A 2Dope Conversation w/ Kendrick Lamar pt.1 (Video)

blame it on Shake October 25, 2012

After Kendrick and company performed for the sold out crowd at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, we took a “short” drive to a studio where the TDE boys recorded The Heart pt.3. In between recordings, TheWellVersed and yours truly sat down with the Compton kid to discuss the authenticity of good kid, m.A.A.d city and how sharing his story is meant to help our future generations.

It’s 100% real. It’s easier for me to write that way. I couldn’t fabricate anything and I know that the people close to me, when they finally get to hear it, they’ll be like ‘whoa’ he’s revisiting demons and this album was really me moving on with my life. Truthfully, being able to get that out is a lot of skeletons in the closet that put a burden on your life and a burden on your career.

To The youth of this generation: I come from where you come from. I made a change within myself to do something positive at the end of the day and you can do it too.

Part two — where Kendrick speaks on wanting to work with KING, unreleased Section.80 songs, Lady Gaga’s absence from the album and what’s after GKMC — is available now and can be viewed here.

  • that truth

    lol bullshit. this nigga stay lyin, keisha wasnt a real bitch and here sister wasnt happy to be a street walker. he aint see nobody die. that dude didnt want him to rap about him then get shot. bullshit, we know you lyin ya overrated chipmunk

  • Mr. Dont Give A Fuck

    the fuck is wrong with the dude below me, are you mad you dont make the money he does, just crawl in your little corner and stfu

  • @thattruth shutup nigga u hating cuz he blew up nigga go somewhere else and hop off his dick for once

  • that truth

    lol kl aint got fans he got apologists. yall could make an excuse for this guy if he stomped out a female like lil reese, altho hed def be the one gettin stomped out if he were to ever get in a confrontation

  • thatrealshit

    @ that truth

    u sound butthurt as fuck dude. where the fuck is ur evidence that this dude is lyin? with drake and wayne and ross theres actual evidence that the shit their sayin is a lie. kendricks got the respect of his city and legends in hip hop, stop bein jealous and respect a true talent in hip hop

  • BroskiGotThe.30

    Kendrick Got These Niggas Mad Bruh …. LOL! Critical Acclaim + Top Selling rap Album of the year

    …..Deal With It!

  • nuthugger


  • BroskiGotThe.30

    ^Coming Outta The Closet Post …..Congrats

  • Rap Connoisseur

    Man, Im not agreeing with Shyne but “Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City” could have been a lot better then what I paid for. It beatz weren’t at all what I thought they would have been and Dre’s produced joints stuck out like a sore thumb. SMH Can’t a brotha have an opinion or disagree with something without being called a hater?

  • Hmm

    ^ The real question you should ask yourself is why do you care if people disagree with YOUR opinion?


    I think this kid is one of the best out west and im just happy we can see more then just the YG STYLE of hip hop from the west coast because i knew that the west had a lot more when it came to style so for that i say thanks Kendrick! im from the south and couldnt understand why the Og’s from the west coast speak down on all that great talent and never help the younger artist like all the East and south coast Og’s do…Ice Cube, Snoop, Quik, E40, and so on…Dr DRE is the only person that gives a fuck about his coast but the sad thing is hes only one person..Im just happy we truly have it in the south when it comes to real business. Get your business on the right track WEST COAST your looking bad!!!! But we love the TDE movement and after them thats where it stops…SOUTH RUN THIS GAME!

  • Mike Tomlin

    Pleasssse follow this up with Ab-Souls album and not Schoolboy Qs. SchoolBoy’s music rocks dont get me wrong, but his style is wayyyyy too different from Kendricks to generate the same buzz. Soul on the other hand can keep the intellegent fans attention that Kendrick put on notice. If they come with Q next people who werent familiar are expecting something completely different.

  • Bddddddddddat

    @rap connoisseur

    not when your opions sound dumb as fuck …. lol … nigga said dre’s produciton sticks out like a sore thumb …….

    ……dre didn’t even produce on the album


  • Dot.K

    idk wtf y’all listening too.. This is one of the best albums I heard in years.. Some of yall probably downloaded the bootleg version (like Shine) with Cheef Keef verses on it. BangBang!!

  • Norman

    @Rap Connoisseur

    Dre didn’t produce any tracks on this album…and idk if you’re listening through some ipod headphones but these beats are nice. They’re deep, layered and better than 95% of the beats you hear on the mainstream albums these days. It’s a personal album so if ur not into that it’s one thing, its not K. dot’s normal forte for an album/mixtape.

  • Norman

    lmao @ Dot.K’s comment hahaha


    All we need is more artist like Kendrick that promote positivity. We don’t need anymore false claiming, lying, murderous, criminal rappers. Grow up niggas

  • Tristan

    k dot looks like curren$y with dat hat