Big Sean – Guap (prod. Key Wane & Young Chop)

blame it on Illy October 25, 2012

First single off Big Sean’s sophomore LP, Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player, due December 18.

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  • Oh shit, G.O.O.D. finally started adding some background pictures instead of black background/red letters. I am shocked.

  • Atlantic Sea Child


  • This is corny and not corny at the same time. Not so sure this is a single though.

  • BobbyWhite

    this that feel good shit… i can dig

  • that truth

    trash. and who tf said “lets drop this throwaway tropical track in the middle of fall”. another flop, he gonna cry to drake for his next single

  • Jay

    Decent cut. Warning: Will be OVERPLAYED on the radio.

  • Wait a minute, ain’t this the same guy that was talking shit about Kanye (Young Chop)? He was talking like he didn’t want to have anything to do with Kanye or things Kanye related. Lmao! Nigga ate his words. That money was talking about better shit & making more sense than he was, obviously.

  • Hm not the biggest Big Sean fan, but sounds nice mayne

  • skrill83

    lil wayne – hawaii 5.0 all over again….but this is much doper…love seas flow and feel good tracks

  • Big Sean

    Whoa dere!

  • Kid Icarus

    This shit sounds soft and corny. Shit sounds like a pillow fight anthem. Hopefully the next single is better.

  • 241012

    Dead @ Pillow fight anthem LOL

  • Respect

    This is the same weak hip pop that’s all over the radio. Maybe he should have saved something from his mixtape for the lead single

  • MyFiddyCents

    oh gawwd.. This is dreadful.

    And the adlibs are just spastic

  • I’m pretty sure that this isn’t called “Memoirs of a Detroit PAPER”. But hey…I’m a visitor

  • daniel

    Should have been a mixtape track.

  • Boom

    i like it.. but he need to stop being blasphemous when he referencing God’s name

  • Grant

    tricks are getting old…

  • Melo15

    This is big seans shit! fuck what anyone says… love these beats

  • yaboypaul

    Lets call a spade a spade, this shit fuckin sucks b

  • adolfmayne

    why didnt u guys post she? i noticed when life should go leaked you guys didnt post it either

  • More like a second single, something for a possible summer anthem kinda thing…but not too bad

  • Btys

    This is crap….. Sean’s 15 minutes of fame is ticking

  • 93

    This song cool but didnt this nigga say the first single off his album was goin to be something uplifting and different?

  • Slaughterhouse

    I’ll give props where it’s due but this shit right here?! Someone PLEASE tell me how Big Sean thought this Hawaiian fruit punch of a beat was dope and those ad-libs? Jesus. Cut it out. As for the lyrics… Yeah, it’s whatever. The song’s called ‘Guap’.

  • malcyvelli

    hahahaha “Hawaiian fruit punch of a beat”

  • factormax

    shits kinda tight, but i’m so tired of those trap hats.

  • Gen

    Ehh…pass on this one..

  • hustle

    damn this nigga big sean got another release date before pusha… oh well i got nas and kendrick to listen to for now! 2013 will be the year for pusha, malice and the rest of re-up gang!

  • adolfmayne

    dam thats my bday

  • bigErn

    This is…underwhelming

  • CecilRhodez

    This sucks imo. Very underwhelming, I’ll admit I wasnt feeling Headlines when it came out but this is just a weak effort especially after listening to Detroit.

  • yaowa

    lol @ all the haters. this shit is flames. Big Sean is the most entertaining rapper in the game right now.

  • amazing

    bury these fucking trap beats because theyve been played out and garbage in the last 12 months. I like seans first album but wtf is this now?

  • Thank Me

    I agree with bigErn…. This is underwhelming. Belongs on a mixtape..could have been on Detroit. The bar is set high Sean!

  • j

    this dope lol u fools scared of anyone doing something a bit left

  • $$$

    Haha, “trap hats”

  • kidnova7

    the hook reminded me soulja boy for some reason

  • john

    better than 3/4 cruel summer tracks

  • Yah

    bout to refresh so I can like it again

  • This can’t be serious.

  • CLubPacked


  • Confucius


  • get wiz or somethin

    i hate sean’s hooks..or at least when he tries to sing them.. they are never catchy to me.. just corny as fuck.

    get wiz or somethin for the hooks.

  • Dani

    Tropical Sean buahaha…Lackluster at best. I heard better shit at karaoke.

  • Dave

    Big Sean sounding like biggie smalls on this .

  • ichyowie

    not the sound i was expecting from young chop. at least theres still love sosa

  • fuckouttaheresean

    get this shit off bruh this shit so ass smh. Kanye needs to make Travi$ drop some shit real soon. Sean sounding like Drake on some of this shit, beat’s trash, and it sounds lioke every other radio record out.

  • artxseptember

    beat sounds like that rob bank$ joint


    DJ Yola-Aint Gon Let Up…Copy Cat

  • Flip

    LETS GOO!!!!! Yall dudes is crazy…this shit is crack….Flow was on point, Great hook…the little bit kanye touch = HIT!!!!! Repeat all day!!!!!

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    Big Sean’s Guap > Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid m.A.A.d. City

  • qwerty

    wack as fuck, one of the worst songs of the year

  • I think I heard this on the “Super Mario Sunshine” soundtrack.

  • ThatDude

    wusn’t this playin when the Stevens family went on vacation. but naw this is dope

  • Kobe

    this sound like some fucking young joc do my chain hang low shit… this is some kiddy shit

  • zEtrop

    Ppl will love it…ppl will like it…ppl will dislike it….ppl will hate it…

  • Alex

    This shit is fire! Everybody saying they hate it, gon ending playing it in secret

  • carl

    Dream team money gang on youtube

  • SeanAnderson

    this for all of my enemies that see me getting guap right now!