Shyne Says Kendrick Lamar’s Album Is “Trash”

blame it on Shake October 24, 2012

Yesterday, “Triple OG” Shyne took to Twitter to express some distaste for Kendrick’s debut album good kid, m.A.A.d city.

Still feeling himself from his 2000 debut, Shyne defends his trash talk with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg. And while I agree that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. This seems like an obvious cry for attention. Garbage beats? Naah…

  • Fred

    This man is jokes. Bad jokes.

  • Joe

    I remember when Puff woulda had Shyne with him… for some reason that’s all I can remember…

  • justenjoythisshit

    fuck this fool

  • orion

    Last week he was the man for dissing ross now he a clown huh. Fuck all of yall flip flop ass niggas. always begging for cosigns and validation for your own opinions but then when you dont get it you say the exact opposite about the nigga you were just dickriding.

  • Daniel

    I think the main question here is: “Who?”

  • Lynxie Krueger

    Kendrick sounds nasally as hell, I can only listen to his music a few songs at a time; it’s more than his voice though, his voice inflections and the way he enunciates certain words just irks the **** out of me to the point where it’s no longer an enjoyable listening experience if I play more than say 4-5 songs in a row

    I won’t even front, I catch myself FORCING his music into the rotation because he can definitely spit and is nice with the pen… but for example, when he says “Martin had a DREAM” on that Backstreet Freestyle i had to skip next

    Just speaking for myself, but I wouldn’t ever listen to either of their albums. Kendrick is someone I should like and have tried to like, but the voice/delivery is prohibitive.


  • vdv

    Beats are trash on GKMC??????????? Liked Fuckin Problem with ASAP? Ok dude is completly close minded and chose the least good song with Kendrick, a most importantly with a lame beat.

  • roy

    I see nothing wrong with what he said. what he said is no different to what you niggas do all day on a daily basis. Make judgments about and niggas.

  • justenjoythisshit

    not even dickriding GKMC but THIS guy right here is one of the worst rappers ever since he’s free again

  • jayjo

    @lynxie kreuger
    I do agree to a certain limit. I’m a Kendrick fan and I do know what you mean. Especially on backstreet freestyle I had to skip that track too

  • james

    Easiest troll move ever. Shyne would’ve never been on hot97 if wasn’t for the stupid amount of buzz around this album from hipsters online.

    Of course he’s wrong, but the fact that everyone is going gaga over Lamar’s album and comparing him to a young 2pac(yes, people are saying this) and how his album is automatically AOTY shows how trendy hiphop heads are nowadays.

    Watch this dude come out of nowhere with some “beef” tracks and people eat that shit up like a bunch of puppets.

  • TDE

    ScHoolboy Q ‏@ScHoolBoyQ
    We all know @OriginalSHyne AIN’T EATIN!!!!! NiggaH ain’t Had a Hot verse since 01

    – Puffy’s response, the REAL PUFF DADDY

  • Real Talk

    Kendrick sounds nasally as hell, I can only listen to his music a few songs at a time; it’s more than his voice though, his voice inflections and the way he enunciates certain words just irks the **** out of me to the point where it’s no longer an enjoyable listening experience if I play more than say 4-5 songs in a row

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ COSIGN



  • Real Talk


  • cmon son

    lol @ the comments on Kendrick’s inflections n enunciation shit. i agree.

  • GeeZuP

    I don’t really agree with Shyne GKMC was decent it was ok its know near a classic like many people are saying though Scetion 80 was 10x better but GKMC does have some dope tracks on there

  • Pops

    Shyne has become the court jester of hip-hop. He’s only around for us to laugh at.

  • mattnotmike

    I mean if you dont like it you dont like it but you never call an artists work especially when their heart is in it. Thats hating.

  • mattnotmike


  • hooliganism

    Shyne calling Kendrick trash. Read that sentence and move on. Nigga is delusional. If gkmc isn’t a GREAT hip hop album then it can’t be done.

  • tachiini

    like com said, “if i don’t like it i don’t like it, don’t mean i’m hatin”

    thx to spotify i can listen w/out actually buying. i can only listen at most 2-3 songs.

  • hooliganism

    Kendrick’s album*

  • KING

    This fool shouldn’t be talkin cuz when he got out of the joint, he started rappin as if he took maaaad dicks to the face.

