Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city Debuts at #2 on Billboard

blame it on Shake October 30, 2012

Going up against Taylor Swift (who sold 1.2 million copies of her new album RED this week) is a pretty hefty task for anyone to take on, so the #2 spot is pretty much a victory all around for our generation’s Nas (says one A$AP Rocky). In the first week on the shelves, the Compton kid’s Interscope debut sold an impressive 242k copies (according to HDD*). And to help celebrate, Kendrick dropped off a new song produced by J. Cole today, check it out right here.

If you haven’t already, be sure to let us know your thoughts on the album in our official review post of GKMC as well.

*Final numbers are in tomorrow morning and we’ll update post with it.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    My nigga.


    Are you guys Ready to dick ride Kendrick Lamar

    ON Your mark! Get set! GO!!!

  • @rozko

    I’m happy for Kendrick. “maad city” the song is on repeat in my iPod. I def wouldn’t call it classic and completely understand people who don’t like the album but the future is bright and that’s what really matters.

  • Keeping It Real

    is a pretty hefty task for anyone to take on????

    Look at shake faggot ass trying to makes excuses for Kendrick smh LMFAO

  • that truth

    that new swifty goes way harder than gkmc

  • last

    I’m gad he only got #2 lol i know you kendrick lamar sheep are crying under yall bedsheets right now! lmao Taylor Swift is NUMBER ONE! and its nothing you kendrick lamar worshipers can do about it!

  • GameN

    impressive 242k ????? Shake please do me a favor and take dick out yo ass! smh but it was still a dope album

    @that truth kill yoself

  • Mike Tomlin

    100k more than Life is Good and the most sold in its first week since Take Care last November. I’d say thats a DAMN good accomplishment, especially considering its a debut album.

  • Mike Tomlin

    ^^ Hip Hop albums obviously

  • BounceB

    Kendricks debut sold more den cole,wale,big sean,wiz, cruel summer and rick ross album first week dats crayy..of the new school rappers kendrick debut sold more den any of them which includes cudi,bob etc. and he goes and sells more den an established rapper ala Ross..kendrick is winning and dis aint no dickriding jus by the numbers kendrick got a hect of a underground fanbase..bcuz alot of mainstreamers are still not familiar with kendrick or his music


    Im glad he came second to Taylor…..White ppl always wins! :)

  • iYoungB

    Kendrick well deserve!…DOPE…

  • that truthf

    its because hes from california. its the most populated state if you guys were unfamiliar. whenever a new artist comes up from the west, they always do big numbers. and documentary>>>gkmc

  • samie

    If you REALLY, REALLY think The Documentary was better than GKMC, then you don’t know shit about hip-hop or music in general. And I bear NO hate against Game, unlike some of y’all.

  • Charlie Murphy

    The fact that tons of people say Ross is running the game but yet he gets outsold by Kendrick? People make 101 excuse to put kendrick down. I’m glad to see an album with content sell that much in the first week. Don’t play that bullshit that California is the most populated state haha that’s not why his album sold so much. That’s a reach if I’ve ever seen one.

  • Mike Tomlin

    The only mistake TDE can make now is dropping ScHoolboys album before Ab-Soul. Dont get me wrong Q rocks but new fans listening to Kendrick are expecting something closer to Soulo’s stlye than Q’s. They need to keep this momentum going with Souls project, have Q featured on a couple tracks, seeing he wasnt featured once on GKMC (sans bonus tracks), then drop Q’s. Just my opinion, but from a lyrical standpoint they need to drop Soulo first to expand the TDE fanbase.

  • JAY

    @samie I believe GKMC was a better album then Documentary too! but you sound like a complete dick riding idiot, how the hell are you going to tell someone they don’t know hip hop b/c they not dick riding like you, a persons opinion is their opinion now please stop sucking k.dots dick

  • amazing

    Not my favorite album, but grats to kendrick selling 200k. Thats big numbers these days for hip hop.

