• Infamous_LLB

    Hardest Out.. Piss on your favourite MC..

  • http://real-tube.net qtslim3000

    Cant wait to get this.

  • http://real-tube.net/blog/ Rap Music Connoisseur

    Styles been my nigga since LOX was with diddy

  • @rowjayC.O.B

    Over 10 years ago dude was my fav rapper but now i have grown up its a shame he hasn't

  • ralasJ

    Like That is produced by Buda & Grandz ....best upcoming producers right now. This album is gonna be nuts.

  • who cares

    Looks like a solid tracklist. Still can't get over how terrible that album title is though.

  • Yooo

    Most hardest? Dumb ass motherfucker

  • mineisbigger

    all haters eat dick with aids on the tip