    You shouldn’t judge what’s dope or whats trash Po. Cuz youre music is BEYOND TRASH.

  • thatrealshit

    if kendricks album is “trash” then idk if there’s a combination of words in the english language to describe the fuckin train wreck of a career that shyne has had. this dude isnt viable enough to even speak on hip hop, dudes butthurt about the garbage hes puttin out, thats it

  • @thatrealshit /THREAD

  • DK

    I like the inflections and enunciations i feel like it’s one of those things that sets him apart and adds another dimension to his songs aside from the lyrics,beat,flow etc. @orion so if you agree with someone on something you have to agree with them on everything.

  • DK

    @thatrealshit lmao!

  • trendsetta

    This nigga ruined his own legacy. Mothafucka shouldve stayed in jail. Dumb ass jew talking shit. Somebody need to smack this mufucka up.

  • FOH

    Filthy jew, hating on the christian concept of GKMC. Irrelevant ass nigga

  • Truuu

    Why the C section hating, don’t yall call people trash all the time? Cant take it when someone calls ur boy trash, its an opinion u mad more people knows his then urs? That said Shyne hasnt released anything good in about 10 yrs.

  • orion

    @DK, you call this guy the man one week then the next week he says something you dont like so now he aint shit? gtfoh

  • randy

    cosign truuu these are the same nigga who will thumb a song down just after reading the title.

  • Ramelo

    Honestly…the album isn’t nearly as amazing as people are making it out to be, BUT it is a very dope album!!!! Shyne is showing everybody what “hating” really is. Kendrick’s album is getting steady rotation just like Nas album does, like Ka-Grief Pedigree does, like OC/Apollo Brown does…

  • kennyis22

    I don’t really mind the enunciations but it’s annoying when Kendrick starts with that double-tracking effect like he’s chanting. Kendrick’s nice when he straight spits but that echo effect he does way too often kinda takes away from his songs for me. He doesn’t do that many traditional format rap songs, but when he does, it’s great like Poe Man’s Dreams.

  • Grimzz

    what’s really funny is ppl calling out other ppl on here when EVERYONE does this shit lol…if shyne clowned nas or hov, the same ppl calling out others on this shyne bs would rip shyne in half as well…

    end of the day, shyne has been irrelevant for over a decade so for him to say anything about anybody is a reach…same goes to DMX druggy ass and that’s my mans and em LOL

  • dre

    some of y’all need to take another listen to the damn album. hear what the man’s saying, his struggle… the substance speaks volumes, this is easily the best album of the year. rest of y’all hatin’ are irrelevant because you probably don’t relate with the man’s background.

  • Bleezy

    1st this dudes needs a new name because Shyne is something he has never done. Not everyone is going to like Kendrick and thats alright. But for those who have listened from the Kendrick EP to Section 80 to GKMC, can appreciate the music of Kendrick. For most this is this 1st time to really take in Kendrick’s music, When you are getting crowned by your peers your bound to have haters, ask LeBron. He is on top but not everyone loves him.

  • EducateURself

    The people who say the album suck just dont understand the words and subliminal messages so they dont know what the actual track is intended to mean. Kendrick’s music is just over some people heads and they will never get it.

  • koke

    lol people get so emotional when it comes to Kendrick. Calm down you faggots. Just because he says it’s trash doesn’t mean it’s trash. He’s entitled to his own opinion.

  • BlessTheSax

    I thought the album was wack (<section 80), but in opinion shyne is hot ass, period. always felt that way.

  • BlessTheSax

    sophomore jinx if you ask me.

  • that truth

    shyne is right. yall defend this guy like hes your father or some shit. step away from your computers

  • J.West

    What The Fuck Has Shyne Done Lately That Makes Us Go “Damn He Kilked It”. Not a Damn Thing. Yes He has an Opinion but, he’s irrelevant. When his album comes out then we will see if he’s relevant or still trash.

  • Jordan

    They say I talk with so much emphasis
    Ooh, they so sensitive!
    -Kanye West

  • koke

    And while I agree that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. This seems like an obvious cry for attention. Garbage beats? Naah…

    LOL Shake is such a Kendrick dick rider. This faggot probably jacks off while he listens to the album.