  • Quickstrike

    Men lie, Women lie….. Ahhh you get it. lol

  • who cares

    Even thought I felt the album was underwhelming, congrats to K Dot on the numbers.

  • Look at all of the idiots in the comment section!! If you don’t like someone, you’re a hater; If you’re a fan, you’re a dickrider. You complain when a wack rapper sells a lot, and then you turn around and complain when a dope rapper sells.. Congrats to Kendrick because it’s well deserved!! Hip-hop isn’t dying — it’s just the fans won’t support good artists..

  • samie

    It’s not dick riding. Game was my FAVORITE rapper. If anything, wouldn’t it be dick riding if I claimed The Documentary was better? The Documentary is a good album, Dreams, Put You On Game, The Documentary, Like Father Like Son, the album has dope joints (and CRAZY production) for sure. BUT it can’t touch GKMC when it comes to cohesiveness, lyrics, concepts, originality and quality.

  • KIM

    242k is not a good number in my opinion! Its definitely not a flop but its not a good number either! yall niggas getting excited over nothing smh close to going gold (400k-500k) is good for a debut album

    P.s don’t give me that b.s about how hiphop albums aren’t doing well b/c DRAKE just did ova 600k in a week

  • JOJO

    HE SOLD MORE THAN ; ross, nas, 2chainz, usher, cris brown, and GOOD music album. WHY ARE YALL MAD? CUZ HE STAYED THE SAME AND STILL SOLD RECORDS??? I DONT GET IT. yall are CONFUSED.

  • Mike Tomlin

    @KIM “P.s don’t give me that b.s about how hiphop albums aren’t doing well b/c DRAKE just did ova 600k in a week”

    Take Care dropped Nov 15 2011, a year ago in two weeks. Guess whos album has sold the most copies its first week since Take Care?

  • JAY

    @samie i wasn’t saying you was a dick rider b/c you think GKMC was better! b/c i agree with you on that but you can’t tell someone they don’t know hiphop b/c they think another rapper is better then kendrick

  • dmannn

    ^u high son? u do know hardly anyone sells that anymore in hip hop 242k is good considering he dropped an album with his own creative control without interscope pushing for some pop artists all over just apure hip hop album and remenber section80 how much that sold

  • OP

    T A Y L O R W I N S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • DBS

    Good for him, I still don’t like the album.

  • So happy for Kendrick Lamar. His dream came true and he is reaping the rewards of hard work. Hip Hop and R&B are not selling tons of units anymore. Taylor Swift is an accomplished artist and country music fans are very loyal so not many urban artists would have had a chance but Kendrick is immensely popular and he has set the bar for hip hop releases. He is much more talented than most rappers out now. Congrats!

  • marty mcfly

    1st of all the Documentary and Take Care were also very dope albums just like GKMC. @dmannn, lets not act like Interscope didnt push the album cause that makes no sense whatsoever cause who else push the album then? Isnt Dr Dre on the album twice? Lets not act like Kendrick didnt have a million people in his fanbase and also go on tour with Drake before his debut even came out. Kendrick definitely gets props for these numbers and having a well put together album but you dont have to make it seem like Kendrick did well without having any support cause that would be a lie and you dont have to say another album was wack just to make the point that GKMC is not. These numbers are good for the culture and the game in general but GKMC did have support from the industry.

  • marty mcfly

    And Kendrick is not in competition with Taylor Swift. COMEONSON

  • Quickstrike

    In case you suckas forgot Ross was literally voted the hottest MC in the game this year and 2chainz was on fire with features etc. and Cole had the #1 album in the country and this album outsold all those. No he’s not not on the same commercial level as Drake is but not even Jay-Z or Kanye have pulled Drake #s combined or individually. Props to Kendrick



  • QBN

    You can’t hate.. the nice guy wins for a change. 242 is major in this era.. don’t compare to Drake, Drake is a commerical rapper that makes radio RnB songs. This is a win for REAL HIP HOP.

