• nc0310

    Rocky is the only rapper that always does real freestyles

  • Danny

    ^Ash Roth

  • Kanye East

    weak af

  • F. Baby

    Someone beat me to it but yea, Ash Roth.

  • I guess I’m old

    Only half a minute?! GTFO. Where have all the true emcees gone?

  • jhlh

    props to the people backin ash roth

  • adolfmayne

    kid cudi does freestyles

  • gripz

    nigga loves them kriss kross references--still dope tho respect for off the dome

  • http://twitter.com/GtotheFO GtotheFO

    You already know Rocky's the pretty boy n not a lyricist so its dope that hes always goin off the top