  • overrated

    I prefer Schoolboy Q to Kendrick any day.

    Album isn’t nearly as good as all the hype around it. His voice gets on my fuckin nerves.

    On the other hand Section.80, and Kendrick Lamar EP are sick.

  • DK

    @DK first off I personally don’t give two fucks about Shyne or what he has to say never have probably never will. But in both instances he’s clearly just trying to just get some attention because he’s been irrelevant for close to a decade now. And even if I did agree with what he said in the past why can’t I disagree with him now if I have a different opinion? Wouldn’t that just be dickriding?



  • MrWill

    What has Shyne does in his musical career that can stand up against Kendrick’s body of work? There wasn’t a debate back in 2004, nor is there one today about whether or not THIS nigga dropped an album. So, his opinion is no more important than mine on this topic. Still, Kendrick’s album, if not a classic (which I think it is), is a refreshing dose of really good hip-hop. Thanks, Diddy, for keeping this pig-tail wearing dork out of the US. #diddyforpresident

  • MrWill

    ^^dropped a CLASSIC album

  • i rarely comment but…

    i agree with @Lynxie Krueger and @overrated – i like Q more than kendrick but…

    it’s not that he’s garbage… it’d be crazy to say he’s garbage but his rapping voice irks me…

    like wale is guilty of the annoying voice inflections too… maybe not as much lately, but it’s always been a reason that i steered clear of his music. i actually listened to ‘mixtape about nothing’ and the songs were great but i couldn’t take the voice any more so i hoped it would change in future mixtapes… it kinda has, i’ve seen his voice make positive change, but it still annoys me.

    back to kendrick.
    i had a copy of #section80 for a minute and i listened to it once but his voice irked the fuck outta me. i gave it a try after like 5 of my friends kept telling me to listen to it… i listened for the lyrics, delivery, and beats, but no voice inflection — i started to fucks with his music heavy but…

    i can’t get past that voice… i dont think this is an effective analogy but…
    if you hate the voice of a singer of a band, doesn’t mean the band (as a whole) makes bad songs, just means you don’t like the lead singer… their drummer or guitarist may be sick

    or if you find the voice of the chipmunks annoying… would you watch that movie? hell no

  • Shyne Po opinions

    Now everyone is entitled to an opinon but when ur opinions contradict yourself to make what you say sound right is where i have a problem. Get where i’m coming from. Shyne said he’s hates the art not the person referring to Kendrick, cool understandable, but now explain why you hate rick ross!! Its art right so why does the art ricky puts out make you hate the person even if its a total fabrication at the end of the day its art, or entertainment whatever you call it, so with that being said I dont get it where Shyne is coming from so you may call it an opinion but i call it hatred imo.

  • naoshad



  • dussylips

    niggas aint eatin, niggas aint gon talk if they eatin…

  • B ReaL

    I think everyone can agree with that Kendrick has super dope lyrics and a really good flow however GKMC was a little underwhelming it’s ok but it not the best album out right now not even number 2

  • the public

    coastwars II!

  • lil B

    niggas gay…

  • old shyne

    both them niggas suck

  • Norman

    one thing K Dot did do with this album was make it COHESIVE. Rappers don’t do that anymore, it’s just a bunch of tracks threw together 90$ of which are begging for radio play. Kendrick put together an ACTUAL album that flows throughout and the tracks lead into one another very nicely. It may be a over hyped but its better than 95% of the shit we hear, ESPECIALLY from a “mainstream” rapper. I still love his older mixtapes and they will most likely get more replay than this album.

  • Grizzy

    oh man what kinda nigga r u shyne?! you dumb old lame ass nigga…


    Musically his album could have been better…he’s right on that part. And that’s because Kendrick had 100% creative control…homie got Dr. Dre at his side and he ain’t a producer…Why the fuck didn’t he let Dr. Dre guide his project from start to finish??? Em didn’t step out on his own til the Eminem Show. Kendrick would’ve had a much better album if that were the case with him as well.

  • koke

    Smh at these fools acting like Shyne didn’t drop a classic album.

