• cmon son

    who is this Kendrick Lamar gentleman? and it sounds like he has been around for awhile; why am I only NOW reading anything about him here on 2dopeboyz? you should give him more coverage. just a suggestion.

  • Mike Tomlin

    Its impossible to give 10 favorites from the whole TDE catalogue but Kendrick hit a lot of mine. HiiiPower, Through the Barbed Wire, Fuck Your Ethnicity, Hands On The Wheel, Illuminate, P&P, There He Go, Hold Up and some others could have def been on there, but again, its only 10.

    Fuck these Complex slideshows BTW.

  • $$$

    What's Kendrick's favorite animal?

  • j

    can we appreciate chief keef on his release week too

  • cap

    What is kendrick lamars favorite pair of underwear or socks and why

  • GirlImKendrickLamarAKABenzesToMeJustACar

    Who is Kendrick's favorite dentist?
    Who is Kendrick's favorite cat?
    Who is Kendrick's favorite Cornflakes?

  • Chea!

    Kendrick is killing it with these promos...Kendrick Week? Shit. Who does that?

  • smith

    who is Kendrick's favorite white interscope executive?

  • $$$

    What's Kendrick's favorite ice cream flavor? Mint Compton Chip?

  • cap

    What is kendricks favorite hair and eye color on a 43 year old women?

  • Don Kennedy

    What's kendrick lamar's favorite bra size and credit card number including pin? Not in that order.

  • cap

    Which shoelace hole is kendricks favorite and why?


    Instead of calling this 2dopeboyz.com we should call this IF-YOU-WANNA-SUCK-KENDRICKLAMAR-DICK-COME-HERE.com

  • stan

    2db isnt the ones writing these articals you clowns. if anything Complex is sucking kendrick's dick.. but really YOU GUYS are the ones talking shit and sucking dick at the same time. Like an ashamed hooker