on October 23rd, 2012 at 4:38 pm
    These dumb niggas didn’t even listen to the tape, just hating. Mickey dope

  • qwan

    low key, mickey mause was one of the best mixtapes to drop this year. probably of the 2000’s period. shit belongs in a museum and im dead serious

  • damn…

    i remember when this dude accually had a buzz, now he’s like WHERE IT GO!? hahah

  • !that dude

    most underated out there, and i bet my left nut that he makes a killing charging them for ghost writting.

  • Truthfully, Factz still spits hard!!
    Good to see him doing his thing after fading from y’all eyes for a minute.

  • I second what “quan” says. Mickey Mause was incredible. If you haven’t given that a listen, you missed out on something truly amazing. It was art, I don’t know how else to say.

  • Mickey Is that dude for real! I love every mixtape he has dropped. I swear his Mickey Mau5e mixtape is the mixtape of the year fuck what anyone says sure he not as big as fags like meek mill but hes def better than alot of thses rap clowns. check his other mixtapes out and dude that said he fell off must be on drugs

  • DevynAUS

    Mickey is so dope. Everybody sleeping on him still. One of the best lyrically in the game.
    CH feature was good to hear too!!

  • dae

    charles hamilton and mickey factz = classic!!! dam we been waiting for mad long