  • Oja

    Point blank GKMC is an undeniable classic. No rapper sounds like him, his album is actually a album and not a bunch of songs. Fuck shyne I never seen a group of his peers in the rap game respect his music like kendrick been getting ,no comparison . The whole TDE is what hip hop been waiting for Versatile Hip hop with substance. Lol I don’t see no rapper or producer jumping any ropes to work with this lame ass nigga. Time to ignore irrelevant niggas like Shyne Ho. And muthafuckas on here that don’t rock with this album needs to reevaluate if they are real hip hop fans cause It doesn’t get much better than this,lol y’all should switch up genres Lls become a true pop fan.

  • tah

    kids aiight..but this aint no illmatic. kid can rhyme but that voice man smh get annoying as hell

  • freakorama

    Shyne had his opportunity to create a 4+ mic/star album many moons ago. He blew his chance and he should deal with it.

  • Shyne is entitled to his opinion. So are Andre 3000, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, and many others who have shared their positive opinion on the album.

    For some reason…I think I hold the opinions of the latter three over Shyne’s. Hahaha. Big surprise.

  • Frylock

    GKMC is a classic imo, but everyone else is entitled to their own opinion. but for shyne to say its trash im like c’mon homie have you even listend to yourself. you sound like you got mad dicks stuck in your throat i mean c’mon son LMAO. Shyne & Godfather buried Alive are easily some of myu favorite albums. but shyne needs to go on with that BS, gangland is trash.

  • NYdreams

    i understand everybody gotta opinion of their own thats cool n all but i think you should keep it to yourself when ALL your songs been straight ass and your u aint got no fans…. listen im dead ass when i say i never heard a nigga bump shyne since hes been out… thats sad.. truth be told i cant even name a rapper thats worse than shyne.. this nigga gets no respect…

  • This is like Anthony Davis winning Rookie of the Year in the NBA, and Kwame Brown releasing a statement saying he’s trash.

  • bc

    i do feel the comment about the nasal inflection, then again, how did you like wayne back in the days. nobody seemed to care about that voice.
    i really dont care too much about the nasal shit , there’s way more fucked up voices in rap anyways

  • Fiasco Lamar

    Kendrick is the new Lupe…his followers thinks he walks on water its sickening! Hova > all rappers breathing!

  • honestly

    Album is not a classic

  • jhock420

    This motherfucker aint no shit let alone about hip hop. Who fuckin cares K Dot KILLIN it right now fuck the jealous haters prob went over shynes dumb ass head.

  • jhock420

    album is DEF a classic, best of the year. Instant classic

  • Blu >Kendrick

  • Jason

    GKMC isn’t as good as it should have been, I agree. His delivery is on point and as far as “enunciating” words, that’s just his style. Not everybody has to butcher the english language. Section.80 would have been a KILLER debut album.


    The one thing I never understand is how poeple can call something a classic after 2 days (A week if you count the leak) of listening. And for the butt hurt kendrick fans, you attacking shyne is called Ad hominem. his career has nothing to do with the validity of his claim that the album isnt good.

  • marty mcfly

    i got a tickle in my butthole

  • marty mcfly

    @Homotroll, stfu fag. Now If people are still listening to GKMC with the same level satisfaction around this time next year then maybe we can start the classic conversation but I dont see it happening. By jan. 2013 I dont think this album will still have people as excited as the are now, the same week it came out. Go back and check how long alot of the classic albums had a run. Alot of those classics came out before the internet age and the streets went crazy for them. I remember the same week Get Rich or Die Tryin came out and seeing almost every car in the street during traffic hour had a song from that album playing. Almost every barbershop, urban clothing store and almost every other song on the radio was from that album. Same with the Documentary. I dont know if GKMC will have that same effect and yeah there are classics that didnt have that effect but im just referring back to one of the signs that definitely let me know that something was classic. Even Thank Me Later (which was not classic) was getting play in almost every neighborhood in the streets when that came out. Here’s a question, does GKMC have the same effect in the streets as it does on the internet? IDK but just saying

  • I listened to this interview with Shyne because I love the album and wanted to hear his opinion as to why he feels it’s trash. This is music and everyone who comments is a fan of music so being a fan alone means you have an opinion. Shyne has his and no one can hate that but you don’t have to agree. GKMC in my opinion has dope beats, a very well thought out concept that KDot says is real so cool, he’s a super dope lyricist with crazy patterns and I’m happy to finally hear a full conceptual album that doesn’t sound like a compilation full of forced singles. I feel he did a great job, kudos for entertainment and substance when the young listeners need it most.

