Thoughts On Kendrick Lamar’s ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’?

blame it on Shake October 26, 2012

To help close out the extensive coverage of all things Kendrick this week I’d like to open up the floor for y’all to share your own personal thoughts on good kid, m.A.A.d city. Instead of force feeding you with our own opinion on his debut, we’d like to hear what the dopeboyz/girlz think. After the jump I’ve included a poll that simply has a 1-5 rating system. Make your selection and most importantly, share your thoughts in the c-section..

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  • 91_til_infinity

    Every day I have a new favourite song. Kind of like ATLiens. Nuff said.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Great album. Kendrick damn near exceeded EVERY one’s expectations for this. I know it’s a reach, but the way Illmatic touched the people growing up in the past generation, I think GKMC does the same thing with this current generation. Soundtrack to everyday situations. Relatable. Deep. Deserves every bit of praise it gets.

    • K.Dot

      Well said

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Great idea for the poll btw Shake.



  • aye

    Its not really fair to compare Meek to Kendrick but yeah GKMC, classic for sure.

  • III

    Amazing album. However, I think anyone calling it a “classic” needs to learn the definition of that word before they use it. Only time will tell whether this album is a classic. That being said, I believe this will be one of those albums that is still heavily listened to 5-10 years down the road.

    One thing: If Poetic Justice was taken out, and The Heart Pt. 3 was included as the final track, I think it would’ve improved the album a decent amount. Still though…if a song like Poetic Justice is the low-point of an album, that’s saying a lot. I still thought Poetic Justice was a solid song; just didn’t seem to fit in very well.

    BTW, anyone voting a 1 is clearly trolling. Not liking an album is one thing, but giving this album a 1 is just absurd. The cohesiveness and lyrics alone merit at least a 2 or 3. I know some people hate his voice or delivery, so I can see how some people might not think it’s a 4 or 5.

  • yuck

    every fucking day, kendrick lamar this, kendrick lamar that. its disgusting how bad yall ride this niggas nuts, its almost like cult worship. GKMC is cool, but its not the fucking greatest rap record of all time, calm the fuck down. you stans are the worst, straight mob mentality.

  • awye


  • weed

    one of the dopest albums of the year. Id say this album makes me look at hip hop differently. hip hop is slowly rising from the dead.

  • No one is calling it the greatest album of all time. You’re just a fucking idiot. It is a very well thought out album that obviously had a lot of thought into it which people acknowledge.

  • salty niggas


    Go to a different site if you’re getting so bothered. Can’t imagine how any grown man could get so salty over people liking an artist’s work.

    And who the fuck has said it’s the greatest rap record of all-time? The only thing people are saying that might be exaggerated is that it’s a classic…and it COULD become a classic, but no one knows until 10 years from now when people are still listening to it or have just forgotten about it.

  • MrWill

    Kendrick’s album is deserving of all the praise that it’s been receiving. Kendrick has delivered an album that is musically unique, artistically adventerous and cinematic at the same time. It’s refreshing in this boring climate to receive a hip-hop album that pushes the envelope because the art form has arguably stagnated. I agree that the true test of a classic album is time, however, The Source used the 5 Mic rating to tell dub albums “classics,” so today, we take to the internet make the determination on our own. There are so many nuances to appreciate on this album, that I could never point them all out (in fact, I’m still finding them), but one thing’s for sure…Kendrick Lamar has delivered the best hip-hop of 2012 (and in my humble opinion, the best album since Section.80)…and now the bar is higher. Good shit, Kendrick. Good shit.

  • Unknown?

    Great album great concepts good beats sick lyrics. A lot of people can relate to Kendrick and his music actually has value it does remind me of illmatic in the sense of Kendrick speaking on the city around him and the effects it has on him and the people around him but also him wanting to leave the bullshit of peer pressure/drugs/gangbanging etc. alone but not trying to purposely sway anyone else’s morals.

  • jt

    probably the most impressive and important hip-hop album since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

  • BlessTheSax

    Gave it a 3, this sound like some ride kendrick lamar dick shit right here though.

  • jondoe

    no 5 because we all know, kendrick can do tighter stuff!!!! Maad city was just the beginning. Buts its a crazy good album

  • Charle Van Horn

    5 mics. This is like a mix of Illmatic & Aquemini. Kendrick4K proves his worth wit this project, start to finish. The whole concept as a whole is perfected and exemplifies what an ALBUM is supposed to be. Reminds me of how 70s rock albums were put together to flow start to finish. Kendrick’s album may have haters who are unknowledgeable about what makes a great album, but over time these people will understand (hopefully) that this is a classic in its time. This CD will do for this generation, what OutKast’s “Aquemini” did for its generation. After recently being at the Las Vegas show, I can also attest that he has the performance game on lock as well, and really knows how to control a crowd and get full involvement from everyone. GLad I was in media row in the front to catch it! All in all, this CD is worthy of all the praise and accolades for it defines Kendrick as one of the top emcees and storytellers of his time.

  • Tr3s

    Kendrick did what the people wanted. He delivered a solid album; without changing too much but evolving,kept the majority of production in house and didn’t have unnatural features ie Lady Gaga. 4

  • A-Gon

    All of yall are stupid.

  • truthseeker

    First off poetic justice is a record that sets the stage for sherane, the album is better than any album that has come out in the last two years pick one that compares although there is a demonic pressence throughout the entire album it almost calls for an immeadiate baptizim after listening to it from start to finish. And to those who r shouting about d*** riding these r the same idiots who prolly got gucci mane waka flocka and chief keef in their ipods or smartphones. The concept that k dot brought is the reality many ppl in those similar situations don’t make it out of nor have a voice to bring attention to them and their issues, so as a body of work it is solid the heart pt. 3 should have been added but so should a newer varition of growing apart and or p&p but I don’t think those records would have added any more depth to records like sing about me or good kid. To those whom don’t like his delivery get over it the kid got bars and he isn’t conforming to what is dubbed the norm overall rap now sucks period too many useful puppets r in it and too many are afraid of real in your face honesty.

  • leefx

    For sure it’s in the top 5 hip-hop/rap albums of 2012… probably top 3. A lot will say it is #1, but I disagree.

    For me, some of the songs become too long in the tooth and preachy. I understand the album is supposed to be listened to in order, all the way through. That’s why, I assume, the album cover says “a short film by Kendrick Lamar” or whatever. He’s painting a picture of Compton, his life, and his interactions with his city and people in his city.

    I dunno, I love some of the songs but can’t get through others. No songs are “bad” though; they all have substance.

    I still think Killer Mike’s “R.A.P. Music” is the best album of 2012 (hip-hop/rap).

  • Rob low

    I can not stop listening to this album. K.dot really put work into this. Truely a breath of fresh air. GKMC has all the ingredients of a classic.

  • What

    It’s a 3. Only a handful of songs are dope. The rest are generic sounding and boring.

  • Fruitloopz

    That Brother Ali album >>>>>>>>>>.

  • SonictheHogans

    I was talking to my homie the other day and he said something very provocative in that in today’s time it is “popular” to be a “hip hop head” like it’s popular to hate on Lil Wayne and promote intellect in our music. Which is not necessarily a bad thing and that comes from previous claims that hip hop was dead for so long.. It does create a problem though and especially for Kendrick and his album. In that when something becomes popular..in turn it creates people that hate on it just because it is popular. Because Kendrick’s album is literally the forefront of this popularity now..People will hate on it for the simple fact that they think people are only liking it as a mob and just to sound “different”. It takes away from the power of the album and also from what Kendrick’s message was. The man just pretty much gave of not only his life but every other nigga that isn’t a thug, drug dealer, drop out, street nigga.. but just a regular nigga that knows niggas in that lifestyle and is surrounded by it. He gave us that story and his life through music and it takes away from that power when people feel like it is just done to be popular or liked just to be popular. Yes, Lil Wayne has totally lost his passion and changed but in retrospect His last mixtape was still punchline Wayne off previous work.. Same reason niggas press dislike on shit with his name on it on here without listening.. It takes away from the power of this genre.. This album is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time from the skits tying together the story to the actually flow and lyrics he used to compose it..You can imagine the short film in your head as the album plays.. Niggas are agreeing with Shyne..just for the sake of saying oh, y’all blowing the album up Shyne’s right it’s not all that..when Shyne contradicting himself when he was explaining why he didnt like it.. He said the albums beats were weak, and when the beats are weak he doesnt want to hear what you have to say otherwise he would listen to cornell west, but then right after said Hip Hop should be about what story you want to tell.. What nigga? see what i’m saying niggas just saying that shit to be different.. It takes away from it.. but shit..10 years from now.. We will revisit this album’s impact and the majority of those undercutting it now will call it a classic..trust.. got to let it breathe first.. Def album of the year. I’ve got a hard copy unopened..just for my future son when he is old enough..to listen to..

