• Mike Tomlin

    Sing About Me is a top 3 song on this album for me. Kendrick spits for 5 minutes straight and when he gets sho in the middle of his verse...

  • TDE

    Not saying he's lying, but he does seem to be making it up as he goes along. Nobody cares if all the stories aren't 100% true

  • Pedro

    i care

  • nutriders

    is kendricks album out yet? Can you guys give him a little more coverage please? thanks.

  • http://ear2ear.tumblr.com ear2ear

    ^ hahahahaha.

    with that said, this was my favorite song on the album

  • JD

    When you say it's your top 3 song at-least understand what the song is about cause clearly you still didn't get it. @Mike Tomlin

    Kendrick doesn't get shot. Try again.