  • marty mcfly

    Or rather, will it have such an effect for the remainder of 2012?

  • Shyne needs to go back to prison w/ all this craziness.

  • Wow

    Niggas callin an album a classic and it been out about a week? come on man lets wait to throw that around

  • He better not say anything about Lil B or I’ma get Taskforce to really throw him back in the joint. Life sentence.

  • J/k. Shyne is wylin tho. I think deep down he knows its not trash but he’s just a lil bitter that Kendrick is getting all this praise and things aren’t going his way. I’m a Shyne fan btw, I just don’t agree w/ him at all

  • Michael Knight

    Kendrick’s enunciation and delivery changes from song to song. The Heart pt.2, His Pain, and Backseat Freestyle are all very different tracks and i appreciate the way he switches his flow on each one. Take Skyzoo for example, he’s nice but he sounds exactly the same on every track.

  • Emcee KW

    I think dudes are just made that Kendrick is getting alot of love and shine right now. i been fuckin wit him since O.D. Dropped and i think hes the most consistant in the game right now. GKMC is a classic.
    dude cant make a record so he need attention some way

  • sha

    Why can’t people ever give credit where credit is due.. kendrick been on the come up for a while and you can tell he took his time creating GKMC.. hes not like most rappers thats why most brain dead folks don’t like him or think his voice is annoying (which is funny kuz lil wayne has one of the most annoying voices but still sells a mill with ease unfortunately).. it may not be a classic now but i think in time it will be one.

  • GKMCIsnotaClassic

    yo im just going to say this once and i hope muthafuckers can move on with their lives.

    Shyne’s an Irrelevant ass nigga?
    who the fuck r u?
    some dude defending another dude behind a computer!
    if he was irrelevant u wouldnt give a fuck about what he said and
    their would be no need for u fags to post!

    stop dickriding!
    section 80 was better than GKMC. i still bump section 80 but yall r just fucking dickriders i will never understand how u fags have the need to defend kendrick everytime someone says anything negative about him. kendrick fans r like eminem and canibus fans or like str8 Hov dickriders that post everytime he appears in an AD or a live video GTFO

  • Rachet MAn

    @sha No this niggas voice is really annoying aint got shit to do with being brain dead

  • Grimzz

    it’s a story…it’s an album that makes you think and listen to all the way through to understand his story…it’s that simple lol

    i haven’t really heard an album quite like it…so it will stick with me…that’s just me…the fact he has section 80, O.D. and the kendrick lamar ep under his belt shows how diverse he can be to anyone…

    if any artist made a project that you can continuously bump and appreciate then mission accomplished IMO…from the posts in on this topic about 85% rock with kendrick on one of his projects heavy…so dead this shit lol and just enjoy that this could mean lyricism could make a major comeback into the mainstream…the main thing ppl been bitching about

  • Shy

    Poor guy. Dude aint been relevant in over a decade. And now when a dude buzzin he tryna hop on that wave by reaching with that dumbass statement. [email protected] calling it his “opinion”. Dude obviously had an agenda with that tweet.
    GKMC >>>
    (Uh oh i guess im a dickrider)

  • amazing

    Kendrick is good, overrated though. Music isn’t 100% based on concept/lyrics/substance. Music is the beats, and voice as well. Some tracks are good but IMO, the album is very boring, to some extent I agree with Shyne with unimpressive beats. And how the fuck can some people call an album a classic 2 days after release? Give it atleast a year, then call it whatever.

  • NYdreams

    oh and for the record lmao…. this nigga kendrick would rap circles on this washed up ass nigga LMAO
    words cant describe how terrible this nigga shyne is to…. for him to try to shit on anybodys album is a joke lmao …
    anyways i dont think kendricks album is a classic but its a great album … the internet is overrating the shit tho cause everywhere i look theres some shit about illmatic being compared to this smh i wanna know who the dumbasses that keeps comparing the two …

    but yea.. when shyne dropped something as good as this ….. or good at all lmao
    hit me up

  • IVoteNotToVote2012


    IT’S 2012, SON. GET A LIFE.


