Tech N9ne – URALYA (Video)

blame it on Meka October 27, 2012

Tech’s Boiling Point drops on Tuesday (October 30th).

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  • who cares

    This has to be the best Tech songs to come out in a cool minute. I used to get excited every time he announced new music, but he’s inconstant as hell now. Really feeling this shit though.

  • Keebo

    This is gonna make people think Tech is a juggalo.. he ain’t.

    ^@who cares, I disagree. Tech is killing everything right now, he’s just doing things a little bit differently. Klusterfuk is one of my favorite recent EPs, Mayday rocked that production, and Tech rocked wit it too. They make a great fit. E.B.A.H was ehh I’ll give you that, but it was still Tech doin his thang, I just wasn’t down with most of the subject matter. However his latest LPs have been very dope IMO. 6s and 7s and Welcome to strangeland had consistent bangers and lyrics from the heart, even though he gets a lil ignant when his devilishness shows. Say what you will but Tech is holdin it down. Calm Before the Storm still remains my favorite tho..

  • TheJuice

    I like this guy @Keebo. Spot on. Only thing I disagree about is Anghellic is my favorite. Calm Before the Storm is still classic Tech.

  • Dave

    there’s always someone bitching about Tech’s new music. i’ve been a fan since 1998 & i don’t understand when people say he’s changed his style or he sold out and shit. new song is tuff & i already pre ordered my copy of Boiling Point

  • Wtf

    Wow. When did Nina start death metal?

  • Keebo

    @wtf Tech has been fucking with metal for a long time, it’s one of his main influences. He’s got a group called K.A.B.O.S.H. with the Dirty Wormz and he’s got some metal-ish songs, such as ‘I am Everything’.