Eminem To Release New Album in 2013, Snapback Confirms...

blame it on Shake October 29, 2012

Up until now we've only had "talk" and rumors to go off of to say Eminem was releasing an album next year. Now, thanks to a limited edition snapback being sold here, we get confirmation that Marshall is planning on releasing his 8th studio LP in the year 2013.

For a limited time only in honor of the big games and the hometown team's return to The D we are pleased to offer the Eminem Baseball Tribute Hat in both home and away colors. Side panel is dedicated to the landmark Eminem solo albums. A portion of the proceeds will go to The Marshall Mathers Foundation.

I'm guessing this write up was written before the Giants gave the Tigers that work in this year's World Series. Anyways, hit the jump for a look at the cap.

Click the above image for a closer look at the side panel. And if you happen to be a Tigers (or Eminem) fan, they are available for 30 bucks right here.

  • I

    Forreal tho. Haha good point out Shake.

    Giants gave it to them.

  • David


  • randygew

    I Feel like 2db just jumped on the battlerap bandwagon because everybody else did. shrug

  • IslandKid

    ummmm eminem SAID he was working on his next album a few months ago in a radio interview?? common sense would then lead us to believe it would come out in 2013.. good lookin out shake

  • True


    Eminem next album >>>>>>>> Good kid maad city

  • Me

    Eminem next album >>>>>>>> Good kid maad city
    True said this on October 29th, 2012 at 7:51 am

    U a bitch.. What does Kendrick Album have to do with Em's new shit... Both albums are great and unique... dick sucking ass nigga... u prolly not even black..........

  • my two cents


    Eminem next album >>>>>>>> Good kid maad city
    True said this on October 29th, 2012 at 7:51 am

    U a bitch.. What does Kendrick Album have to do with Em’s new shit… Both albums are great and unique… dick sucking ass nigga… u prolly not even black……….

    what does being black have to do with anything?? thinking what album will be better?? and both albums are great and unique?? his album hasn't come out yet, how can you judge it?? that's an ignorant comment, someones skin color should having nothing to do with any of that, just ignorant

  • DBS

    Can't wait to see what him Premo and No ID have cooked up.

  • you

    Em will bring the heat.

  • cap

    Kendricks album is for black people only. Fuck yall wiggers listening to black boy fly and growing up in the hood for? Talkin bout how yall relate like illmatic. Fuk outta here. Fake niggaa

  • Im def not buyin his album cause i bought Recovery and it sucked so much ass.... Yeah hes a great lyrisist and he goes hard but he puts most of his tallent towards the corniest songs ever... And then make 2-3 that are actually good

  • youdumb

    saying that a certain type of music, especially in this day and age, is for one group of people is one of the most ignorant things you can say. MUSIC transcends social boundaries. Anna Wise, on Kendrick's track "Real"... yeah she's white. And Drake is half Jewish. Hell, it was a white dude (MC Serch) that put Nas on to make Illmatic in the first place.

  • asdfasd

    if production is done strictly by eminem, no id, dr dre, premo
    this album will be good
    if he brings back the people who were producing that radio sounding shit from recovery
    this album will flop

    either way
    that hat is sick

  • cam

    Maaannnn all I know is there better be a Paul skit on this album!!! Missed that on recovery!!!

    • shady

      Recovery didn't it went plantinum and got a Grammy dumbass

  • kamu

    Elvis is back at it again. The only rapper that sales and happens to be white and by that I mean a rapper that doesn't have to act like a sambo or jive its way thru success. I wonder why? They take per culture and make it their own.

  • es

    hey cap suck a dick

  • who cares

    No one cares. Dude has put out consistent garbage the past 2-3 years. Not to mention his last 3 solo albums were average.

  • picky

    What's all this black and white talk for ? Latinos >>>

  • GiZA


    you pretty much summed up what i was thinking

  • koke

    The year is for every year that he has put out an album. Dumbass Shake...

  • yesyah

    Fuck the paul skitt there better be another ken kaniff skit!!

    But anyways the younger he was the better the albums was thats my opinion
    1 Slim Shady LP
    2 Marshall Mathers LP
    3 The Eminem Show
    4 Encore
    5 Recovery
    6 Relaspe

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