  • juce

    fuckin hater, i see why puff sent his ass to jail, fuckin hater

  • Damn homie

    How nobody have a problem with Kendrick’s voice yesterday, but today people agree because someone else says it?? Lol Shyne is a bitch, and he’s an uhm… Triple OG… I guess.. Either way he sucks, and can’t rap and the commentors on 2dopeboyz are all lames.

  • mcd

    this shit is too funny. kendrick lamar’s probably about to call up shyne, put that nigga on speaker, and bump Spiteful Chant directly into the phone.

  • Ghosts & Whisky & other Spirits

    Why does it matter what Shyne says? Is he the only rapper in the twitter world that voiced his opinion on this album?

    This album shouldn’t even be compared with those other albums such as those the clown @ marty mcfly mentioned. The only thing GKMC has in common is that it’s considered “rap”. Those other rappers albums, as well as most albums in any genre of music, don’t have a cunt hair of the content, creativity, intelligence, & thought-out cinematic experience GKMC, and Kendricks other releases, do. This album isn’t for “barbershops and urban clothing stores” (LMAO!!!) or clubs. In a time of Top 40 singles, this is about the entire album. Kendrick won and I, for one, am happy for the kid.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ I think 50 cent and Game and Drake are just as talented as Kendrick is in terms of lyrical ability, creativity and intelligence. Its your opinion that somehow Kendrick is this God of rap but I think making a Get Rich or Die Trying or The Documentary or a Come Back Season, So Far Gone and Thank Me Later takes just as much talent and skill to make as a Kendrick project. GKMC is for the people to listen to period and all those places I named are just places with people in them so you cant say GKMC isnt for them too. GKMC is for everybody who happens to listen to it period. Not just for this crowd or this crowd. There are millions of people who have been aware of Kendrick for a while now and those people consist of every different kind of musical fan.

  • marty mcfly

    The larger point I was making with that comment is that if this really is the classic that some people say it is and that you must be agreeing with, then part of that will be felt in the streets because every where you go you should be hearing the album either being played or talked about because thats how alot (not all) of the classic albums were treated by the fans.

  • TruthShallSetUFree

    GKMC is a dope album. To be pyro-technical & complex don’t always make for great listens. Neither does a message or being “intelligent” (see Immortal Technique). How writers merge all of the above into an enjoyable listen is how some of your greatest rappers made classics. Personally, this album is dope – NOT A CLASSIC. The beat change-ups & off-tilt direction in his writing left me searching for more. The last TRUE classic i bought was Lupe’s Debut. If u genuinely think GKMC > than Food & Liquor u must be crazy ! Appreciate it for what it is, & chill on the whole “classic” this, “classic” that. Classic like Reasonable Doubt or even College Dropout ? #SitDown

  • Bee

    I’m not the biggest Kendrick fan but I liked the album, people complaining bout his voice but I think that’s one of the main things bout him that stands out. These fukin old rappers should encourage the new generation instead of spreading negative energy. All the new artists work hard to keep the culture growing. and
    even if you do want to make your opinion public then make sure you have an impressive resume to back it up with!

  • disdatfiya

    Nigga imma copy all these fucking c-secction posts and just write a fuckin book called “thoughts of the ignoramus” by the people for the people. haha i love reading all these long ass posts like they matter or something haha

  • malcyvelli

    i used to get annoyed as fuck with his voice but then i just got used to it and ive moved on from it, the only thing i can really say about this album that left me hanging were some of the beat choices, they werent the greatest beats on some of the tracks but that was also a double edged sword (like his voice) as much as it had me wanting more, it had a distinctive sound and style to them and they truly sounded different and thats what rap needs, difference and individuality so i can applaud kendrick on that front, he came through with something truly different and thats all you can ask for really

  • Bddddddddddat

    there is way too much talk about riding dicks in here for as many males that post on this shit …….. ‘scust NH to you fruitcakes

  • fred dsasdggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    kendrick is overrated, deal with it

  • Chris

    Straight up Trophies>>> Good Kid, m.A.A.d City… Just my opinion though

  • FuckYourOpinion

    V6: The Gift, The Cold Corner 2, Trophies, Daily Bread, Gas Mask, Zero Heroes, Life Is Good, Cats & Dogs, those are classic albums/mixtapes but GKMC is nowhere near that level and the truth is people were calling it the album of the year before it even came out when they had only heard 2 or 3 songs. There’s all kinds of kids and groown ass men & women with the album cover to GKMC on their twitcons and their facebook profile pics, now if that ain’t dickriding I don’t know what is… Most people that say it’s album of the year only hear what they choose to, I honestly believe Apollo Brown & O.C.’s Trophies album is x10 better than GKMC, and I actually listen to the lyrics & the beats.

