Ludacris – Rest of My Life f. Usher & David Guetta

blame it on Illy November 1, 2012

Here’s the latest single off Ludacris’ upcoming album, Ludaversal, out early 2013.

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  • 91_til_infinity




  • TKM

    “LOL” sums it up.

  • next one


  • Yung


  • j

    might as well of featured pitbull and be done with it

  • ton

    lol…& Flo Rida

  • hh_addict

    woow, that was unexpected for me…Luda, you’ve just disturbed my peace. You’ve lost my respect…

  • xastey

    What in the hell happened to Luda

  • :'(

    He used to be my favorite rapper :(

  • hip-hop heads need to stop bitchin’ when rappers experiment with new sounds. If you want the old Luda back then go listen to the old albums. All that really matters is the skill and Luda’s obviously a dope rapper and this track is pretty cool.

  • Flip

    Luda is a hustla, he aint stupid

  • hh_addict

    He ain’t stupid, he just sold out for unappropriate trash music…

  • Luda’s been getting progressively worse ever since he shaved his cornrows, but this? This was embarrassing to listen to.

  • randomguy

    Smart business decision, but sub-par execution.

  • Allstar


  • @yeaaahh

    Dude, ain’t nothing new about this sound, this euro-dance-trash has been going on for a minute now. I have nothing but respect for artists who try to evolve through their music, but this is not that type of ‘experimenting’. This is just making corny ass crap for teenage white girls and falling in the same category with Flo Rida, Pitbull and Katy Perry.

    I fuck with his old shit but Luda not only sold out, he fell the fuck off hard son.

  • turnup

    Rap fans arent buying his album so hes going elsewhere for sales. I dont blame him. Hes not catering to rap fans anymore def respect his hustle. This beat is an afrojack bootleg tho.

  • dneek

    His album is universal peep the title “Ludaversal” its not a bad song its just pop

  • STC

    This is the least hip-hop hip-hop song ever.