  • QBN

    BTW, you can’t compare the mainstream exposure that Drake & J.Cole got, to Kendrick’s ground up approach. Yeah Dr.Dre came in late to give the co-sign, but that’s nothing compared to Drake being co-signed by Lil Wayne, and J.Cole going on tour and getting co-signed by Jay-Z. Kendrick & TDE had to build this from ground zero..

  • marty mcfly

    @QBN, Didnt Drake and J Cole also put down ground work? Didnt they both put out mixtapes before they album just like Kendrick did. What part of the mainstream doesn’t support Kendrick Lamar? Seems to me that every part of the mainstream been in support of Kendrick for at least a year now and even before that. MTv, BET, radio and tours and blogs etc. Kendrick had exposure on those platforms and had all those things in check before the album dropped. You say Drake was cosigned by Wayne but wasn’t Kendrick cosigned by damn near entire industry? Bottom line is this, you dont have to down somebody else in order to give props to Kendrick. I get that many hip hop fans hate Drake, but he put in work to get where he is and then he reached back and helped J Cole and Asap and Kendrick too by taking them on his tour. Kendrick did build his thing from the ground up but he had help homie. Id say Currensy built his thing from the ground up and in many ways alot of other artist did the same but Jay Rock built up TDE imo when he premiered his first video with Wayne on 106npark and from that day on TDE was no longer some underground entity, they were above ground at that point.

  • :P


  • Assbestos Asstroturf Assassin

    Kendrick is about as underground as a skyscraper. And now every fucking white, black, asian, latino mixed motherfucker know this sonbitches name. Now sit the fuck down you stupid ass niggas and just respect King Kendrick.

    He ain’t got shit on Ms. Swift though. Real talk if I had the choice now of meeting Kendrick or fucking Taylor I’m fucking Taylor every time.

  • NICE



  • rd08

    I’m just gonna throw out Some 1st Week Numbers of some of the ” Leaders of the New School ” from 2011-2012 …..

    Kendrick Lamar: GooD Kid, MaaD City ~ 242,000 Copies

    J Cole: Sideline Story ~ 218,000 Copies

    Big Krit: Live from the UnderGround ~ 41,000 Copies

    Big Sean: Finally Famous ~ 87,700 Copies

    Wiz Khalif: Rolling Papers ~ 197,000 Copies

    Wale: Ambition ~ 164,000 Copies

    Kid Cudi: WZRD ~ 66,000 Copies

    Drake: Take Care ~ 631,000 Copies

    Mac Miller: Blue Slide PArk ~ 146,000 Copies

    Tyga: Careless World: Rise of the Last King ~ 61,000 Copies

    Tyler The Creator: Goblin ~ 45,000 Copies

    Diggy: Unexpected Arrival ~ 21,000 Copies

  • JHP

    People are acting like it’s a failure that Kendrick debuted at #2. Taylor Swift’s album would’ve outsold EVERY other rap artist’s previous album, or actually EVERY other artist period. Plus K. Dot still outsold every other rap album this year first week (Except Nicki, by like 8,000 who is pretty much pop IMO anyway) 242,000 is pretty good, especially considering he had no big hit single, and only one real major feature (Dre doesn’t count). Put this on top of the rave reviews he got across the board, and the fact that this is just his debut, I’d say this is a win. And it is a very dope album easily album of the year in my eyes. Quit hating and do something productive with your lives bitches !

  • FUMC

    I’d be willing to bet Mac Miller @ 146K, being on an independent label, made the most money on that list?

  • Trolled hard as fuck. 10/10 for that statement ya bitch

    “but not even Jay-Z or Kanye have pulled Drake #s combined or individually”

    god you fucking kids need to grab a full bottle of bleach and swallow that shit.