  • germany

    bishop lamont (too many dickriders not enough groupies)
    btw bishop was is way better fuck dre for dont ever give him a chance lamar overrated like good music artits haha

  • germany

    for me his voice is still anoying
    i dont know but a i dont see him as a classic mc more a gimmick like 2 chainz
    for you cokcsuckers seems like he got deep lyrics but thats not compred to real lyrics like canibas killah priest and others

  • arya

    i think gkmc portrayed who he really is, concept is dope. call it whatever you want thats him thats his sound, love it or hate it thats each to their own. im just sick of predictable mmg sort of crap with meek mill screaming, wale trying to talk like hes shakespeare and ross actin like an o.g

  • Good-Kid

    Ab-Soul is the greatest..

  • oldmoney

    i have to agree with shyne po even though the music he has been putting out sounds like he has down syndrome now….but honestly there is only like 3 bangers on the album which is horrible being that there was so much hype put on this because of dr dre and people labeling this as a classic no way far from it classic album cant be played from start to finish with out skiiping nothing even have you rewinded that shit but i didtnt get that from this album GO SPEND YOUR MONEY ON CRUEL SUMMER

  • oldmoney


  • andy

    shyne is a troll. do not engage trolls.

  • Jay Boulevard

    This is ridiculous. The album hasn’t been out a week, and everyone is acting like they’ve had time to intake everything on it. Let’s get real, as soon as something is over-hyped, you’re all quick to write it off. Broaden your minds, and listen to the difference in Kendrick and the field. I never get involved in the c-section, but I felt like it needed to be said. Stop comparing him to Tupac, Eminem, and whoever the fuck else you people Hov the fuck out of. Kendrick is Kendrick, and he’s doing great things. This dude above me is talking about “Bangers.” Fuckboy, you totally missed the goal of the album. Some artists try to retain their integrity while trying to make good music, as well. In closing, say what you want about the album… but look at the hype… now wait for the first week sales to be shown. My case will be closed.

  • marty mcfly

    I wholeheartedly agree with Shyne. He’s the only one who knows the truth about Kendrick’s album. I hate that shit. Did you know I get bullied on the daily?


    kendrick is alright..i def believe hes more hype cause he got interscope pushing is shit..i really dont see the big hype behind the guy. hes ok thats it. i dont think he is the savior of hip hop

  • RizzyRapz

    Im down for Opinions and all but Shyne is obviously reaching, Plus Kendrick had the most well mapped out album we’ve heard in a loooong time. Alot of you may not like it but Kendrick is the future and this album will open the doors for alot of Emcee’s, he’s the first rapper to come out in a long time that hasn’t compromised his craft for the industry

  • Del

    Fuck Shyne, never liked that nigga or his music. Not the biggest Kendrick fan but I liked Section 80. I really feel that he surpassed that album with GKMC, I got way more than I expected when I first heard it and it gets better every time I listen to it… everyone is entitled to an opinion, so here’s mine: Niggaz saying this album is trash and not as good as they thought it would be are buggin’

  • QBN

    The albums gets better with each listen.. maybe some were disappointed because there was SO much hype. Regardless, it’s a real good album and it’ll stand up over time.

  • hiphopaintdead28

    shyne is such a bitch no one cares your irrelevant and in prison

  • marty mcfly

    @troll GTFOH, I would never say GKMC is “trash”, thats where Shyne sounds like a hater and an idiot. Even though I wasn’t as blown away as alot of people I still give credit where its due as far as Kendrick making a great album. Furthermore after some more listens to the album I do think that the overall structure of GKMC plays a big part in why people feel the way they do about the total theme of the album. Along with very intricate lyrics and good kid vs mad city type concepts and narratives. On about the forth listen to this album I do kinda see why some people feel strongly about the album and I will say that the focus on structure and storytelling is some innovative shit. I did pick up on that on the first listen but now im really starting to hear it. In fairness to Kendrick I do think sometimes as hip hop purists we do compare a newer artist to the more seasoned ones and also sometimes compare a proven formula from the golden era to a newer modern day type of sound. I personally would probably put some the albums @Fuckyouropinion just named over GKMC BUT without making any comparisons and just judging GKMC for what it is, it still do think its a very solid debut. Classic? idk about all that but solid? Yeah.

