What Does Game Call Kendrick Lamar? (Video)

blame it on Meka October 29, 2012

In a move sure to start colorful commentary in the c-section, Jayceon calls K.Dot the “West Coast Nas” in this interview with Rap-Up. UPDATE: Kendrick also sat down laid down with FUSE to speak on his favorite Looney Tunes character, his biggest regret, having a crush on Brandy and more. Check that after the jump.

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  • i agree with everything he says. He really is the westcoast nas. Niggas might hate because he so young. But name a nigga on the westcoast the can challenge him lirically?

  • Ang

    SMH…Niggas need to stop doing this a labeling newcomer after a legend BS. There is 1 Nas…Kendrick is a completely person & persona than Nas & vice versa. Game you should know better than that homeboy!

  • BoshJamesWade

    I feel like he’s more like Ice Cube than Nas…No matter what, he has the potential to be a great emcee, and is on the right path.

  • cmon son


  • KIM

    Yall love game dirty drawz now that he showing love huh??? faggots

    • Trill O’Reilly

      I know right? I remember seeing hella posts where Shake was dissing Game, but ever since he said he’d fight Shyne for Kendrick this dude’s been dickriding Game like he’s Kendrick’s brother.

  • Maccaveli

    The fuck are you talking about KIM? No one said anything of the sort…

  • Lynxie Krueger


  • Eric Cartman

    I use to fuck with Games music but man he done fell off. I know they both from the rest but it seem he just riding Kendrick’s coattail too much lately. I mean damn, he wasn’t even on GKMC.
    Anyways, naw, Kendrick is no Nas. I agree with others, it’s too early for all this gibberish. I mean these types of comments get thrown around way too much. “Classic”, “epic”, “the new Nas/Jay”. They said the same thing about Cole.

  • Let Kendrick be Kendrick. These comparisons diminish his accomplishments. He is his own person, and doesn’t have to be the new Nas (even if he could be).And in response to “Rap Music Connoisseur”, if there just absolutely have to be a comparison, the west coast Nas is definitely Blu. &”Below The Heavens” is way more comparable to Illmatic than GKMC.

  • Shy

    Kendrick is his own person. Nas is his own person. Ain’t another rapper like either one of em. These comparisons are stupid.

  • getlost

    if anyone is the west coast Nas its Blu. Kendrick is a new comer.. can we all remember this? his albums great but he is not a west coast legend by any means.. he’s just scratching the surface.

  • Belize

    dickriding is the new hip hop since blogs got popular & rappers started to suck them off #truth

  • adolfmayne

    blu is the west coast nas and kendrick is the west coast jay z way more fame and money but less skill

  • nawmeen

    yo we need a superPAUSE on that Kendrick interview… the close up on his facial expressionwith that soft ass music playing.. looks like the trailer to bridget jone’s diary or some shit

  • poetic assasin

    Rass Kass.

  • realtalk™

    @nawmeen: you really that insecure?

    worrying about looking or sounding gay are closet homo problems..

  • MusicHead

    yall niggas HAVE TO CHILL.. Kendrick is really more lyrical than Blu.. yes Blu is nice but just cause he doesnt have the commercial persona doesnt give em that extra boost to be lyrically better than Kendrick or the be the West coast Nas.. they both nice ass MC but be real & stop hating cause of whats getiing love & praise..its getting it for a reason. i listen to ALL music b and i enjoyed Blu’s Below the Heaven’s & Kendrick’s Section80 & GKMC but Kendrick is really top dawg ..he doesnt & may not be the most lyrical but he is a top 3 rapper lyricists & maybe right now the best ALL AROUND MC while Blu just is a great lyricists but not everyone can listen to him as they may be able to with Kendrick its more because he’s more matured as an artist & versatile.

  • MusicHead

    READ THIS —>

    I was talking to my homie the other day and he said something very provocative in that in today’s time it is “popular” to be a “hip hop head” like it’s popular to hate on Lil Wayne and promote intellect in our music. Which is not necessarily a bad thing and that comes from previous claims that hip hop was dead for so long.. It does create a problem though and especially for Kendrick and his album. In that when something becomes turn it creates people that hate on it just because it is popular. Because Kendrick’s album is literally the forefront of this popularity now..People will hate on it for the simple fact that they think people are only liking it as a mob and just to sound “different”. It takes away from the power of the album and also from what Kendrick’s message was. The man just pretty much gave of not only his life but every other nigga that isn’t a thug, drug dealer, drop out, street nigga.. but just a regular nigga that knows niggas in that lifestyle and is surrounded by it. He gave us that story and his life through music and it takes away from that power when people feel like it is just done to be popular or liked just to be popular. Yes, Lil Wayne has totally lost his passion and changed but in retrospect His last mixtape was still punchline Wayne off previous work.. Same reason niggas press dislike on shit with his name on it on here without listening.. It takes away from the power of this genre.. This album is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time from the skits tying together the story to the actually flow and lyrics he used to compose it..You can imagine the short film in your head as the album plays.. Niggas are agreeing with Shyne..just for the sake of saying oh, y’all blowing the album up Shyne’s right it’s not all that..when Shyne contradicting himself when he was explaining why he didnt like it.. He said the albums beats were weak, and when the beats are weak he doesnt want to hear what you have to say otherwise he would listen to cornell west, but then right after said Hip Hop should be about what story you want to tell.. What nigga? see what i’m saying niggas just saying that shit to be different.. It takes away from it.. but shit..10 years from now.. We will revisit this album’s impact and the majority of those undercutting it now will call it a got to let it breathe first.. Def album of the year. I’ve got a hard copy unopened..just for my future son when he is old listen to..

