SpaceGhostPurrp – Swervin’

blame it on Meka October 31, 2012

The Raider Klan frontman is gearing up to drop a new project, Sex Money Drugz, which he is actually releasing one track at a time. Here is the first one.

  • brite

    I thought this one dimensional nigga quit rap. Oh well, keep saving the beats for yourself to spit shitty ass rhymes over. Shit Rocky’s got a vocab as big as you’d expect from someone who cites Cam’ron as a major influence but SGP makes him look like fucking Lupe.

  • ShutYourMouth

    Why don’t you just not listen to SGP. He’s not a lyricist that’s for sure but he is a great composer of music and Rocky basically hijacked his sound so now he is experimenting and attempting to separate himself from that

  • bxb

    This beat goes.

  • Jordan

    This dude is literally struggling to find words that rhyme

  • milly

    struggling? wow niggas rlly sleepn hard arent they. its his flow and his producing, he can spit but yall just dont appreciate any aspect of him

  • Fuck Milly

    Milly – you’s a lil bitch fo realz dawg….fo realz….ya’ll know dis nigga can’t spit wurt a damn, his vocablary is aweful…unlike my vvocab witch is bANgin dees hoez

  • Fuck Milly

    Act-you-lee , let me spit some fuck bars…

    ASAP…guess who just came up?/in the land of milk and huney suck my nut/fuck Milly he ain’t shit but a fuckin bum…ASAP niggas open his asshole and CUM

  • adolfmayne

    keep it up SGP ull only get better at rapping as time goes on presistance is the key to progression but release that tape all at once

  • III

    SGP needs to quit rapping and give his beats to some decent rappers. Dude is a damn good producer, but I don’t think I’ve heard one impressive verse from him. His verse on “Kush Cloud” was at least tolerable, but usually they’re just complete shit.

  • j

    nigga try too hard to be different, few changes and this could be heat rocks but oh well stay pretty much unknown an ‘cool’on da underground and stay broke and bitter about asap

  • Wasn’t he supposed to release a project yesterday? Anyone know what happend to it?