  • jus peeped the jay rock all my life video neva in Gods name knew Kendrick sang the hook wtf

  • sandybitchass

    c/s marty mcfly
    jay rock opened the gates

  • Joe

    lol how the fuck are you gunna compare album sales to take care? that shit was mostly pop ! thats his thing though and i respect that but hes putting his music out to a way broader audience.. and honestly u cant compare the documentary either… gkmc was a story and documentary had a whole bunch of classics on there.. both great albums but wayy different

  • Damn

    Who Fucking Cares ,

    I listened to it twice and now its collecting Fresh Dust …

    TDE will never drop a classic .

    B L U >

  • jrt123

    Kendrick only sang the hook on the leak.

  • marty mcfly

    @ JHP, These numbers are not a failure, its a win and it is good news for “real” hip hop BUT you cant say Dr Dre doesn’t really count as a feature and its not really a big single. Are you fucking kidding me? You talking about the same Dr Dre thats a fucking hip hop icon? COMEONSON. In all honesty hip hop records in general should be selling more and I know people gonna say its because of the nature of the game at this point and yada yada yada but hip hop is still being seen and heard more then all the other forms of music on a daily basis and until those numbers start going up, you wont hear too many more albums like GKMC on a mainstream level. You’ll definitely get more Chief Keef and Future type shit though cause thats shits easier to make and sell. Furthermore a dope artist shouldn’t have to load up their albums with hip hop legends as features and run around getting the cosign of everybody in the industry and then be on every hip hop blog for years just to get supported by the fans. If a artist is dope then they just dope and that should enough and thats why Taylor Swift and other country signers is selling alot more. Its cause they dont have to move heaven and earth just to sell they music. It seems like in hip hop you damn near have to circle the globe and unlock all the mysteries of the universe just to get a major album out and get some sells. That shit cray.

  • Ermac

    Congrats to K-dot but who is out buying that stupid anorexic no talent having Taylor Swift slut album for it to sell that much?

  • Sticky

    the sad thing is that in reality, the difference between his album and big k.r.i.t.’s is “Swimming Pools (Drank) “, if he hadn’t had that song with that much radio play he would have been lucky to get 100,000

  • you


    Seriously? Swimming Pools wasn’t that big outside the internets. Kendrick sold more because his album is better. Live from the Underground is nowhere close to the quality of GKMC. Also, Kendrick has a bigger fan base than K.R.I.T. regardless so of course he will sell more.

    And I don’t want to hate on K.R.I.T., I’m a fan of all his material. Except I stopped bumping LFTU pretty soon after it dropped.



    A real hip hop album, with real lyrics, a real concept and all.. selling 242k.

    great day.

  • Jon

    Shoutout to DUBCNN for hitting me up with K. Dot’s music!

    Sidenote: What if Eminem and Taylor Swift dropped albums the same week? Who wins?

  • haters never go to heaven

    damn congrats to kdot. imagine how much more it could sell if there was no Taylor Swift, 240k in this case is flawless victory

  • wooowww i didnt know TS album drops same day, rly 242k? with dat TS shit on shelves das kinda surprising my expectation was 100k at best, 242k against dat TS shit?? oh shit nigga fuck da haters (B-Real voice)

  • jamesxvega

    Big ups to K-dot! To everyone hating on dude, I bet you guys carry hate in every aspect of your life. sad really.. dude makes dope music, proof is in the pudding, but people that carry hate are blind and too proud to show love.

  • Chad

    Kendrick is overrated. Don’t believe the hype! He’s on of these dudes who will probably make pop records in a few years. Too much money and too much success usually fucks up their heads.
    You wanna know the album of the year (and this is just based on the snippets)? November 13, Murs & 9th Wonder “The Final Adventure”!!!

    Go to amazon, listen to the snippets – you will see that I’m right. This one and the album with Buckshot (“The Solution”) will prove that there’s no one on 9th’s level right now.