    SonictheHogans said this on October 26th, 2012 at 10:21 pm

  • marty mcfly

    I just dont hear the legendary lyricism ya’ll talking about. I dont hear the Nas comparison or the Jayz comparison or the Ice Cube comparison in Kendrick Lamar. To me he’s around that Big Boi from Outkast type level of lyrical ability (with a lil Andre3k), but Nas? I dont think so. Honestly Game comes closer to these type comparisons then Kendrick does. I think Kendrick comes off as a nice person so people act like he’s king shit and also people just want a new Nas to be in the game so bad that they’ll accept whatever comes close. Kendrick mite have Dr Dre and Drake features and alot of mainstream support but I wouldn’t say he’s a better lyricist then Blu. Only difference is Blu aint trying to play this hip hop game like it should be played, he just makes music and whoever supports fine but he aint really fucking with the industry. I really dont care whats popular and what not popular but I just dont hear Nas when I listen to Kendrick, I just hear Kendrick and he’s aiight but hats about it on a lyrical level.

  • MusicHead

    @marty mcfly you the only one i respect as far as opinions go on this blog but once again Kendrick is what when u mix Andre 3000 voice creativity, plus Eminem’s flow (sometimes) & plus Nas storytelling ([One Love] can be compared to any song detaik for detail on GKMC) & you equal Kendrick Lamar. also READ THIS

    Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Wale, Ab-Soul, Lupe Fiasco >>>> ElZhi, Blu, Skyzoo, Jay Electronica, J.Cole

    u blogs dont know SHIT !!!!.. u can be lyrical but if yo shit dont sound good then u aint gon be better.. Jay Elect is the only that can give those above a run but homie so inconsistent with music its doesnt make sense..Act II is never GOING TO BE RELEASED, no the released date is on February 30th 2013. Lol..seriously.

    Nas the greatest ever period, Kendrick is what Lupe’s was posed to be but Lupe let politics fuck with his music & dropped Lasers , which Lupe was posed to be greatest and overthrown Nas or atleast on his way & which he was til Laser’s & his poor beat selection skills but F&L2 is top 3 album of the year though. J. Cole was a false alarm as well.. Cole World was posed to be our “Illmatic” shid it was Sleepillmatic BUT even though it lacks the music u can ride to its still a great debut just not better than his Friday Night Lights and maybe previous work but homie still do his thing but he should never be brought up in top MC’s maybe before his 1st album dropped.Wale has ALOT OF potential .. im waiting on him to deliver that album that will send em off into top tier territory among all MC’s.


  • marty mcfly

    GKMC is comparable to One Love? They mite both be stories but on lyrical level I think Nas was far more technical then Kendrick. GKMC is a cool little story but I just wouldn’t put his storytelling ability in the Illmatic lane or Slick Rick or Lupe. I just wouldn’t and for example after the first song he supposedly gets jump or whatever but thats not really explained and in fact he goes from that type of situation into Bitch dont kill my Vibe. Yes that could fit the narrative but it could have been executed better.

  • marty mcfly


  • Kidd

    I keep seeing marty say that he just dont get it or just doesnt see what others see in kendrick if you dont thats fine but why keep repeating the same shit?

  • marty mcfly

    Its not that I dont get it cause I get the album but if people gonna claim that its comparable to this or that or that Kendrick is better then this person or that person then point out what songs you talking about then. My point is this, maybe the album is dope and Kendrick is comparable to Kendrick form before the album and thats it. Jay Elec’s My World is comparable to Nas The World Is Yours not only because of the same beat but because of lyrical style but Kendrick being the westcoast Nas? I dont think so Game, Kendrick is the new Kendrick.

  • mazoomy

    He never said Kendrick is the new Nas, he said Kendrick is “kinda like our Westcoast Nas”. I can definitely agree with that statement as there are similarities between the 2.

  • marty mcfly

    There’s alot of rappers from the west with skills that could be similar to Nas but really none of them are “kinda like a westcoast Nas”

  • Joe

    people are saying kendrick is so good cause hes speaking to our generation (im 16).. u guys say u dont see the comparison to nas cause u were probably growing up with nas and we didnt… i tried to go listen to illmatic and to be honest that shit was so fucking boring at times… gkmc painted such a vivid picture in my mind and told such a good story that i was amazed… but thats just how i feel

  • adolfmayne

    if im hating cuz i hate whats popular i would hate drake big sean and j.cole but i dont i just call it like i see it c’mon comparing gkmc to illmatic are you serious? thats not even nas best album ppl just follow what they think their suppose to like

  • MusicHead

    HOLD THE FUCK UP !? Illmatic is Nas best album bruh. best album ever made & im 18.. & i could listen to that & its orignality forever. @marty mcfly get at that last comment b. & i said GKMC has a song on the album you could compare to One Love’s story detail.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    The WESTCOAST Nas? I like Kendrick but he is not even close to sounding or being like Nas. There are NO similarities. There shouldn’t even be a debate. Even Kendricks effect musically was not the same when Nas came out. Stop it. I been rocking w/ K.Dot from jump and let’s be real he developed into what he is now. He was not a unseen talent. He just got better and it translated on records. Don’t forget he was the lost one out the whole TDE camp. Jay Rock, School Boy Ab-Soul then ppl thought of K.Dot. He is NOT reminiscing on any level like Nas, culture-wise, music-wise, lyric-wise etc. Kendrick has his own style of story telling, flow and lyrics. THE END. Game is loco for saying that.

  • adolfmayne

    illmatic is not nas best album i bet you think life is good is classic? too many fake nas fans that want to pretend their hip hop heads