  • Lord Lushous

    Anyone voting a 1 is either shyne or a fan of shyne lol

  • skrill83

    Best cds the last few years that have that onstant listening all the way through

    Kendrick – GKMC
    Kno – Death is SIlent
    Spitta – Pilot Talk

    never leave my car

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    This album was very overrated, overhyped, and underwhelming. Mad as fuck that I wasted $12.

  • NYdreams

    i gave the album a 4… its a great album but its not a classic… i dont see people listening to every single song back 2 back 5 to 10 years from now…but there are a couple of joints that i know ill b bumping a long time from now while a couple others im not so sure of… anyways calling this shit a classic and mentioning this album with illmatic is going too far…. this isnt even better than the documentary… anyway i hope kendrick gets some good sales for his album

  • Bongwater

    5 out of 5

    review in 5 words



    i gave it a 4 to…i think it’s a solid album from beginning to end and i like the whole thing with his mom and pops and his boys throughout…illmatic??? no compaison

  • Al-Bizzy

    Plenty of top-shelf downtempo grooves throughout the album. Although, with the exception of “Compton”, there really isn’t a heavy hitting BANGER to be found. Also, there isn’t a particular song that would stand out as an obvious single. While I’m sure the purists will argue that Kendrick doesn’t need to be that type of artist; the skill of constructing good singles is a necessary component to create a complete artist, and in some cases, a CLASSIC album.

    Vocally, Kendrick shows some of the most creative styling ever displayed on the mic. He sense of rhythm, delivery and advanced pattern making are greatly appreciated in a world where flow has become so simple and overly predictable. However, in terms of his actual writing; Kendrick definitely has some growing space. Conceptually, he pales in comparison to what Lupe has shown us, and poetically; he is clearly outshined by J. Cole passion and wit.

    Overall the album is a good listen. Songs like “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Money Trees” feel like lost tracks from ATLiens; so the album will immediately earn huge points with “90’s-Generation Listeners” like myself, just off nostalgia alone. The story telling and subject matter are another strong plus with this album.

    Although it is clearly not the strongest release of the year; Kendrick is definitely positioned to create a CLASSIC album in the near future. He has the right team and enough heart to take us there; and like man others, I will be patiently for that day. If it is any consolation though; it was WAY BETTER than Drake’s debut. LoL!

  • Some Guy

    Overrated album. 1/5.

  • LifeP

    Solid album. Somewhere between a 3-4. Classic? Only time will tell. It by no means compares to Illmatic. It’s not disrespect to K. Dot but if we are not 100% sure that this is the best rap album of 2012 and its almost November how can we say it compares to one of the top 5 albums of ALL TIME. This year we didn’t get too many great rap CDs. Much respect to K. Dot. I’m feeling the album and I’m a big fan.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Nothing more I hate than people saying Kendrick has POTENTIAL to create a classic. Nigga this is the classic right in front of your eyes. What more could you ask for?

  • Kanye East

    most naysayers will (and already have) dismiss the album for its lack of 2-Chainz-esque bangers. the album seems to be more designated for the bedroom than the whip for its often overlooked introspective message.

    a prolific storyteller who invokes strong images of growing up in south central los angeles. each track played chronologically felt like i was watching lamar’s version of menace 2 society; the interludes and grainy phone calls giving it that personal touch.

  • What

    No one is asking for bangers. How about some decent beats that don’t put me to sleep? I guess you’re right about the “bedroom” comment. Section.80 was better.

  • Ondek the overdose

    I think 3.5 is a solid score for this album

  • sundevie

    As was previously stated, the album grows on me more and more every day. I was skeptical at first. I had a busy week and missed the initial buzz surrounding the album leak. People were throwing around the word “classic” as if it meant nothing. So with the first listen, I enjoyed the storytelling element, but I still though he could have done better with his lyricism/flow. After 7-8 complete listens (and various partial listens driving around the city) I no longer think this. Kendrick has a masterpiece in his hands. It’s as simple as that. His almost “boring,” spoken-word flow is genius and fits the context of good kid, m.A.A.d city perfectly. 9.7/10.

  • Highly anticipated and exceed my expectations. He paints a vivid picture. It’s the best body of work in a long time. I really don’t understand how anyone can shit on this album. If you do then you need to get school on the artform that is Hip Hop. Kendrick brings substance and puts the Coast back on the map. Get with it or get lost “you bishhhh”!

  • j

    I gave it a 4 as I know it will grow on me more as i thoroughly listen to it. section 80 was crazy but some of the joints were abit mismatched, I thought with the album he would of got it to a 10/10 level but with wierd tracks like backseat freestyle and no tracks as big and powerful as hiipower or ronald reagan era, spiteful chant I cant call it a classic as I know what a classic could of possibly been.

  • MyFiddyCents

    Don’t know if this is a classic. But it is an album in the truest sense. It’s a cohesive piece of work that goes together and you get more from it if you listen to it, in it’s entirety.

    It’s not just 14 hot chucked onto some plastic. Hip Hop can still produce an album now and then. Well played Kendrick.

  • If U Took His Dick Out Ya Mouth We Might Hear You Speaking

    The album is solid. Nothing to go denouncing all other albums that also dropped this year, but definitely a good buy and win for Hip-Hop.

  • Artclasshero

    The album is amazing, real solid record. I think I like Section 80 more but honestly they’re both lyrically some of the best stuff I’ve heard in a while.

  • Dave

    nothing bad to say about the album. it has everything i expected from a Kendrick album & more. dope features, great beats, great concept/story, didn’t compromise his sound to have a single. i don’t presonally like Drake but i can deal with his verse on there, it fits the theme of the song i guess.

    too early to say classic but i def give it a solid 4.5/5

  • hiphopgenius

    Section 80 was better and Ab-Souls Control System clearly underrated in my opinion was better too. GKMC is definitely not a classic but that does not mean it was not a good album, some of the beats got repetitive to me though and just sounded unoriginal.

  • its misssing the abstract ish of Section 80 and he really does some anoying vocal tones on it but besides that id give it 4.5 it muthafucking dope album Kendrick’s originality is needed……but why no posse cuts with the rest of BLACK HIPPY …why??

  • JAY-B

    Should’ve feature Soul and I don’t dig that Poetic Justice & Backstreet Freestyle. DOPE ALBUM though. I give it a 4/5

  • Ryan B

    I can’t figure out all these 5 star reviews. I’m just not feelin’ it like that. The hooks on some of the joints are terrible. A few of the tracks are pretty average at best (#3, uck) — all of his tone inflections and constantly changing his voice was not working for me a lot of the time. Plus,no music to ride to,except Compton and The Recipe.

    Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch — I’m a huge Kendrick Lamar fan. Probably since before 95% of ya’ll. I been on Kendrick since his first EP and puttin people on him since then. Been bumpin’ him for 3 years now. Love him. One of my favorite artists in the game. And I didn’t feel like this album delivered. I liked all of his projects before this one more. And hell, I do like this one. 7.5 out of 10. Solid. But classic? One of the best albums of the year? Not even in my Top 10, probably not in my Top 20 projects. Kendrick is dope, lyrically crazy nice. So he has my respect and my dollars. But I’m not going to just ride with the hype cause everybody else is.

  • who cares

    Very “meh” to me. “The Heart Pt. 3” was better than every song on the album.


    The album was near perfect. The only thing I’m lightweight mad at is that there’s various versions with different bonus tracs

  • flo

    yo Ryan B if you were a true kendrick fan you would actually like this shit. changing his voice? that aint nothing new my dude and you should know that… and if you’re talking about top 10 this year, kill yourself.

  • Just My Opinion

    Listening to it right now, crazy album. I knew Kendrick would deliver. It’s damn near perfect. Not better than Section.80 of course. I did like that every song is connected to the story. I give it a 4.5. In like 5 years it’ll be classic.

  • ianism

    it’s good but didn’t blow me away. beats are good though. it’s a 3.5 for me. i’ll just go listen to killer mike & bambu now. i find em more interesting

  • nah

    I’m sorry but the album isnt all that like everyone is saying.

    Some corny ass songs and hooks on GKMC.


  • matt77

    There is no dick riding thing, this album is just dope. Almost everybody agrees on that, word-to-mouth is working, GKMC is going to push near 250K, production is on point, Kendrick tells some crazy ass stories, it’s just good.


  • Based

    All I’m going to say is he made an album without making a damn club banger, talking about drug use or selling, fucking mad bitches or a damn dance track. He put a whole fucking story together and showed people you dont need those tracks to make a dope album and thats HUGE in today hip hop because that’s all you hear club records which push the album to sell. Is kendrick album perfect? No does it has flaws? Yes but no one made a perfect damn album without flaws. Kendrick album is a game changer believe it or not and it would go down as a classic it’s that good.

  • Based

    And stop with the bitching about the no black hippy cuts, Its bonus tracks. None of them would have fit on it. It was his story yeah he has drake on a cut because hell thats drake lane and inly reason Jay Rock was on money trees because at almost the last minute Kendrick put him on because that was the remix but the verse was so dope he kept it as the original. Aint no pleasing you niggas lol


    GKMC was waaaaaaay overhyped. Money Trees, Maad City, Dont kill my vibe only tracks i care for. Album gets so fuckin boring after a few listens.