  • Solo

    I liked the album. It told a story from start to finish. It showed a evolution of caharacter. Like Tre from Boyz in the Hood! lol, well played Dr Dre, well played

  • KIM

    Taylor Swift’s Red Scores Biggest-Selling Week for Album Since 2002
    Country-pop megastar scores highest-selling week since Eminem’s The Eminem Show [Billboard]

  • Mike Tomlin

    @chad “Kendrick is overrated. Don’t believe the hype! He’s on of these dudes who will probably make pop records in a few years.”

    LMAO thats exactly what ppl said would happen with this album… name me one pop track on it. Or did you not even listen to it? Unbelievable.

  • The Realest Sh!t I Ever Wrote

    Yo wtf @ ppl saying Kendrick is this generations new nas. kendrick is this generations canibus in a few years ppl will forget about him bcuz thats what happens when someone with a message in the lyrics gets shine ppl hate. this nigga canibus is about to release a 10,000 bar album 9 1/2 hrs of music but no one fuckin cares. that will be kendricks fate aswell

  • marty mcfly

    Kendrick is this generations Kendrick and thats about it. I dont even think Kendrick wants to be like Nas cause trying to walk those shoes or follow those steps would just set him up for failure in the long run anyway. The more you make comparisons the more you not really paying attention to Kendricks own artistry. Kendrick did what he was posed to do which is basically not rapping like any other rappers before him. Kendrick is the new Kendrick end of story.

  • The Realest Sh!t I Ever Wrote

    ^ Nigga STFU. It Is what it is and thats what is destined to happen to him. hes an ill rapper i fuck with his shit but im just speaking the truth. his hype will die out soon. this frenzy u fags r in about the dude will be over u’ll deny fucking with his shit and thats it. i’m glad a real mc came out on top for once but the sad truth is he’ll be forgotten soon. BTW son i just want to ask do u wake up, get on 2dbz and just go into the comments section to defend k dot every morning when u wake up? bcuz ive noticed your little pattern

  • marty mcfly

    I dont really defend Kendrick so to answer your question, NO but as far as where Kendrick his headed its alot more likely that he’s headed in his own direction. I wouldn’t say he’s gonna end up like this or like that. He’ll end up where ever he’s supposed to be at and thats it. Kendrick is Kendrick he aint Nas or Canibus or Tupac or whoever else, he’s himself.

  • marty mcfly

    The artists that get compared to Kendrick never made records like Swimming Pools, Backseat Freestyle, Money Trees or The Recipe or like a bunch of his other songs. Not saying this is better then that or vice versa but its just different. All these artists being used to compare are way too different to be in comparison cause Kendrick is nothing like them and they were not like Kendrick. Nas brought what he brought to the table and so did Kendrick.

  • noah

    Kendrick is one of my favorite artists, but i really did not expect these numbers. Just shows how much respect everyone has for him

  • Coondrick Lamer

    This nigga got illuminati ass jews helpin him sell records. I see Jimmy the jew buying tons of copies at best buy last week. His followers wear pins that support obama.

  • meetGreetSuckMahMeat

    @marty mcfly
    i aint dissin but do you go to school or have a life other than being on this site cuz u writing long ass paragraphs in each response like u live for this shit.
    ………………anywho to everybody out there “suck mah meet muthaphucka” and i love you so i say that with love ^_^

  • sankie

    he deserves it!

  • Duh

    Actually Joey Bada$$ is this generations Nas, Kendrick is more like Dre.

  • ChuckyFreeze


  • Kendrick lamar is real hip hop he’s good like he’s music nun more

  • Kendrick lamar the things he sings abaut now that is real life music he’s talks abaut the real m abaut real not fake j cole real nas. that life music. dmx. xzibit also .the game.liston to the lyrics not the beat.m abaut real don’t care who sold more then who shut da fuck up and stay real.

  • thatswhathappens

    rap fans are so angry…

  • ^^^^^^^^^^

  • Rocco Siffredi

    what about nas be nas and kedrick lamar stay kendrick lamar ????

  • And 1

    more christian than lecrae’s album

  • Bongwater



  • F baby

    lol stunt ^

  • titties


    …what the fuck is a captain murray?

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