Kids These Days – Traphouse Rock (Album)

blame it on Shake October 30, 2012

And with the 30th of October, the Chicago collective comes through as promised with their new album. Hell yes! Hit the jump for the tracklist/download link.

01 Intro (Mental)
02 Freakwheness
03 Ghetto
04 Doo Wah
05 Don’t Harsh My Mellow
06 Talk 2 You
07 Everybody Needs Somebody
08 Don’t Fall In Love
09 Bud Billiken
10 Don’t Blame Me (For You)
11 Wasting Time
12 Ain’t Got Love
13 Who Do U-Luv
14 L’Afrique
15 A Man’s Medley

DOWNLOAD: Kids These Days – Traphouse Rock (Album)

  • realtalk™

    Dopeness.. thanks for posting this

  • BlkThought

    good look on the post

  • johnnyboy

    such a fucking solid album.

    chicago is winning

  • chiboogy

    @johnnyboy Chicago is not winning if we still have people like cheef kief. Just saying.

  • Basiclee


  • lo

    agree with basiclee…this really isn’t very good

  • Rosco Dash

    Shut okayyyy

  • stopmeifyoucan

    if you don’t think this is dope, then you don’t appreciate hip-hop..i live in chicago and there are sooo many dope rappers that no one will ever hear

  • DJC


  • Chopz

    This is like modernday Bizzare Ride II with a lot less weed.

  • I’m Liking These Guys, I Feel Bad Because I Was A Little Late Getting w/ The Program Regarding KTD.

  • Ren Dog

    This is so sick!