    Habits n Contradictions OWNS GKMC

  • Curt McGirt

    It’s been said before but I really fuck with this album and it’s been growing on me. Nowadays It’s way to hard to try and please everybody out there and also keep up with the hype because the hype surrounding this album was/is ridiculous. As a fan, I had to literally ignore most blogs regarding this album and cop it when it dropped to try to have a organic listening experience.

    I havent got a chance to fully analyze the album but so far my favorite tracks are

    1) Art of Peer Pressure
    2) Compton
    3) Sing About Me

    I know everybody is a critic and never wants to admit to liking things anymore, while some of these cats downright hate(SHYNE). I’ma give it a 4/5. Let it set in.

    Familiarity breeds contempt so I expect cats to turn on K.Dot simply because they will get tired of hearing about him.

  • Curt McGirt

    Aaaaanndd the album is one of the best SEQUENCED albums done in recent years since Saigon’s Greatest Story Never Told.


    not being a huge kdot fan before kgmc, this album solidified him as the top rapper alive right now. idc how much yall dont like him,, the fact is, is hes on another level than than most. thats why this will be a classic

  • agonyc

    the only reason people are giving this a “1” is because they dont like the dude and are salty that hes getting so much love right now… keep on with the hating you bird ass lame niggas! Gonnea get you REAL far in life!

  • Dialekt

    Phonte said it best, GKMC will be as effective and as classic and timeless as Illmatic was for Hip Hop in ’94 in New York and on the East Coast… Classic record.

  • Respect

    The album was average at best. I don’t see this album as a game changer. I know the entire concept of the album is to portray his story about his life in Compton but if you pick apart GKMC and Cole World Sideline Story song for song do you really think that Kendrick debut album was better than J. Cole. You can compare with with Nas and Lupe’s album too since people are calling in classic. Remember a classic album have songs that stand out on its own.

  • marty mcfly

    PROS – The album overall does give voice to the youth at this particular time. Especially for those that are good kids trying to keep their morals and values intact all while growing up in the hood and being influenced by their peers and their surroundings. Much like the meaning behind Lupe’s The Cool odyssey, only its coming from Kendrick’s perspective and its expounded upon for the majority of GKMC. Basically the overall theme of GKMC is where it get its greatness from and by Kendrick staying on track with this narrative it keeps the album cohesive and makes the meaning of it clear. That alone may be enough to give validity to most of the accolades Kendrick is getting this week. In terms of explaining the back story of the good kid in a mad city so that its clear and making it a complete album with that story, Kendrick delivered. Most of hip hop in general is all based on the good kid being in a mad city type of narrative. I could go on about that but i’ll let you try to figure out what im saying with that last statement. Kendrick took the theme thats basically been what hip hop has always been about and made it a whole album and personalized it.

    CONS – Lets be real, most people were expecting bangers and big over the top moments on GKMC. Any time you put the Dr Dre stamp on something people are gonna expect the greatest shit ever no matter what. I think starting the album off with Sherane was not the best idea even though it does set up the story because usually a debut album of such magnitude starts out with a bang. Think, the Documentary – Westside story or (since some people are comparing the two) Illmatic – NY state of mind. Then it leaves off after the first song but goes into Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe and I think that song too could have been put somewhere else on the album. Basically what im saying is storytelling is great but dope individual songs are just as good. All the songs serve a purpose on the album but I think the order could’ve been slightly different and I think the music could’ve had a little more energy and a little more sense of tension and urgency. I think most people were waiting for those big songs with big impact and I think if you judge each song on its own without the connecting story then the songs are just cool and not really as epic as people mite have thought they would be. Personally I think mAAd City, Compton and The Recipe should’ve been somewhere at the beginning of the album before getting into the overall theme and narrative.

    This leaves two directions that people are gonna judge the album on imo. If you judging it on storytelling and a narrative the paints a whole picture then most likely you think this is the best album this year BUT if you judging it on a song for song bases then you probably gonna say the songs are dope but still probably could’ve been better. Its only natural for people to want stand out tracks that stand up on their own and that are straight up bangers by themselves. All the classic albums had these type of songs, you could call them the great moments on a album or the singles but those type of albums did have stand out tracks. GKMC is more like a story with a bunch of connected subjects and parts but no part in particular is really that epic sounding even though they are creative. Still Kendrick did accomplish what the mission was for this project and for that it still is very much so a dope album.

  • mAAd city is a good album overall. to be honest though it has its good and bad songs. my thing is the intros are way to long. thing is though they’re that classic west coast intro. nowadays though that shit ain’t par. every song bumps obviously. its produced by dre….like come on now. the whole interlude thing at the end of the songs and what not is dope though. if you listen to it through and through its your everyday shit just at a young ass age. i feel it though cuz even the “bad” songs bump and it all relates. good shit kendrick. you truly finally have my respect. from a wigga in ny. shits #dope

  • LameNiggasBeQuiet

    I just want to say that these are peoples opinions! For instance just because one person say that the album is a 5/5 and a classic does NOT mean that he/she is giving into “hype”, if anything having so much hype surrounding your album makes it exponentially MORE difficult for the product to actually meet the consumers expectations, remember that. Hip hop heads are a fickle bunch, if the album wasn’t any good people would fucking say so… for the people who say this album is a 1/1, that is it complete garbage not worthy of the disc its printed on i say this… Aside from the fact you may not “like” him or his music does he get no credit for effort? Your telling me this album “GKMC” is as bad as an album can possibly be?? Lets look at the album by Kreayshawn “something about kreay”, this is an album i’m sure 99.9% of the world would rate a 1/1… You mean to tell me GKMC, an album that is so commercially uncompromising, so personal, an album that is sonically/topically cohesive, an album so deep and lyrical is as bad as kreayshawns album?? I don’t know if i can take that opinion seriously, i offer this… Listen to kreayshawns album in its entirety (a clearly universal 1/1 album) then listen to GKMC in its entirety, then come back and tell me if you REALLY still believe that GKMC is a 1/1 album… Or just admit that your a complete and utter hater, which is infinitely worse then someone who is simply excited about an album and may “overrate” it.

  • BAR

    This album in time will be an undeniable classic. It will open a lane in hip hop that hasn’t been opened since Illmatic. They’re sonically different and definitely on a different pace in terms of album fluidity but it makes it “cool” (for lack of a better term) to be a bystander in a dangerous gangster environment. Both albums give a sense of consciousness and hope for a better life while just kickin it til then. Both albums are so casual and feel so effortless that you don’t even realize you’re listening to an album. That doesn’t happen often.

    Also, what makes this album so incredible to me is “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”, “Backseat Freestyle”, and “The Art Of Peer Pressure” in a row on tracks 2, 3 and 4. Tracks 2 and 3 seem to be the most meaningless songs on the album but after I listened a few times I picked up on Kendrick’s irony that he has perfected. “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” basically says that he’s going to talk about what he wants to in his music and he doesn’t care what people have to say. The song ends with a little skit of his dude tellin him to get his raps ready to freestyle on a cruise. Then he jumps right into just a straight up rap song where he brags over a tough beat. The irony then is tied together when you hear “The Art Of Peer Pressure” because you then realize that he would only rap like “Backseat Freestlye” to fit in when he’s with his crew. To me that is extremely impressive.

  • BAR

    @marty mcfly

    I enjoyed and respect your review. I like that point you made about a standout cut and how it might be absent from the album. Definitely an argument you could make when giving it the “classic” label. I somewhat disagree. Going into it, I did expect a little more bang to it but I do think there are some standouts as songs alone. I personally think Backseat Freestyle and m.a.a.d. city are standouts as individual songs. But do you think the album really NEEDED one of those epic type tracks that knock and are extremely memorable? I feel that most of the time, those songs aren’t even the best on the album. There’s a bucnh of ways to approach making an album and Kendrick took the story, cinematic route. I look at a true album as a whole, never song for song, when I determine a personal classic. But a mixtape would be song for song. I just don’t think this album needed that because its intended for a front to back spin.

  • First comment nailed it, it really reminds me of atliens in terms of the vibe. I can really hear Andre 3000 singing the chorus for “Money Trees.” I don’t feel presumptuous in saying that I think this will become a landmark/classic album. It’s creative and more importantly coherent. A lot of concept albums are ambitious but end up all over the place. I really did feel like I was listening to a movie while listening to this album. The production is different. Sonically it sounds so different than other albums in hip-hop. It’s both not hip-hop jazzy nor radio friendly poppy. This album is kinda like one big song. All the songs melt into the next and then “Compton” sounds kinda like the closing credits. That’s why Kendrick says, “hail King Kendrick Lamar” because he’s finally overcome everything and has made it. The song that really brought the album full circle for me is “Sing About Me.”

