Lil Wayne Claims He’s Recorded 90 Songs w/ Dr. Dre (Video)

blame it on Shake October 24, 2012

After teaming up with Beats By Dre, Lil Wayne reveals to MTV that he’s recorded around 90 songs with Dr. Dre. 90 songs? Either Wayne was high when he said this or it’s a perfect explanation as to why we get so many damn throwaway tracks from him. *shrugs…

  • @rozko

    Remember “outstanding” by Wayne produced by dre prolly my fav Wayne song of all time

  • whateveriguess

    i think he is saying this because Kendrick said he had recorded 40 with dre.

  • They’re all going to be bonus tracks for Detox. There will be a Target, Best Buy, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Virgin Mobile & Napster version of Detox, in which all 90 songs will span each bonus disc. You’ll have to buy all versions to get all the songs, unless you log on to YouTube at midnight (Eastern time) of February 30th, 2013 for a Megaupload link that will last until noon of that same day.

  • chea!

    the jackass above me is obviously a jackass…

    fuck lil wayne and anybody that love him.

  • Mel

    90 Songs with Dre? LMFAO!

  • Pops

    Would also explain why we still don’t have Detox. Dre’s wasting time just for the fuck of it.

  • Ignorant Genius

    Pretty sure that’s not the exact number or close to it… Niggas be exaggerating mayne.. That’s what niggas do

  • kamu

    Who gives a fuck. Cotton picking nigga.

  • Slim901

    …And I don’t wanna hear a single one of them.

  • Didn’t Lil’ Wayne say he was going to retire? WHY HASN’T HE DONE IT YET?

  • Frost

    god, i hope not..