  • yea18

    First the structure and connection of GKMC to Section .80 and OD is what IMO makes the album a work of art, to pieces together those those three projects over the course of the past 2 years says alot about Kendricks artistry. Second this dude Shyne is reaching hard calling the album trash basically because of beat selection. I thought the beat selection was pretty good and fit the format of the story Kendrick was trying to tell and ultimately put an end to. And Shyne must not have listened to his own latest offering cause his beat selection was complete ass. Like if he is/was as nice as he thinks he is then why hasnt he revived his career post incarceration. Making collect calls dissing albums instead of making moves to promote his own. Damn shame!

  • Crazy how people really protect Kdot no matter what the situation is. Glad the fans are actually being aware that Kendrick is important to the culture as he is one of the only emcees out that’s rappin about good concepts and stories that are real life situations and he does it with heart, skill and conviction. SHyne’s opinion is his own but it’s clear ALOT of people don’t feel the same way with the way the net reacted about the whole thing even Game went in on him on Twitter about his opinion and he forever shouted out SHyne and even rapped in his voice on some of his records in the past. Point is album is dope, proves hiphop is still healthy and Kendrick has lyrics and can get busy and have fun for real, album is like a movie so enjoy the ride…. PS Backseat Freestyle is sick, and itself def a FREESTYLE!!! Whats wrong with that when it fits perfect on the album, man people def missed the point with that track.

  • neggero86

    I’m a visual artist by profession. Art is subjective. Art criticism is an important part of visual arts, and has been since the early 1700’s. I find urban culture can be very sensitive, fickle and childish at times, and anytime someone gives an opinion, the first thing that comes out of anybody’s mouth is the word “HATER.” Man up, grow some thick skin and respect the opinions of others. If you can’t take it, then you are in the wrong line of work

  • james


  • fyouseekay

    no love for him, he pussy bet he wont shoot up the club again

  • yaabish

    fck this nigga

  • shut the fuck up

    lol i cant believe theres dumb fucks like shyne and dumb fucks in these comments that are saying GKMC was bad..LOL

    so whats good? shyne is good? LOL.

    Good Kid Maad City is one of the best hip hop albums ive ever heard. and im not a kendrick lamar groupie, im simply a fan of good music.

    Kendrick Lamar is miles ahead of the entire rap game..including “shyne” a fucking nobody.

    people are entitled to have opinions yes, but saying this album is “trash” is ignorant, simply put.

    you can say wiz khalifa’s album is trash, or lil wayne’s or drake’s..but there isnt shit trash about kendrick’s album.

    unless real hip hop music is trash.

    because thats what it is. GKMC is real hip hop. it’s the way hip hop is supposed to be. rhymes with meaning, story telling and lyrics..all of which kendrick possesses and displayed.

  • Desmind

    My question is who is he and how important was he in the music game?

  • mwow

    It’s true. Don’t dismiss the fact that Kendrick has blerts out lazy songs like a turtle taking a shit. This generation of listeners are not exposed to talented musicians. Just what’s hot. And we get idiots. Music executives know this. This is fact, but no one wants to see or admit it. Think critically about the music you listen to. Not a cry for attention, a cry for the death of music.

  • mwow

    It’s true. Don’t dismiss the fact that Kendrick has blerts out lazy songs like a turtle taking a shit. This generation of listeners are not exposed to talented musicians. Just what’s hot. And we get idiots. Music executives know this. This is fact, but no one wants to see or admit it. Think critically about the music you listen to. Not a cry for attention, a cry for the death of music. There is truth in this. What the African American did with music was wonderful. Jazz rhythm and blue, country, rock and roll, now music is being ruined over time. Who want 100’s of songs about being or getting rich or drunk. Be an artist. Shit. The musical bar has been lowered.