    I will say this, on first listen I thought the album was pretentious but man with each listen it just gets better and better.

  • $$$

    Too soon.

  • marty mcfly

    @BAR, those stand out type of songs, whether they be just really good songs or singles is just apart of the game because those type of songs make a full body of work memorable and they often pull fans together in their opinion. Some people dont like these type of songs but they are usually the first to come to mind when talking about the album. Imagine Nas, It Was Written with no If I Ruled The World or College Dropout with no Jesus Walks. There is an art to making these type of songs and even though GKMC is mostly a story, certainly there is room outta all those songs for those epic type of songs.

  • marty mcfly

    And if your gonna say that Compton is that type of song, thats why I said I would’ve put that at the beginning of the album instead of the end. Those that think The Recipe and Backseat Freestyle and mAAd city are those big epic type of songs, they’ll say GKMC had them but for people that dont think those songs are strong enough, they probably wanted a more distinct and impactful type of record(s) in the mix somewhere on the album.

  • you

    I think Ab-Soul’s album was slightly better personally.

    Top four albums this year
    1. Ab-Soul – Control System
    2. Brother Ali – Mourning in America
    3. Kendrick – GKMC
    4. Nas – Life is Good

  • Ermac

    I gave the album a 3 it’s ok some tracks are good others get boring after a few spins the album is definitly not a classic I find myself still listening to Section 80 and OD way more than this album I agree with Shyne that Kendrick definitly has potential to make a classic but this ain’t it

  • WHAT!

    Love the album. 4.5/5. A little too early to call it a “classic”, but still a great fuckin album. But now, I’m on that #MicTyson shit, which is fuckin CRAZY! “…do ya thing/stick ya head between ya legs n go do ya thing”. hahaha

  • catalyst

    simply one of the best albums to come out of hip hop in the last decade

  • gasoline

    its a very well thought out and excellently executed album-the story flows all through and after a few listens (i’ve listened to it probably 20 plus times now) you see the whole flow of the storyline, each skit leads to another chapter-only time will tell if it can be put on the same level as illmatic, but its definitely classic worthy-this brother Kendrick has unlimited potential, and cant wait for his follow up, he puts his heart and soul into his mus music, and i feel he is a super MC because he has all the elements-from the lyricism and flow like a biggy or jay-z, and the content like a PAC or Nas, he has it all, and he will only get better-too many favorite songs to mention…

  • Master Lee

    I think good kid, m.A.A.d city is a classic. Like some have already said Kendrick succeeded all the expecations for the album which is crazy in itself. There are a couple songs I dont like but overall I love the whole project. Like dude said before I have a new favorite song every day. Kendrick is right up there with Cole and Drake in my opinion. He’s one of the best.

  • hh_addict

    good kid, m.A.A.d city is a masterpiece in which every track is a piece of the complex puzzle lived every K.Dot-like

  • david

    I bought the CD, gave it a good few spins and still playin it, it’s definitely a nice debut but it’s a 4, not 5, it’s not on that level, I think people are so deprived of a modern talented hip-hop icon that they’ll over-praise artists that come close. For me if you want a 5 for story-telling you gotta be on Slick Rick or Wu-Tang level and this isn’t. Aesop Rock, Nas, Blu & Exile, Brother Ali, Showbiz & AG, Murs & Fashawn, Apollo Brown & O.C, Premo & Bumpy Knuckles and Homeboy Sandman all dropped nicer albums this year. With so much high quality hip-hop comin out you gotta show you’re better than the rest and Kendrick hasn’t. With all that said though he dropped a nice project in 2010, improved on the next one in 2011 and then took it up a notch and put out a nice debut album in 2012, he’s only gonna improve so don’t be throwin the word ‘classic’ around yet his best is still to come and I look forward to it

  • 5/5 this album gives me hope that a new artist can put out quality music in this era. its absolutely refreshing 2 know that people still make hip hop music that i, as a fan, can stand by.


  • Keeping It Real


  • Fag

    I enjoy this album a little bit but not too much so no one can call me a dick rider. I also don’t hate the album so no one can call me a hater. I’m afraid to have any negative or positive opinions. PS, everyone who loves this album is a dick rider for having a different opinion than me.

  • Maga D

    Not talking about bonus tracks here… The only bullshit song I could do without is Poetic Justice with Drake. It’s a song for the hoes, but it just not as hard as the other ones, full of estrogen. I keeps the “story” goin, but idk, I’d take it off.

  • nerds gonna hate (fuck yall)

  • brite

    It was good. i thought Nas was gonna be the best rap release but it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised.

    After the disappointment of the major label debuts of Wale, B.o.B., Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, Big KRIT, Drake, Slaughterhouse, Wiz Khagina, and even Curren$y who’s project was solid but not better than his old shit. Finally a nigga releases an album better than his other mixtapes and vanity projects and shit.

    Except for that verse where he’s rapping as a bitch. That’s some gay ass shit that I do not fuck with.

  • 2Pac

    Smart People…..DONT COME HERE AND ARGUE w/ FOOLS. Thats the whole reason they come here lol …

    Some of the praise Kendrick is getting had nothing to do w/ the Album. It comes from People that have watched Him get to this point. It was really Great to watch His journey and He deserves Credit for a Great Album. Time will tell if its a Classic.

    A journalist asked if this was the most important debut since Illmatic. They never asked is it better than ________, _________ or ________.

    It is a very important debut that will tell if Major Labels bring back ARTIST DEVELOPMENT instead of giving Artists 360 deals which take a percentage of EVERYTHING You do w/o trying to develop the Artist in any way.

    There were very important debut Albums since Illmatic (Ready to Die, Reasonable Doubt, The Slim Shady LP, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, College Dropout, etc.) but the question of importance was about how this will effect business in Hip-Hop in the future.

    That question was ONLY asked because of timing and lack of effort / ability coming from a large majority of New “Artists”.

  • Mike

    A classic movie.

  • naf

    shit is classic, lyrics and beats on point thats what u cant deny.
    my favs: track 4 with dat heavy bass line reminded me Kanye’s work on Diamonds from Sierra Leone and the rest.

  • that truth

    15k votes for 5/5? none of this music is classic. its decent but if you listen to this and think “this is phenomenal music, some of the best ive heard in the past few years”, off yourself and listen to more music. tha gawd signing off

  • The album was so rare for real the best album of the year in my opinion check out my new song on youtube(Dot)com/Drtheblackstar Deep Reef % Cameron Coast – The Truth #2RARE Plz like / Subscribe

  • NorfolkCitySaid




  • DBS

    I know I’m in a minority but I’m not feeling this album at all as a whole, there’s a couple of great cuts I like but the whole experience just doesn’t work for me. The lyrcis and song concepts are there but the the hooks are weak, the beats aren’t very consistent and the skits & vocal pitching gets gimmicky. A little skit or pitching the vocals every now and then is alright but relying on it for every song gets boring, that’s the biggest problem for me I can’t even play my favorite cut (The Art of Peer Pressure) without first playing a 1 minute intro that’s not on par with the song and the song is immediately followed by a minute long skit.

    Section.80 > GKMC by a long shot for me.

  • 4-5 very good album
    “did someone say dominos?” haha I like the story that goes with it, pretty dope

  • Blacks

    Its an ok album. if this is my generations aquemini lets just stop rapping. The only songs i Felt were on top were m.a.a.d city and collect calls, the rest was like hmm ok sure its ok i guess but this classic hype we are clinging too,dead that not even close. Section 80 was better, and OD better than section 80 see a trend? Its like the effects in the voices try to mask conviction or something, yea technically speaking he is a top notch mc but I dunno, Then again i feel like IAM and streets disciple smacked Illmatic out of the park so….

  • Wahla

    drop’s iphone amazing

  • moo


    Yeah your opinion is now irrelevant if you think Street’s Disciple and I Am… top Illmatic. S.D. is weak. Only a few songs over 2 discs worth listening to more than a couple of times. And I Am… had a lot of filler too.

  • This year’s Illmatic. Awesome album!

  • fuck what you think

    minus Poetic Justice and its a classic

  • Lock

    A hip hop CLASSIC on sum real shit.

  • Gizzle

    I give it a 4 out of 5, doesnt deserve a 5 because there were some weak tracks here n there but mostly you could put it on and play it through without skipping…Working with Dre and having him executive produce the album definitely helped it overall, just like with Eminem working on the Slaughterhouse album. Only thing I was displeased with was the blackness of the album, even as a white dude whose become accustomed to extremely ghetto/hood antics when it comes to hip hop/rap music, I still thought he went a little too hard with that. Yes, he is from Compton and it’s definitely a hard place to grow up and he wanted to show that but even The Game’s first 2 albums weren’t that ghetto when you factor in the skits and monologue before the tracks begin. That whole aura of ghettoness didn’t turn me off the to the album bc I still really enjoy it and will continue to listen and spread word of mouth but it jus shocked me bc I looked at Kendrick as more of an updated version of the Compton rapper and considered him more on the current state of hip hop side than on the back in the day rap side…anyway, 4 out 5 with recommendations due, on another subject the Meek Mill album, Dreams & Nightmares deserves a 5 out 5, every track was solid, beats were in check, lyrics were in check, the features were top notch and I didnt have to skip once while playing through, there werent any skits or major monologue so that definitely made my decision easier. Both albums are great so I suggest if you havent heard either make time for it, support the artists (by finding a way to download them for free bc lets face it we need the money more than they do) and enjoy, I know I did.

