Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread & Circuses (Snippets)

With five days before it's release (Nov. 6 for the mathematically challenged), Saigon lets loose snippets to his upcoming album TGSNT Chapter 2: Bread & Circuses.

DOWNLOAD: Saigon - TGSNT Chapter 2: Bread & Circuses (Snippets)

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  • LexiCon

    I guess "Blown Away" is the only song produced by Just Blaze. Honestly I'm quite dissapointed by the overall production - so dated. "Our Babies 2 (Crazy World)" sounds great though!

  • pr0b

    CAnei Finch Delivered on Change the Game ft marsha ....

  • Ang

    This album could've been so dope...but the production on here is so lame & cheap! Come On Saigiddy! Get back in there with the "Hip Hop Heavyweights"

  • Muscle Man

    just blaze seems like a cheap skate who wont lower his price for artists and thats why you dont hear his beats like you used to

    i always cant believe punks like small sean and wiz are more popular than sai who comes on this site 15 year olds come on

  • Dope

    This album will be dope. I'm coppin day one!

  • Lex

    Just Blaze said "i'm done with this clown" lol


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