Chief Keef – Kobe (Preview)

blame it on Illy October 26, 2012

Keef Sosa previews his upcoming clip for Kobe.

  • Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight


  • YoungCobsby

    Why Shake?! Answer that question for us please.

  • BounceB

    hey shake or meka post that new Saigon ft. Lecrae joint is 2dope

  • Dave

    Chief keef sounding like jay -z whooo

  • bladaoh

    man fuck lil reese soft ass, dude beating up girls and this the type of shit yall wanna put on ya site…smh

  • TonyStory

    Dr. Dre beat up a girl and ya’ll still waitin on Detox.
    “Hater mind ya biz” —Jay Dee

  • DaveG

    Dre may have hit that DBarnes but not like the video with lil reese. I can’t stand Chief Queef and these gutter ass soft as feather pillow no good wannabees’

  • Rap Connoisseur

    Why the fuck is Shake and 2DopeBoyz keep posting this 17yr old knuck head’s shit…why? He’s music is lame as fuck. Fucking Chief Queef.

    I agree with Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight – “STOP PROMOTING THESE PIECES OF SHIT!”

  • Mike Tomlin

    I dont get it… Is he Derrick Rose, Sammy Sosa or Kobe Bryant? Chief Keef is confusing I cant keep up with these deep lyrics.

    Back to GKMC

  • basco

    unfortunately this shit is banging.

  • j


  • GBE


  • Thank Me

    Stop promoting these clowns like Keef

  • milly

    lmao niggas so salty @ the title of the song, kobe, reese, and keef all at the same time. this for them niggas that think that they kobe

  • dr0

    fuk 2dope fo postn dumpsta juice dez doods will dissapear in a year Fuk outta hea

  • realtalk™

    fuck GBE wack ass muthafuckas

  • SforMusic

    lool dont u guys realize that if u stop giving ppl attention, they might just stop posting … A clown is a clown as long as he got an audience…that being said the song bangs !!!!!
    ” No such thing as bad publicity ” :)

  • thisguy

    FINALLY WHAT RAP NEEDS! More pussies who beat women. Fuck you 2dbz for condoning shit. Youtube this piece of shit weed carrier beating up a woman. I’d classify beating women as bad publicity.

  • tuffy

    JESUS CHRIST THIS SHIT BANGS. These yungn’s are dumb as hell but they put this shit together I think even KRS-1 couldnt help but pump this shit in his 190E

  • himom

    This shit bangs. Its ignorant as fuck…and thats exactly why I like it.