  • gregory kruxx.

    You can not call this album classic just yet. But it does have the makings of one. Classic is used too loosely these days. We have to look back in ten years and determine if it truly is a classic or not. But, with that being said its quite refreshing to hear something cohesive in nature. He kept the theme alive on every track, even those bonus cuts. It definitely has different elements in it too. At points I hear Cube, other times Outkast and Nas etc etc etc..The fact is it is extremely creative and Shyne need to shut the fuck up with his whole its trash bs. He’s just mad cause he’s not relative. Lets be honest he never was. If he plays his cards right Kendrick may one day be among the JAys, Nas, Bigs, Kanes, Rakims, Cubes, etc etc etc.. But fame is a monster initself so lets see.. But a remarkable body of work.

  • thekidcuba

    I can’t stand reading the hating comments about this album. There’s a reason his album got the hype it did. He deserved it, he delivered it, and he finalized it. People have to understand that a man’s work is his own masterpiece whether you think it is or not. So if Kendrick Lamar thinks this is his best piece of work then it is the best. If you have ever accomplished anything in your life, you would understand the feeling of doing your best. You know when you’ve done a bad job, okay, or amazing. If you put your art and soul into your work it will come out a “classic”. Without a doubt, Kendrick Lamar put his heat and soul into this album. I can never hate on a man who cares so much in his work. He deserves all the praise for accomplishing something 99% of us on this site couldn’t even come close to. I will sit back, listen, appreciate, and understand greatness.

  • thekidcuba

    I can’t stand reading the hating comments about this album. There’s a reason his album got the hype it did. He deserved it, he delivered it, and he finalized it. People have to understand that a man’s work is his own masterpiece whether you think it is or not. So if Kendrick Lamar thinks this is his best piece of work then it is the best. If you have ever accomplished anything in your life, you would understand the feeling of doing your best. You know when you’ve done a bad job, okay, or amazing. If you put your heart and soul into your work it will come out a “classic”. Without a doubt, Kendrick Lamar put his heart and soul into this album. I can never hate on a man who cares so much in his work. He deserves all the praise for accomplishing something 99% of us on this site couldn’t even come close to. I will sit back, listen, appreciate, and understand greatness.

  • Street Scholar

    definitely one of the top albums of the year even with a few months being left, which honestly isn’t saying much given how now cd’s are just comprised of singles. Still I expected more, but it is definitely GREAT, just my opinion section 80 was better, nonetheless I gave it a 4. My 2nd favorite cd to Skyzoo’s A Dream Deferred, most definitely worth a listen.

  • left on 182nd

    Bought both covers just because I thought the kid deserved to be respected and rewarded for allowing us to peek inside his life and entertain us with quality music all around. It’s safe to say I will leave GKMC in the play position for years to come. Well done.


    Kendrick Album In My Eyes Is Indeed A Classic PPl Say It Takes Time To Tell If ts A Classic Well Think About Wht Makes A Classic A Classic It Has To Be Timeless The Ppl Decide If Its Timeless By If They’re Goin To Ride It Forever And I Think As Many Ppl Callin It A Classic Means Its A Classic DUH! Stop Tryna Find Sumthing To HAte On The Shit Is Authentic The Artwork Is Real the Music Is Real The Ppl Behind It Are Real The Ppl Its Touching Are Real Its The Mans Life From Top To Bottom the shit is Dope Its A 5 In My Book he is the future of rap take it or leave it dis is a blog nobody is dick riding we blogging jackass HAVE SUM RESPECT FOR THE ART NIGGAS FIGHT THEY WHOLE LIFE TO GET IN DIS POSITION ITS NOT EASY

  • j

    giving it a 4 isnt hating lol just that for a classic almost every track has to be undeniable or close, this wasn’t it.
    merge some tracks from section 80 with some from this without the skits and you may have a mainstream classic.

    and fuck the guy that said just coz kendrick think its his best work then it is and he deserves classic status lol nah because a artist isnt shit without the fans, it’s down to us to criticise n decide. well played by interscope and 2dopeboyz though your manipulative marketing is top level.

  • Rob HM

    Like Section.80, GKMC will only truly be appreciated with time

  • Good Album. Still Getting Used To His Style, but solid album.

  • realnizz

    Ight the album is probably gonna be a classic. its dope, but Nas is still the best rapper alive and had the best album of the year so far. Kendrick is a close second

  • Yah Mean

    The album is kinda boring and really disappointing it also had the most skits I’ve ever heard on an album which drags down the enjoyment I’ll still bump his other tapes but only a few cuts are worth keeping from GKMC

  • This album is a masterpiece!! The only other albums I’ve listened to in the past few years that are on this level is — Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon and Kanye’s MBDTF.. Kendrick’s flows and storytelling abilities are top notch!!

  • im going to play devils advocate did not feel the dre song, the interludes(skits)were retarded and his lyrics we not that heavy and flow wise he only got 2 type of flows so im going to give a 3…because it is a good album…but it could of been better for all the hype

  • I gave it a 4, it’s a dope album,good listen all the way thru, but as ppl we can say something is a 5 on Oct 27, then rate it Dec 27 and say 2…For me personally, I might listen through an album 20 times before I really form an opinion… I only say 4 because no project is perfect. But, I really like it because it is about him, not a gang banger, not a drug dealer, just a dude with a conscience trying to live in a place where you almost can’t have one to survive, but he did it.. and told his story to the world pretty well. Your always in a conflicted situation to drop dope music but still sell, he did well on both accounts. Very few guest appearances and stories that span a lifetime.

    My comment has me thinking, not many albums would actually be 5 worthy, a lot of holes.. @J got me thinkin too…lol.. We use the world classic way too much.

  • GeeZuP

    I kinda feel like its the same niggas calling this a classic and masterpiece on this post under different nanes cuz the album was ok but did not live up to all of the overhyping this gets a 3

  • shyne po


  • Mahatma

    the album is cool and everything but just change the name to 2dopeboyz&kendricklamar.com already

  • Advance

    I’m happy for the people that love it because at least Kendrick is a legitimate artist, but I just don’t get it. I wanted to like the album but I found it boring for the most part. Other than a song or two I don’t think I’ll ever touch it again

  • Advance

    And am I the only one that found it funny that Shake says they don’t want to force feed their opinion on us after making 200 posts about Kendrick in the last week?

  • truth

    Kendrick is a great artist but Gkmc is not a classic, I don’t even think a lot of people will be playing it in 5 months. Some one mention if you compare Gkmc and Sideline Story song for song what album would be better. I listen to both and I feel like Kendrick’s was a good cohesive album but J. Cole album was more powerful and the song were better individually. I rated GKMC as 3

  • Chicago

    If i were to rate this compared to the perfect album where you can listen to it all the way through and every track is one of the tracks where you can listen to it 100 times and not get tired of it…I would give it a 4. But I have never heard an album like that so if i was gonna rate it compared to any other hip hop album that i’ve heard… i would give it a 5. It’s as good as Life is Good or MBDTF, a little better than section 80.

  • but anyways

    everybody saying its to early to call it a classic. i feel that. but this shits different man,you can tell, its just like fuck , i know if you love this album to you know what i mean man.
    and to advance above me , aye bruh it clearly says lets hear YOUR opionion on the album, YOUR review… goddamn they post the same amount of kendrick posts as they do for other arttists, why do all you haters notice so much more, maybe because of the amount of love kendrick gets, you jealous, or your not smart enough to understand him or appreciate what he does for this fucked up game of hiphop. either way, i never post but some things i had to say peace

  • but anyways

    and saying j.coles album is better. hahahaha bruh imma fall out my chair. shit was almost like a drake album IMO, yeah good messages tho, but no honest MAN can bump that shit often.
    and regarding the classic status, everytime I listen to Section.80 I like it more than before. Oppopsite of most albums. This album I can tell is the same. remember tho, this just MY opinion, so dont cry.

  • but anyways

    also co-sign what GODRA said. im done tho hoes, ill be laughing at yall again when asap drops

  • dakidd

    I see Shyne hide his ip and voted 38 times

  • not

    its a solid album, the skits make it more cinematic, but honestly none of the tracks can hold its own weight without having to listen to whole album. imo that’s the only thing keeping this from being a classic it lacks a stand alone track that will draw people back to the album years from now. but honestly i can’t really say none of the tracks were bad or even average but as time come along, the album will fade out.

