A$AP Rocky Talks “F*cking Problem”, LiveLongA$AP Delay(Video)

blame it on JES7 October 27, 2012

A$AP sits down with the head of “Ratchet United” to talk about how Fucking Problem came about, what’s delaying LiveLongA$AP (sample clearances and mastering issues) and expects the album to drop some time during the first quarter of next year, fashion, and much more. Spotted at: X’s.

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  • Chronic

    Broads about to suck the man.

  • III

    Knew the album would get delayed

  • wgqf

    @ based on what? she’s an interviewer and she’s being friendly. aka her job. just cause a woman is polite does not mean she want you nigga. then you get mad and call a chick stuck up for assuming you want her smh

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    Sound like he want to put out the album he wants and record lable giving him shit and want more poppy shit.. i dunno thats the feel im getting

  • yakayaka

    @wgaf – based on what? how about grabbing the man’s thigh while she’s interviewing him? if a male interviewer did the same thing, would he ‘just be doing his job’ ? come on son.

  • fred

    @780 & Heartbreak thats not what it sounded like. thats what you created in your head

  • wgaf


    it was a casual interview and she was being playful. doesnt mean she wants the dick. if it was a club setting or something you may have had a point …but a sofa interview? nigga please. do you also think the hooters waitresses want the dick too? lmao. stop over analyzing

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    @fred just my opinion and how i interpreted it bruh. could be wrong for sure, hence me saying its just my opinion. why do you think the albums been delayed multiple times?

  • fred

    @780 & Heartbreak Im not sure man the label may not have been satisfied. lack of performance by goldie. but i agree with you there’s always an official sounding cover story/excuse about delays. 50 always had one, but the simplest explanation was that no one cared about it.

  • Lordpesk

    Label knows he’s gonna flop. None of his fans really buy music

  • Jarvo

    After Kendrick album came out alot of niggas pushing they’re shit back, Because your album would be measured up to that.

  • ASAP Wack

    You would be better off not putting it out at all. You’ll just fall off quicker. Then again you were never destined to be a legend (or even significant) in the game so it doesn’t matter what you do, lil bow wow.

  • ImJustSayinDo…

    All I’m sayin is she got some Shaq hands…

  • Mr. Andre

    Mastering? Holla at ya boy A$AP!