• P!

    Roc Marc baby!

  • jizzmarkie

    150 for sunglasses?!?! c'mon now, ALC is dope but not gona happen

  • 1

    this > russian roulette

  • Carl Winslow

    these tracks are madness. alchemist is a genius

  • realtalk™

    I wish I had 4 thumbs so I could give this shit 4 THUMBSS UP!

  • reallyreallyreal

    i dunno bruh....the glasses are almost as dope as the record

  • sbsb

    feels like AL on his madlib influenced ishhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • che

    yeah Al is definitely on his madlib tip..but with his own spin on it. I think he has to do more with the samples he's using.

  • fathers

    ^^^^ Agreed

    Madlib Rza and Muggs are the fathers of Alchemsts style though.

    Tracks are tight though.

  • remrem

    I got the shades and the actual LP, both are absolutely dope. I have gotten so many comments on the shades B, well worth it.Think about it my MTA Raybans...$250 almost half that and I got Limited edition dope shades and a dope ass limited edition LP with it too. Kinda mad they released the music for free, but I can't really hate. Shouts to ALC x 9Five