Kids These Days - Traphouse Rock (Album)

And with the 30th of October, the Chicago collective comes through as promised with their new album. Hell yes! Hit the jump for the tracklist/download link.

01 Intro (Mental)
02 Freakwheness
03 Ghetto
04 Doo Wah
05 Don’t Harsh My Mellow
06 Talk 2 You
07 Everybody Needs Somebody
08 Don’t Fall In Love
09 Bud Billiken
10 Don’t Blame Me (For You)
11 Wasting Time
12 Ain’t Got Love
13 Who Do U-Luv
14 L’Afrique
15 A Man’s Medley

DOWNLOAD: Kids These Days - Traphouse Rock (Album)

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  • realtalk™

    Dopeness.. thanks for posting this

  • BlkThought

    good look on the post

  • johnnyboy

    such a fucking solid album.

    chicago is winning

  • chiboogy

    @johnnyboy Chicago is not winning if we still have people like cheef kief. Just saying.

  • Basiclee


  • lo

    agree with basiclee...this really isn't very good

  • Rosco Dash

    Shut okayyyy

  • stopmeifyoucan

    if you don't think this is dope, then you don't appreciate hip-hop..i live in chicago and there are sooo many dope rappers that no one will ever hear

  • DJC


  • Chopz

    This is like modernday Bizzare Ride II with a lot less weed.

  • I'm Liking These Guys, I Feel Bad Because I Was A Little Late Getting w/ The Program Regarding KTD.

  • Ren Dog

    This is so sick!


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