Kendrick Lamar Shares Story Behind "Sing About Me" (Video)

Continuing the ongoing Kendrick coverage, MTV asks the Compton kid about track 10 from good kid, m.A.A.d city (which the Shyne has called "trash").

"Sing About Me" is definitely a true song. First verse is speaking from my partner talkin' to me, speakin' on a story of how I was there when his brother passed and I got to watch him take his last breath.

"Keisha's Song" is a real song too, and what I didn't understand was the fact that she had a younger sister. I met her sister and she went at me about her sister Keisha, basically saying she didn't want her to put her business out there and if your album do come out, don't mention me, don't sing about me.

We also sat down with Kendrick the same night in Vegas. Look for the first part (of two) to hit the DopeHouse tomorrow morning.

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  • Mike Tomlin

    Sing About Me is a top 3 song on this album for me. Kendrick spits for 5 minutes straight and when he gets sho in the middle of his verse...

  • TDE

    Not saying he's lying, but he does seem to be making it up as he goes along. Nobody cares if all the stories aren't 100% true

  • Pedro

    i care

  • nutriders

    is kendricks album out yet? Can you guys give him a little more coverage please? thanks.

  • ^ hahahahaha.

    with that said, this was my favorite song on the album

  • JD

    When you say it's your top 3 song at-least understand what the song is about cause clearly you still didn't get it. @Mike Tomlin

    Kendrick doesn't get shot. Try again.


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