Lil Wayne Had Another Seizure?

blame it on Shake October 26, 2012

In less than 24 hours after suffering from seizure-like symptoms on a private jet, Wayne suffered another seizure on a flight from Texas to LAX. Forced to land in Louisiana, he was admitted to a local hospital for treatment. No further details have been released… UPDATE: Reps from Wayne’s camp are telling MTV that the reports are exaggerated and maintains that he has had no seizures and that he’s at home with a migraine. *shrugs…

  • MyFiddyCents

    cocaine’s a hellova drug

  • conspiracy

    Sounds like illuminati programming …

  • Mike Tomlin

    You would think it was drug related but no way even hes dumb enough to OD less than 12 hours after being released from the hospital.

    This is the exact same thing that happened to Ross last year. Exhaustion maybe?

  • Pops

    This shit can’t possibly come as a surprise to anyone. The dude is notorious for treating his health like a joke. Watch this dude fuck around and die and then all of a sudden people are gonna be like “I’m shocked!! He was so young! How could this happen?”

  • Rick O Shea

    fakin it

  • cap

    hey heyyy heyyy heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy SMOKE WEEED EVERRYYYDAAAAY
    and pop pills
    and drink leeeeeeeeeeeeeean ////////////
    illuminati brainwashing yallll to dooo druggggs

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    Something similar happened to Heavy D and Lady Gaga’s manager. Traveling by air can do a lot of damage to the body. That’s why it’s recommended that you get up and move around a bit every flight. And at the rate that these guys travel mixed with their terrible eating and sleeping habits surprised this type of thing isn’t more common.

  • i remember ross had those two seizures in a short time span too.. niggas need to be careful with the pills or whatever the fuck is happening.

  • scott

    not trying to shit on news about someone’s health, but why the fuck would you have to land in Louisiana if you were flying from Texas to LA? peep a map to see how that’s the opposite direction you should be heading to hit Los Angeles… fuck TMZ.

  • lol @ the votes… but real talk, you think dudes can tour and do shows every night with out some kind of prescription help? There on coke, weed, booze and god knows what else..then still need to function… Michael Jackson anyone?