Chingy – Chances Make Champions (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake October 31, 2012

Never in my life would I expect to follow up a Nelly post with something new from Chingy. 2012, man… it’s real! Anyways, the Right Thurr rapper links up with DJ Noize for his latest mixtape. Hit the jump for the stream/download link (as well as a video for “Club Nights”).

DOWNLOAD: Chingy – Chances Make Champions (Mixtape)


    I thought this nigga was dead haha!!

  • hilarity


  • brite

    Chingy’s continued existence is a mystery of the universe.

  • chingy doe!

    Chances Make Champions? You’ve had a million chances, shit you dropped like nine, almost 10, years ago lol… if you’re not a “champion” by now, give it up

  • Boss

    That “Still Gettin It” joint is kinda tough. But the rest sounds like dumpster juice lol. Who is really checking for Chingy in 2012?

  • Don’t flex like y’all didn’t have that Power Ballin on repeat.

  • doc rovers

    its sad how far DTP has fallen. Willy Northpole, Serius Jones, even Ludas struggling to stay on the charts now…damn

  • Stay Frosty

    Did Shake listen to this? I assume so since he posted it. I need your thumbs up before I even click play.

  • O! M! G! I was totally waiting in sheer anticipation for this new mixtape to drop!!! While y’all be lookin for those Kendrick Lamars or any of that “good” hip-hop, this is where it’s REALLY at!!!!!…

    Naw, just playing, LOL, seriously though (admittedly, while I still do have his 1st CD), who was really looking for this dude?

  • sammy swords

    Cover art looks like some upscale clip art from microsoft word.

  • bandP

    ^it really does lmao smh