  • Henry T. Billingsworth III

    If you weren’t feeling the cinematic/storytelling vibe of the album, or you only like listening to mixtapes or whatever, and therefore found it “boring”, that’s fine just say that. Don’t’ say “its overrated” or “boring” or “not listenable” cause if you do then obviously you’re just pissed off that you can’t appreciate something so well thought out and well executed. It was a concept album and I think Kendrick executed that concept almost perfectly therefore the album gets a 5. It is definitely too early to say for sure, but there’s no doubt that it could end up as a classic a few years from now. I feel sorry for anyone who can’t appreciate and enjoy something so creative and well constructed.

  • Granpa Bitchez

    LMAO niggas acting like this the first time an artist has made a concept album I’ve never seen so much dick riding b4 the album was ok nothing great just good

  • mikere

    GKMC imo gets a 5 the story telling made it so weel constructed i see alot of people say theres no stand out track when theres tracks like m.A.A.d city that shit bangs, the story behind the art of peer pressure was classic i put that song in my top 5 songs of the year, i dont get how people say these tracks are boring and if you think sing about me was bad or boring then please listen to the lyrics other stand-outs were deff. money trees, dont kill my vibe and the intro his word play is crazy poetic justice didnt really fit well same as backseat freestyle i wish he had a song with soul and q with them going back n forth like “say waasup” and the beat to good kid imo was terrrible pharrell ruined that shit but as a conceptual album one of the best of all time


    Fuck up arguing about whether or not it’s going to be a classic or not . Just enjoy the music if u a fan!

  • QBN

    Great album.. classic? In time, yeah I think so. Now if AB-SOUL can get more recognition and the rest of TDE, I’ll be even happier. I’m not mad at Kendrick.. the good guys are finally winning..

  • G

    I give it a 5, ya bish

  • dimarini

    overrated a tad. still a 3/5

  • Rampage

    In the words of Phonte, “There’s no hyperbole when I say that lyrically, #GKMC is the same breath of fresh air to this generation that “Illmatic” was to mine.” people like to play it safe nowadays or hate on his success.

  • Big DB

    Shyne voted 41 times this far…

  • CAP




  • Durptron5000

    Dickriding in definition involves a lack of real reason to do the dick riding in the first place and is created by hype, one or two smash songs, etc. GKMC and people who are voicing “support” for it are not dickriding anybody because the work is truly worthy of the praise.

  • Professah Jay

    Kendrick Lamar has accomplished a remarkable feat: He’s shown the audience a movie through sound. When you listen to his album top-to-bottom, at first you might hear a compilation of great songs; however, when you truly listen to his lyrics, the production, engineering, and especially the interludes you can visualize everything that is going on. I believe good kid, m.A.A.D. city is one of the best albums I’ve heard in years. Although the album is not perfect, his perfectionism of his craft stands out through the songs. I can appreciate the artistry and his honesty . I bought the album shortly after midnight on sunday and haven’t stopped playing it since. All in all, #GKMC is a breath of fresh air for hip-hop and music in general.

  • Kid_Icarus

    Been a K.Dot fan since about 2007 when he dropped “on my momma” and to see how hes grown as an artist has been phenomenal. This nigga might have a classic on his hands but we’ll see how it influences his peers over time. The only thing I dont fuck with is the chorus on real that shit is corny. The one song thats missing tho is cartoon and cereal. That shit needs to come right before art of peer pressure or after poetic justice. T

  • k. lamar

    J. Cole didn’t sellout if you listens to his interviews you would no that Friday night lights was supposed to be his album but Jay Z kept pushing the album back because he wanted a single, so for Cole to stay relevant he put his album out as a mixtape. By The way Workout went platinum or double platinum and Can’t Get Enough Went gold or platinum. If he wouldn’t of put out those singles Jay Z would have pushed his album back again. “We singing songs but we know that ain’t true
    We know you gotta make the people pay you
    Cause either you play the game or watch the game play you
    And be that broke motherfucker talkin bout I stayed true”- J.Cole said this in his song See World

  • nickd

    ive never seen an opinion post about an album. 2db always dickriding kendrick smh. with that being said, it is a west coast illmatic

  • Jhock420

    my 2dope opinion? Kendrick Lamar the best artist to pick up a mic. ever. Prolly why he gets so much love all u haters cryin about. He gets love on a hip hop website, he aint doin a drake getting a buch of weak ass radio hits he is succeeding his own way with his own music so gotta respect the kid. Thats all these posts are is someone who is pastionate about music giving a real talented young artist some love. “There’s always gonna be haters thats the way it is; Hater niggas marry hater bitches and have hater kids.”

  • west coast illmatic

    we aware that Shyne is also among these minor ass haters here to spread multiple ‘ass’ comments with random ass names but its a fact that the album is just an undeniably classic so no one give a fuck if u nerds are opposing to this. then we aware dat u became butthurt since kdot signed with Aftermath. aight nerds

  • K-Dot > J. COLE

    ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█████░░░░ ░░░██████████████████████████████░░░░░██░░ ░░██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▓░░░░░░░█░ ░█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▓░░░▓▓▓▓█░ █░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▓░░░░░░░█░ █░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▓░░░░░░░█░ █░░░░░░░░░░░░████████████████████░░░░░██░░ █░░░░░░░░░░░██▓░░██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█████░░░░ █░░░░░░░░░░░█▓▓░░█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ █░░░░░░░░░░░█▓░░░█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░█░░░░░░░░░██▓░░██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░██░░░░░░░██▓░░██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░██████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

  • ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█████░░░░ ░░░██████████████████████████████░░░░░██░░ ░░██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▓░░░░░░░█░ ░█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▓░░░▓▓▓▓█░ █░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▓░░░░░░░█░ █░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▓░░░░░░░█░ █░░░░░░░░░░░░████████████████████░░░░░██░░ █░░░░░░░░░░░██▓░░██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█████░░░░ █░░░░░░░░░░░█▓▓░░█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ █░░░░░░░░░░░█▓░░░█░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░█░░░░░░░░░██▓░░██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░██░░░░░░░██▓░░██░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░██████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

  • RespectMYmind

    I think the comparison it draws from illmatic is the youth-adoescent teen vibe it has to it. Times are diff from the early 90s and im sure illmatic wasnt deemed classic from the first listen. Kendrick does illustrate the life of a Cali teen just as nas depicted the scene of growing up in QB. -if you like it fine if not dont hate just keep it movin.

  • LELOUCH103

    Sorry but there is too many Kendrick stans on here who will obviously vote it a 4 and 5, I liked the album but S 80 was better for me.

  • if ure drawing dicks u like dicks

    if u know how to make penis on your pc odds are you spend too much time looking at dicks, keep that sht outta here we aint into that gay shit like u.

  • I just felt like saying that dick riding, the act itself, intrinsically in definition includes a lack of true reason to be doing so. It is called dick riding because it isn’t based on anything with merit, but rather things like hype, maybe a couple smash hits, etc. What Kendrick has done is the farthest thing from laking merit. This overwhelming support it is receiving is exactly that, beautiful support. He has spoken with such truth on a platform that does not usually receive that kind of treatment. The combination of amazing lyrical content, adventurous beat selection, and underlying place of love Kendrick comes from make this album truly brilliant. It is such a refreshing reminder to own who you are and living proof that you can still take risks, be different, and still be successful in todays environment. To me it really feels like what Outkast did when they refreshed the hip-hop community all the while doing it in its own unique incomparable way.

    Much love to anyone and everyone, and thank you to the 2DBZ family for actually getting that little sticker to me, that was really cool that ya’ll even did that for me and everyone else. Peace.

  • Incredible work of art that is best experienced from start to finish. Kendrick’s gives a voice that our country – especially in this election year – has forgotten. Not since The College Dropout has a debut album been so unapologetic in it’s honesty to their artistry and themselves. Rumors of Kendrick diluting his unique voice for the mainstream were quickly silenced. Incredibly strong piece of self. Definitely one of the year’s best albums – period.

  • The book of david

    I at first didnt have high hopes after swimming pools droped. but after 7 or 8 hours spent listening to his lyrics over the crazy beats, it all tied in. it really is a short film, and probably one of the best well put together projects in a long ass time. If you listen to the 12 original tracks, or the first 11, an then play the heart pt. 3. The heart pt. 3 is the ending credits and its fucking crazy. 2dope

  • germanhiphop

    haha…loughing at all the dudes that call people leaving comments in here stans —>FU….now my opinion to this shit: first 2-5 times i was listening to this album i didnt like it…my thought was that s 80 would have benn the better album 4 major release…after one week of listening i realy gotta say this ones a FUCKING MASTERPIECE….no track i would skip now…i want to hear it every day at least 1 time..every day another favourite track..I LOVE IT

  • Positive Vibe

    I bought this album with the mindset of “its not gonna touch Section.80” but it didn’t need to because this album is in a league of its own. First off, Kendrick did something that rappers haven’t done in a while with a album…create a movie in your head (no we’re not talking about DJ Khaled’s ways of making movies which is just adding a whole bunch of rappers on a track). I believe Kendrick did an album that everybody can relate to. Whenever I hear “The Art of Peer Pressure”, I think about the time I say I don’t smoke but when I’m around my friends and turned around and smoked with them, “Swimming Pools”, I know lots of people that Kendrick was describing in the first verse. “Black Boy Fly” had to be that one track I could relate to the most. Kendrick Lamar definitely was worth the hype and I truly believe Hip-Hop lovers are going to be talkin’ about this album for awhile

  • Pauly D

    Honestly one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while. I can honestly say that it’s better than Cole World.

