Saturday Night Sexy: Brittany Duet

blame it on Illy October 27, 2012

Twitter: @MsBrittanyDuet.

Another Saturday, another sexy, and tonight we’re bringing you the L.A.-residing (by way of Miami Beach) vixen Brittany Duet. She’s appeared on the pages of KING Magazine as well as music videos for Cam’ron and Vado. Over a sh*tload of Ms. Duet flicks after the jump to keep your Saturday night sexy.

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  • Tupac’s Slut

    WTF is this?

  • you

    she looks like a fucking man

  • Jesus of Nazerath.

    Hate girls with this short hair.

  • is this Rachel Maddow’s husband?

  • Jesus of Nazerath.

    Hate girls with this short hair. looks like a ugly dyke.

  • jbillionaire

    she’d be 10x better with longer hair but she still a bad bitch tho

  • Dockness

    Man she got a 9th grade booty…:(

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Fucking ugly.

    Short hair <

    Wtf Shake.

    • Sky

      Lmaoooo KTT gang.

  • DX

    This is bad.

  • AAA

    kinda dyke like but she is pretty. bet she takes it in the back door lol

  • XI



  • Adi pre

    Fucking Ho looks like Ben Stiller, she ain’t nothing on Amber Rose.

  • Pretty Tony

    Naaa… I’ve seen BETTA… I’ll pass… an’ she bitin’ that whole ‘I’m so cliched and played-out *woops I mean ‘different’ an’ fresh* and edgy ‘cus I’ve got a shaven head’ wannabe Amber Rose type bullshit lameness goin’ on… *YAWN*

    Co-sign @Dockness

    …Jigga shit #ontothenextone

  • Adi

    Fucking Ho looks like Ben Stiller, she ain’t nothing on Amber Rose.

  • RapGameMikeWazowski

    Fuck is up with that Clive Owen haircut?
    my girl would still look better if Riff Raff cut her hair.

  • DK

    Not every girl can rock short hair but she’s still cute though

  • fuck no

    I prefer when my girls have longer hair than I do…that’s just me though…

  • fa really doe?

    Bitch look like a young Lou Holtz.

  • light

    What the fuck. This is an actual fucking human man. This is not what I check this site for. Pre OP or Post OP don’t know or care.

    Fuck out of here.

  • Nope

    I can’t have more hair than my bitch

  • nah_dude

    She needs a shape up!!!!

  • Findhotterchicks!

    “Your bitch don’t really got no ass.. she just poked it out.” – Guru (RIP)

  • Dave

    So we featuring men on Saturday night sexy now?I bet when this bitch cut her hair she looked in the mirror geeked like I. Look like sinead oconnor lol.bitch got no ass,got a bigass German nose.this bitch look like Kris Jenner

  • cloud9

    With that buzz cut hell no, but with that spiky hair I can see it

  • G

    Sorry but a female with no hair can’t be pretty to me.

    Hair is one of the biggest parts of a females beauty. Need it to be at least shoulder length, Ideally down to the breasts.

  • leo_suav


  • gross

    Look, not every girl is a model. This girl is ghetto, trying that fake ass Amber Rose shit with her hair, and looks like a dude.

    Again, not every girl is a model. Enough of this shit. Shake trying to fuck this guy or something?

  • jUST

    This is the worst one yet. Shake get outta here with this crap.

  • Durptron5000

    Man Shake prolly just wanted to see your bitch asses trip about this shit, the c section is so damn predictable

  • Durptron5000

    Man Shake prolly just wanted to see you suckers trip about this shit, the c section is so damn predictable

  • realtalk™

    Oh shit.. I was scrolling through the buzz cut pics like ‘there might be some pics in there with long hair, that might be a better look’

    Then she comes out with the Ricky Martin coupe like GTFOH

  • twinsking

    ya’ll Fools get on hair EVERY WEEK complaining about women looking “too airbrushed,photoshopped and FAKE” them complain about a female with “no hair” while most of the chicks you adore have FAKE HAIR.Weaves,dye jobs and Perms are the hair equivilent of “airbrush” and “photoshop” I’m not feeling her nose but She’s not ugly.

  • Bald bad, short hair good, long hair better

  • The Co_oL

    Bald bad, short hair good, long hair better.

  • poorchoice

    sns is goin downhill.

  • SonicTheHogans

    Some of these comments had me dying lol real talk the spiky hair I can mess with..the short hair nah she ain’t got the body for it but she is def pretty though..y’all niggas act like y’all bag stacey dash’s on a regular with the way y’all talking


    She barely a 7 on a good day…Missed with this one shake…

  • BenDoughVA

    Ugly bitch! Wish Amber Rose never started that short-hair-bullshit! Makes chicks look hella dumb!

  • bitchshouldgetawig

    Bald bad, short hair good, long hair better

  • bitchshouldgetawig said

    They misunderstooood!!

  • Rob HM


  • damn son

    Amber Rose>>>>>>> This chick.

  • shawn p.

    ya’ll niggas gay. tell me any of ya’ll, no game havin asses, have had a girl remotely close to this. bet if u saw her in the streets you’d cum yourself.

  • ear2ear

    @shawn p.

    yeah, I have had girls way prettier. Hahaha. And I’m not even bragging by saying that. I feel sorry for your thirsty ass though talking about cumming yourself in the streets at the sight of a tranny and then calling people gay. Hahaha. But live your life partner.

  • bigCONdon

    this bitch look like manly ass amber rose wit a fuckd up hair line
    id still it tho cant front

  • you

    @shawn p.

    you need to look at your own sexuality if you think she’s hot

  • ShredderJ

    I don’t really care for girls with short hair or just the buzz cut look, but she does look good tho. Dat ass.

  • ShawnKemp

    Yo you really cant think of anyone sexier than this Great Value brand Amber Rose to find pictures of?

  • KING

    Would’ve been soooo much better if she had hair.

  • DJ Dilz

    Well, at least she still got more hair than Pitbull.

  • Clap!!!

    Ass to the power of zero. I’d still hit though

  • shawn p.

    so i’m gay for liking a saturday night sexy post… right.

  • SHOWMAN3000


  • marq

    funny all these cats talking about short hair. Fact your mom has short hair or she will soon. ps most of yall fuck partners r kind of fat #NotPhatButFat

  • marq

    funny is your name clap as in I have the clap

  • thafuk

    fake ass amber rose…but with nooo ass…

  • biggggg

    thought i was the only one that thought she was ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WTF is the deal with all this excessive airbrushing?! Photoshop done [email protected] us all over.