Kendrick Lamar & Jay Rock Perform “Money Trees” in NYC (Video)

blame it on Shake October 24, 2012

During a signing in Best Buy at Union Square, Kendrick brings out Jay Rock to help perform one of the many stand outs from good kid, m.A.A.d city. Halle Berry or Hallelujah?

  • Timmy

    Fuck is up with all those spanish kids? I hate spanish kids

  • stopplease

    Hey everyone kendrick lamars album is out in case u didnt know.

    thanks for coming to

  • lol

    that old white dude in the suit cant figure out what the big fuckin deal is about this song.

    But then again neither can shyne or me.

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    @stopplease mad …

  • AirMagicMamba

    Halle Berry

  • amazing

    @lol cosign.. Kendrick lamar good and talented but his album ain’t all that unfortunately. I agree with shyne to an extent, but calling it trash is ridiculous.

  • marty mcfly

    Probably my favorite song on the album. Even though its not really deep or nothing like that but its still the coolest imo. Ya Bish

  • Jizzle

    Eeeehh…. For an in-store performance, it was aaight. I woulda had Jay Rock come in on the 2nd verse, cut it short and kept the crowd – Kendrick barely remembered the verse. We’ll see better though. COP THE ALBUM!

  • GKMCfan

    “did somebody say dominoes?”

  • WestsideRida

    If Game new cd was something like this i think he would have a chance at another classic

    1. Intro (Produced by 1500 or nothing)
    2. My City (Produced by Dj Khalil)
    3. Good Kid/Bad Kid feat Kendrick Lamar (Produced by Dr.Dre)
    4. The Code feat Nipsey Hussle & Jay Rock (Produced by Dj Quik)
    5. By Any Means (Produced by Dewaun Parker)
    6. Fresh Linen (Produced by Kanye West)
    7. Gold Ropes (Produced by Hit Boy)
    8. Mistakes feat Chris Brown (Produced by Boi1da)
    9. Back When (Produced by Sounwave)
    10. Old School feat Snoop Dogg & Dr.Dre (Produced by Scoop Deville)
    11. Thuggin feat Schoolboy Q & ASAP Rocky (Produced by Just Blaze)
    12. Memories feat Nas (Produced by Dj Premier)
    13. Protect My Seeds (Produced by Sounwave)
    14. Legendary (Produced by Denaun Porter)


    15. The Math feat Dr.Dre & Kendrick Lamar (Produced by Dewaun Parker)
    16. Switches (Produced by T-Minus)
    17. Remember Me feat Kanye West & Kid Cudi (Produced by Kanye West)

  • Hey Howwss it Goin

    album is dope not more nor less

  • mcd

    I’m dying at the blank stare by that white guy the whole time

  • noah

    the dude in the suit is like what the fuck is this noise

  • KIM

    Kendrick Lamar’s ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ Expected To Sell Between 225-240K 1st Week. Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ To Sell 1.1-1.2 Million

  • markaveli

    dont kill my vibe, money tree, and maad city my personal favorites on album.

  • Yup

    ^ spot on. My three favorites as well.

  • QBN

    It’s a good album.. some are hating on it just because there was so much hype. Let the album breathe, it will stand the test of time IMO

  • Damn, Ali fucked up Jay Rocks part. smh

  • Raul

    Timmy you hate spanish kids? That’s dumb because spanish kids don’t exist. Spanish is a language not a race, unless you are from Spain. If you live in the United States and were born here, you are considered Mexican-American, Hispanic, or Latino. Save your ignorant comments and get educated before making a dumb statement.

  • bib


  • johnnytarr

    @westsiderida where do you even come up with something like that?

  • Hype

    kendrick lamar. overrated? naw, dude’s flow is superior & only growin’. overhyped? yea, but thats mainly because we are ALL serious gettin’ tired of the ‘MMG’/’YMCMB’ radio rotation & need new, real, & fresh bars. trollers, stans, & etc alike.

    but i will point out what truly separates k. lamar from the rest, period. @ 5:08, when Jay Rock tries to hand the mic back to the “overhyped/overrated/overhated” star, he refused it & signaled to Jay Rock that “you the man, its all you”.

    moral of that story is HUMILITY. say what you want about his debut, but you cant learn that in school or gain that from becomin’ famous. good man right there. or maybe, a good Kid.. peace.

  • The guy in the suit looks so uncomfortable and ready to go home lol