  • jd

    Garbage. 2012 = new low for music, if this is considered “classic”. I guess out of all the garbage, someone has to be ranked best of the crap, right?

  • Oswaldo Blanco

    This album is the epitomy of a rapper sticking to his genuine art. This album isn’t fueled by baddd bitches, gold chains, lamborgini’s, etc.. This album is this nigga’s life on wax. Shit really couyld have been a movie. Every interlude tied into each track, every song came with a purpose, and the production was out of this world. The only thing negative about this album, is that it was only 12 tracks, 18 with the deluxe edition. It would have been nice for a little bit more, but I’m not trippin’. this album should definitely be considered as a “classic”. It’s going to be extremely hard for Kendrick to match or top this album with his second album.

  • jbillionaire

    Does anybody feel that if there’s any album able to steal the spotlight from GKMC, it would be ACT II!!!

  • david

    @jbillionaire nah Kendrick has a bigger fanbase and more commercial recognition than Jay Elec, in terms of quality Jay Elec would steal the spotlight, but if we’re talkin quality Chino XL, Nas, Homeboy Sandman, Premo & Bumpy Knukles, Public Enemy, Aesop Rock, Blu & Exile, Brother Ali, Showbiz & AG and Apollo Brown & O.C all dropped nicer albums this year alone than Kendrick or Jay Elec have in their whole career, but Kendrick is more accepted in the mainstream than all the above (except maybe Nas) so Kendrick will get the praise

  • david

    People only comparing GKMC to the usual garbage they listen to (Lil Wayne, Drake, Wiz, J Cole, ASAP etc) so obviously GKMC sounds like a classic to them, if they’d listen to more Rakim, Slick Rick, KRS, G Rap, BDK, Masta Ace, Blu, Gang Starr, Das EFX etc they’d see GKMC is a 4 at best but Kendrick’s got potential and has mastered progression he’ll blow GKMC out the water with his next album

  • marty mcfly

    @david, The chances of an artist blowing their first album outta the water is slim. Usually artist first album is regarded as their best no matter what they accomplish on any album after that. @jbillionaire, if ACTII came out that would be some epic shit for sure. Jay Elec doesn’t have to out shine anybody or get accepted by the mainstream imo. Just put out that album and then go back into whatever underground temple he’s been recording in. I believe that album would speak for itself with or without the hype machine behind it.

  • marty mcfly

    Only time a artist really gets passed the first impression of their first album is when their debut shit wasn’t that dope to begin with. I think some people can match the impact of their first like Em, 50 and Kanye but I think most people always say the first is the greatest.

  • Celtic617Boy

    Great Album …..ALBUM, alot of tbese long features now a days are just a collection of songs GKMC is not that , he subtitled “s short film by Kendrick Lamar” and thats what it is.A director could take this album as a script get some actors and follow thru track by track and have a movie within days, thats how vivid and thorough it is. ITS A FUCKING MASTERPIECE call me a d rider i really dont give a fuck but when rolling wit the young homie since OD and to hear him pull this off, this well is astonishing. From the track layout, to the choruses, to the beats , to the skits and spoken scenes it all plays out and works perfectly. The fact that damn near every song has high replay value in itself is something that a few bonafide classics cant claim (my fav song has switched 4 times since tuesday) The artistic integrity and greatness of the music on this album IMO propels to soon to be classic level

  • Pauly D

    BTW 2Dope yall should do a lot more of these public reviews, they really get a great conversation going!


    Im glad people feel the same way i do about Poetic justice & Backstreet freestyle, for me it was backstreet freestyle that made it a little incoherent. I get the concept and how it was supposed to fit but i think the beat didn’t compliment that. And Poetic Justice wouldn’t have been a better fit if it had no Drake for me as it was unnatural. BUT The album is amazing and one of the best albums ever, yes it needs time to be heavily rotated and revisited but it is clearly a unique album with so many aspects to it that have never been done before nor on a level even close. @PositiveVibe yeah The Art Of Peer Pressure & Black Boy Fly if you can relate really are so dope.

  • david

    @marty in terms of quality though I think his next will be better, 2010 he dropped a nice mixtape, 2011 he dropped a mixtape of album quality and 2012 he outdid himself and put out a nice album, 2013 (or 2014 if he takes a short break) i think he’ll take it up a level, i know the debut’s usually considered the best album but I think in terms of quality Gang Starr, Wu Tang, Rakim, KRS, Classified, CunninLynguists, Pete Rock & CL plus many more outdid themselves although it’s not what the masses say

  • david

    hopefully next time round he’ll use different producers too, beats sound too generic and them tinny snares don’t do the album any justice, Kendrick has a unique voice and delivery style (very rare these days) I hope by the time he drops his next album he develops a unique style of beat to go in over, similar way Jeru The Damaja uses a bit of swing in his beats to match his delivery

  • Grimzz

    end of the day

    best debut album since college dropout…doesn’t mean it’s a classic but it is unique and special…he told his story his way…lyricism lives in the mainstream with this guy man…this is way bigger than most realize

  • the realest

    ^ the niggaz lyrics arnt that lyrical. the nigga is not a nas, not an eminem. his story is mad average and not listen-worthy. and this is no where near college dropout. not a kanye. the lil nigga dont produce any tracks, stop tryna compare him to kanye to make him seem great. the nigga is a B-. slightly better than average. period.

  • EntitledToMyOpinion

    People shouldn’t compare this album to Nas’ Illmatic. Illmatic was one of the best hip-hop albums of all time and helped shape so much of hip-hop, even to this day. GKMC is an ok album in my opinion. Section.80 was a FAR FAR FAR FAR better album than GKMC. GKMC is no where close to Illmatic. Average album by Kendrick. I’d give it a 2.5/5.

  • Royal23

    I like Kendrick lamar but his album is average! I listened to it for a week now and it just not reaching me. J. CoLE > Kendrick! Cole just make you feel some type of way after listening to his music and kendrick is lacking energy or emotion when he raps and sometimes his voice is just annoying

  • DreFromPhilly

    I agree with “the realest”. I’m a 80’s baby and to me people hype up Kendrick Lamar and other complex rappers like Lupe Fiasco because when you compare them to a lot of these popular commercial rappers nowadays a person like Kendrick Lamar is looked at as a lyrical God or something when he’s a B grade rapper at best.His album is far from a classic and to me I would rate it a 3.5 or 4 out of 5 stars.I don’t agree with Shyne calling it straight trash but when you compare “Good Kid,Maad City” to “Illmatic” or other albums from the 80’s or 90’s Kendrick album is a weak/average album.

  • Mo

    I hate to say it but it was better than Cole World. Definitely a classic and definitely album of the year.

  • CT

    Definitely not a Classic and definitely not better than Cole World! Kendrick album is alright but nothing special and comparing it to Nas Illmatic is just disrespectful. Show some respect to The Don, one of the greatest period.

  • Lord Zyos

    GOOD KID M.A.A.D. City fooooooooooooool, don’t hate

  • NoWuff

    It’s got straight bangers!
    It’s got a story
    It’s a collective composition with a concept!
    Did I mention it bangs!

  • NoWuff

    Oh yeah,

    This blog was definitely commissioned by TDE to help market the album.

  • fuck2dopeboyz

    its sickening and disgusting how much this blog dickrides KLamar.

  • car

    its kinda wack. Kdots voice is nasally, and muffled. his lyrics may be intelligent, but flow is boring in my opinion. cant be compared to illmatic. Nas’ voice is legendary.

  • TrthSeekrsSciety

    Good Kid, m.A.A.d City managed to resuscitated Hip Hop after being on the verge of death for a long time. If you were a true fan of Hip Hop, you wouldn’t critic him on the sound of his voice but rather on his lyrical ability. K.Dot has done what other rappers couldn’t; he managed to tell the story of his life succinctly, song by song. His lyrical ability is undeniable, his story-telling abilities are exceptional, and on top of that he constructed a creative album. His beat selection is what suited his style and what allowed him to tell his story the best way possible. When they dub this a classic within 5 to 10 years, all the haters above will swear they’ve been down with K.Dot since the beginning.

  • curtainz

    Back Seat Freestyle is def the best track.!!

  • Kanye West

    you’re all retarded. this isn’t a 5/5. gtfo

  • A-Train

    …Reasonable Doubt. The Marshall Mathers LP. Doggystyle. Be. Late Registration. ATL-iens. All classics. I think you can add Kendrick’s to the list.

