Random Acts Of F*ckery: Judge Yeezy Edition

blame it on Meka October 26, 2012

Shake knows me well enough to know that while I like kicks like the next man I’d never go full re-tard over them. These kids, however? Full “Corky from Life Goes On” right here. Jesus be a prescription of Ritalin.

  • YoMom’sAH.O.L.O.

    This dude sent his mom to get his shit back smh he should be embarrassed… That white kid has the type of face that just makes you wanna slap the shit out of him lol. If you pay more than $150 for some kicks you’re a fool, grown men buy kicks wear them wear them out then buy a new pair that’s it, fuck Yeezy’s they’re ugly anyway.

  • FuckThatUglyAssRichWhiteBoy

    real shit ^

  • randy

    cant argue with that. but people have different interests some people are collectors so its not unreasonable that they would invest alot in their footwear. but as for band wagoners and tren hoppers yea you have to be a loser to go that far just to fit in

  • Red

    Dudes cold on the Dvr!

  • koke

    I want to hit that white kid.

  • Lol at the guy at the end putting his little input in it.

  • Gin Toki

    The Trials & Tribulations of the Last Man

  • Bo

    they arguing over Yeezys that are clearly fake… dumb

  • YATTi

    Judge Judy is just a dumb ass lady.

    • Dave

      Watch your mouth

  • AIM

    these fucks are the ones fucking up the shoe industry

  • eyeseeall

    fuck the judge doe…

  • Truth

    Poor niggas mad they can’t get these shoes.. You know how much Yeezy’s are? More than most of yalls life. I would take a little fuck boy to court if he tried screwing me over some expensive kicks..