• Peekay

    cool, but no MC Eiht? We Come Strapped

  • j

    man if they desperate to sell records maybe ask game for some help.

    you remember when homie was following people back on twitter to get them to buy 2 copies LMAO

  • kbreeze

    Everybody did that shit when grindin came out lol i got those same memories #classic

  • ThijsMe

    No illmatic?

  • Nate Dza


  • http://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite/bombs-over-b-o-b DJ Lanky White

    C'mon son, it clearly says 2002 in the blurb you posted and you still type 2001?

  • Mike Tomlin

    "Everybody did that shit when grindin came out lol i got those same memories #classic"

    ^^ yupp

  • beez

    looks like k. dot needs to expand his musical tastes beyond rap..

  • http://www.brianbatesd.com DJ Breezy

    Odd that those are his favorite albums and most of the tracks on his debut sound nothing like it. Really wish the album was more representative of the west coast g-funk sound. Kinda feels like a slap in the face to those artists.

  • vanessa

    rap niggas have very limited scope when it comes to music.

    no miles davis, marvin gaye, john coltrane? I cant imagine sitting in a room listening to those niggas screaming over beats all day.

    The act of listening anything that isnt hip hop would kill most rappers but all their beats come from music made in the 60s and 70s.

  • Frylock

    whats up with all these niggaz complainin about k dot top 25. it isn't your fucking top 25 its kendrick lamars top 25. get a life faggots

  • http://ear2ear.tumblr.com ear2ear

    I like this list...you can tell it's honest and he's not trying to sound wise and distinct by saying an album outside outside his reality. I'm sure Kendrick has listened and loves Gaye, Coltrane, Davis, Ayers, etc., but these are the albums of his generation and the albums we gravitated to growing up as kids. Especially for a kid in Compton in the 90s.

    Only surprise I had is there's no Outkast on the list b/c GKMC reminds me of ATLiens.

  • method

    kendrick is a trollllll, you can't even listen to the block is hot, he just putting up a list everyone will talk about

  • who cares

    Pretty generic. And I'm not sure how anyone could put a Wayne album in their top 25, but it's all a matter of taste I guess.

  • Frost

    No illmatic?

    and i was just about to buy this dudes album...

  • eqq

    @Frost is this nigga your boyfriend or somwething? you not gonna buy his album because his tastes arent the same as yours? unreal

  • Skooby

    What? No Shyne album on there? Haha

  • yen

    forgot tha best Left Coast group ever to live, THa EasTTSIDAZZZ

  • Jason

    @Vanessa, just because your favorite albums don't include Miles Davis, Coltrane, Marvin Gaye doesn't mean you don't appreciate good music. I wouldn't put any of those people in my top 25 favorite albums either. I'm a huge fan of Billy Holiday, Gene Chandler, Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind & Fire, but none of these artist albums appeal to me on a whole.

    @DJ Breeze, why would you want an artist to sound like every other artist out there? Kendrick has a little bit of different style, taking subtle influences from many artists. Respect it for what it is, good music. If you wanna here music that sounds like Dre or the Clipse, go listen to their albums.

  • $$$

    Y'all stupid sometimes, lmao.

  • adi Pre

    where's Ja Rule's Pain is Love album?

  • Dashboard86

    Why no it was written or only built for Cuban linx don't matter I don't like dude music