• QZA

    FUCK yes.

  • http://twitter.com/dgrzzl dgrzzl

    looks dope. may have to purchase the physical

  • who cares

    Holy god almighty this looks perfect!!

  • the realest


  • Nuff

    damn rae jada erykah ghost meth, who can wait

  • hustle

    this looks a lot better than what i was expecting it to be! can't wait to see who produces on this album!

  • Alex

    Wheres the Rza doeeee?


    cant wait

  • ghostfaced nigga

    rza lazy

  • ChrisL

    This will be the best album of this year along with Kendrick's album, Meek's, and maybe a few others.

  • GiZA


    ... Meek's album? Really? That shit will be trash son

  • you

    No U-God or RZA, but that's alright

  • King G.

    Meek's album is hot, The lyrics obviously aint as well thought out as Kendrick's but the beats are better.