  • the realest

    When they dub this a classic within 5 to 10 years, all the haters above will swear they’ve been down with K.Dot since the beginning.
    TrthSeekrsSciety said this on October 29th, 2012 at 9:12 am

    ^ lol keep dreaming. and dick riding. how can something be a classic when you completely exclude flow?? hello!! that the most important component to MUSIC besides the actual music. not to mentioned this shit being hella rushed. sounds like it. just a week ago he signed with aftermath. now he has a classic? no. now he has an album in stores to cash in while hes at his peak and theres no jay-z/kanye/lilwayne/drake album out. is all.

  • the realest

    RD – the mentality of a drug dealer

    MM LP – the story of a white rapper from 8 mile with supreme lyrical talent with unreal momma, baby momma, and drug use problems.

    Doggystyle – the blueprint and essence of the 90s’ west coast.

    ATL-ien – the groove of two lyrical giants from the south.

    GKMC – a nigga from compton that managed to keep his hands clean and not do much. and music was just as lackluster as the story. = NO CLASSIC.

  • david

    @TrthSeekrsSciety It’s not classic, not best album of the year, not even best album released on October 22nd, Vinnie Paz- God of the Serengeti came out the same day and is more lyrical, better flow and has a better concept, GKMC’s a nice debut but those calling it a classic NEED to extend their listening horizons, the same people saying Kendrick brought back hip-hop (although it never left) are the same people stoppin it from progressin coz they dont pay any attention to hip-hop artists who put out a debut album before 2010

  • Dylan

    If you don’t believe this album deserves a 5 star rating I’m guessing it went over your head. It takes an observant person to fully understand the message being sent by Kendrick Lamar and the whole black hippy crew. Society and the art of Hip Hop is moving in the wrong direction and Kendrick Lamar is using his current position to call out the masses. The art of Hip Hop can make various impacts, some more important than others.. HiiiPower

  • Y’all can check my review by clicking my name. There are also two other opinions on there. You are welcome to put your own score on my site and leave comments. Thanks!

  • NH

    I don’t get why if your not impressed with GKMC his supporters always be like it must have went over your head, no the album didn’t go over my head, I get his concept and story but it’s still an average album to me. If you like the album good for you but don’t get mad at someone for having a different opinion.

  • the realest

    ^ lol thank you

  • ct3

    Definitely the album of the year but god damn do you guys have nothing better to do than write paragraphs about it and throw in as many big words as you can like someones gonna offer you a hip hop journalism job.

  • ct3

    and also since when is it a bad thing for an artist to have a passionate fan base. fuck anyone who uses the term “dick riders” or “stan”

  • EverybodyHasAStory

    When I first heard that this album was being compared to Illmatic, I said “fuck no. Illmatic was a stepping stone in hip-hop history.” Then I listened to GKMC. Upon first listen, it didn’t strike me right away but as I kept listening to the album, I began to absolutely understand why Kendrick labeled it “A Short Film by Kendrick Lamar”. He tells such a touching, elegant story in such a graceful manner while making sure to give the perspective of himself at the current time in his life being depicted in each song. This album is not as lyrically tongue-twisting or impressive as Illmatic but that does not mean it is a bad album or a lyrically lacking album by any means. It is an stunning work of art whose lyrics depict Kendrick’s thoughts and whose beats convey his emotions.

    10/10 in my book. I absolutely loved it.

  • j

    When I first heard I thought it was classic. But the more I listen to it, I think it deserves a 4. There are a lot of good songs, but some snoozers! Tracks 1, 7, and 11 just don’t do it for me. Every other song is dope tho. Classic to me means no weak spots, and 3 weak spots is too many…and Kendrick aint even the best rapper doing it right now. Yall asleep on Freddie Gibbs. That man is lyrically as good as Kendrick but is ABOUT THAT LIFE. I get tired of Kendricks “I was in the hood, just kinda watching, never smoked, drank, banged, sold”…kinda played out. ” *Goes back to bumping Baby Face Killa*

  • Randy Savage

    Album is a classic forsure. 10 years from now people will definitely be looking back at this and calling it a classic. Best hip hop album since Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2

  • krow132

    folks its impossible for an album that came out last week to be a classic. Like really,

    With that being said, the album is amazing. Lots of replay value too. Great story, great lyrics, great production, not one weak song. Great job Kendrick,

  • QBN

    @ J, I like Freddie Gibbs, put why even compare him to Kendrick? He’s in a totally different lane.. Gibbs makes gangsta music.. Kendrick is one of the best spitters of this new generation, and his sound is universal. Apples & oranges man…

  • nelo from the South of Africa.

    Sound(the combination of vibrations). Music(the combination of sounds). Production(the combination of sound elements). Very complicated a concept. So niggaz tryna decipher music is an amazing thing. Anyways, this is an overrated album(sarcasm). But as a film, it’s way underrated.
    Illmatic was underrated coz of west vs east coast rap. That really sucked. Hiphop was reduced to just 2 niggaz, biggy n pac! That era really deprived us. Nas was nigga who refused to be caught up in a demographic era of rap. I refuse to accept the notion that this album ain’t classic, after all the garbage that the Americans have be churning out lately. This is goes beyond being an album, it’s a film. A ‘short’ film as kdot wud put it. But it’s far from being short. He tells a story, and the rest is on u mofakaz. The full film rests on your experiences, your adventures, you fantasies and, gooddammit, your imagination. So if ya want a classic, dig deep down I. Your imagination. Period. Either that or imma wait for ya appropriate response in 10yrs, when ya grown up s bit. I don’t vote. Perfect album

  • Jonestastsic

    personally the album is good but not great. It;s like a great album with no great songs.It has a good theme but I can’t see myself in a car with my friends saying play good kid maad story. I feel like this albums like an independent film that tells a good story that just no enjoyable. How can you compare this to Illmatic it’s not even on a college dropout level.

  • the realest

    @ nelo from the South of Africa.

    just bcuz the nigga tells his story, doesnt make it a classic. the arrogance of these niggaz. jack from staples can make an album, bcuz hes an “everyday guy”, doesnt mean the the music he makes will be classic. for one. for two, what obstacles has this nigga have to overcome? compton aint even the same compton as in the the NWA days. and thata all hes holding on. its not even the kdot story. its the kdot from compton story. just sad.

    two, that shit was just wack. i mean there were a few high points, but that was it. like someone said before, dude is an internet star. nobody from compton, actually listens to dude. and the west coast only fucks with him bcuz thats the best they had since snoop doggs prime. pretty much.

  • Solo

    I liked the album. It told a story from start to finish. It showed a evolution of caharacter. Like Tre from Boyz in the Hood! lol, well played Dr Dre, well played

  • DD

    I think it wasn’t bad, it’s definitely a buy/listen! Although I will say, if you think this is the best album you’ve ever heard in your life, there’s probably something wrong with you.

  • onlytimewilltell

    I listened to half the album and thought “album of the year”

    my best friend and hip hop artist called me up and said “i didn’t realize hip-hop could sound like this. this album gives me more drive and determination to keep doing what im doing and keep pushing the limit”

    after smoking and listening…. it left me speechless

  • Nelo from the South of Africa

    Nas told a story in the 90s of a black queensbridge boy living in the ‘block’. Marshal Mathers did too, he told a story of a disadvantaged white american boy growing up in a trailor park in Detroit. These and many more were undeniably ‘great’ tales that were not unique only to them but many a peer of that time wud relate to. We call them ‘classics’ today. Kdot aint olu dara. He aint mathers. He aint common, qtip,black thought, talib, andre benjamin nor is he corey carter. He a compton boy. I never been anywhere outside my country. My mom never had a career, a van, or a proper house wid a telephone dat we cud call home. Unlike kdot that wasn’t a father figure. But I been through adolescence. I been through sh!t! I’m better of than I was before. That’s where my world overlaps wid kendrick’s marvelous artwork. In retrospect I find this story very relatable.
    In a world of ghostwriting and all the other craze u get to here about nowadays, this album has done justice,supreme justice. Thank you Kendrick.

  • anon

    I wasn’t very impressed after the first few tracks.
    Backseat Freestyle – still not a fan
    Poetic Justice – growing on me
    Money Trees – not a fan at first, but its so damn catchy
    Real – didn’t like the hook, but the message and lyrics are amazing

    everything else was really good. The thing about Kendrick is he isn’t afraid to try different things. Compare his old self titled CD to OD to Section.80 and they all have a different vibe.

    Bonus Tracks: I really like all the bonus tracks but was really disappointed how separated they were from each vendor. However they aren’t as woven into the story of the main tracks that it doesn’t distract from the message Kendrick was going for, but those bonus tracks are awesome and hunting them down was a pain in the ass. If you don’t have Collect Calls, County Building Blues, The Recipe Remix, and Swimming Pools Remix I’d advise taking the time to try to get them. Also its worth mentioning that I feel like Cartoon and Cereal could have fit great in this album