ScHoolboy Q On Kendrick Lamar’s Success, Shyne and “Beef” w/ Blu (Video)

blame it on Shake November 1, 2012

Shot by Shake and Tnel Moniq. Edited by Shake.

After rocking the House of Blues stage in Las Vegas as part of the LongLiveA$AP Tour, Groovy Q sat down with TheWellVersed and yours truly in the back of his tour bus for a 2dope convo. In the select clip above, Q speaks on Kendrick Lamar recent success (and how that doesn’t equate to the whole TDE roster “making it” just yet, hopes no one comes up with a better ad-lib than “Yawk Yawk”, laughs at Shyne’s comments on good kid, m.A.A.d city and brushes off any “beef” with Blu.

Kendrick made it. Me, Jay Rock and Soul haven’t made it. Jay Rock dropped his album but it was more on an independent level. We still wanna take it to the next level. We all dropped independent albums. That’s a big accomplishment for us, to actually show up on Billboard and move units independently. I feel like Kendrick is the only one that’s made it between us. Dropped that debut, sell a bunch of records, got corny niggas like Shyne hating, started a riot in LA. I’m proud of that shit. That’s ‘made it’.

Stay tuned as we’ve got a couple more segments on the way.

  • super59


  • BounceB

    leave it up 2 yall ta kill any beef between blu and tde..dis man schoolboy basically jus said blu is irrelevant i wouldnt call dat brushing it off..blu is one of the few people that i can say lyrically got tde..dats be a pretty big underground beef if it happened out west ijs…

  • CUbano

    Man I fuck wit Q but don’t diss blu….He dropped one of the best albums of the decade with Exile Below the Heavens…he’s a top lyricist Q ain’t lyrical like that to just think he above him.

  • djruthless

    my advice don’t do interviews stoned i nearly fell asleep watching dat zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring Blu would shit on this dude aswell he’s just gassed coz 14 year olds are on his dick big deal you got a show every night so do alot of wack motherfuckers

  • blu who

    lol look at you blu fans all mad n shit.

  • YOYO


  • MothaFuckinTru

    Lol at all the mad blu fans…Blu and Q both dope tho

  • realtalk™

    all the trolls coming out saying fuck blu hoping to get a response..

    For the record, I like both artists but Q shouldn’t have answered this question anyway.. if you don’t care, then don’t care and don’t talk about it.. don’t say no one cares about Blu 4 or 5 times cause that makes it seem like you do..

  • Boomerang Slang

    I was a huge Blu fan after he dropped Below the Heavens a few years back but Blu’s career has been a joke since then. I would give Blu the slight lyrical edge over Q but Q is more consistant, puts out better quality music, and is more entertaining.

    I don’t think Blu is focused on hip-hop or his career the way that he should cuz he has tons of talent and thats sad cuz TDE is takin over

  • lmao

    lmao @ Below the Heavens being one of the best albums of the past decade…yall niggas can’t be serious.

  • marty mcfly

    Anybody can talk shit about Blu but he still made Below The Heavens and no matter what Q says he will never in his life make that dope of an album. Q got some aiight shit but honestly if Blu stopped rapping and Q made ten more albums and did a thousand more shows, most hip hop heads would still say Blu > Q.


  • adolfmayne

    theirs a TDE a Blu beef? when this happened?

  • Jay

    @lmao Below the heavens is one of the best albums of the past 5 years…ask the rest of the world faggot. 2dopeboyz sucks black hippy’s cock TOO much. Like too much. Lol i fux wit TDE but damn

  • GR

    Below the Heavens was 5 years ago. I mean, I believe he’s probably one of the only other rappers beside Kendrick that can make a classic in our day and age (and that’s my STRONG opinion), but he needs to focus. I don’t care what weird tip he’s on. I try every time to support Blu, especially with No York, which I thought was dope, but how are you not gonna TRY and market a little better?

    His live shows need to pick up, he needs to stop trying to be so obscure, and he needs to start giving back to all the fans that he’s made because it seems like he doesn’t really care about his audience anymore. Q pretty much said what’s been on a lot of Blu fans mind lately, like we’re starting to not care about Blu anymore. Which is pretty sad because Below The Heavens is one of my favourite hip-hop albums of all time.


    Schoolboy isn’t all that to me. Habits and contradictins was cool but def had it’s flaws and his album before that was boring as shit to me. Blu has 4 dope projects to me Below the heavens, her favorite color or some shit, johnson & jonson album, and the blu & exile album that dropped this year. He does have his share of wack shit tho, but very lyrical.

  • marty mcfly

    @GR, Below The Heavens has already stood the test of time as far as being a classic and thats without any mainstream influence. GKMC came out like a week ago, so the test of time will tell if people feel as strongly as they do about it 5 years from now. I get it that Q may feel like him a TDE or the shit now but its some artist and groups that been the shit for decades ( Example: Wu Tang is forever) so he need to just speak on his own music.

  • Shyne’s Jewfro

    LMAO at the dudes defending Blu. Y’all gotta be the definition of DICKRIDERS. Y’all know he was wrong right? He fucked up by saying Q was dissin him. Yeah Blu is dope as fuck and lyrically up there but on some beef back and forth dissin type shit? Q got it. He’s more aggressive with it

  • asdfasd

    blu’s the example of saying fuck getting big i’ma do what i wanna do, and ima make the music i want to hear.
    but lately he’s been getting a little thirsty because i think he’s starting to realize, damn i wanna make below the heavens money and fame again.. so now he just comes off as weird and ends himself in shit like schoolboy q
    schoolboy q is full of jokes, he doesnt care about what blu thinks about him or anything..
    they’re both dope
    blus obviously the more talented, but q is making more money and keeping up with the game

  • midwestbeast

    lol Q said blu not eatin. nigga plz blu is feasting on these niggas. He got like 10 dope projects out compared to school boy’s 2. Plus Blu out touring in Europe and Australia, selln out shows everytime. let me see schoolboy do that. School boy q is dope tho, but don’t speak the god name vain. lol

  • @MIDWESTBEAST i’m sure Q is making wayyyy more money than blu

    blu could make more money if he really tried though

  • cloud9

    But Blu brought that shit on himself, nobody in the world who listened to that song thought that shit said blue instead of glue. And then on top of that, he approached the nigga on twitter, cmon bruh

  • curious

    what’s the song that plays in the beginning

  • fred

    if anyone saw the actual shit blu was sayin, u would all know that nigga is just off his rocker, dude is straight up out of his mind, leave that crazy ass nigga alone

  • adolfmayne

    blu got recognition and fame with out a machine and having to pay blogs to promote them so hard it makes their fans hate them i wonder if anyone on tde can say that? fan of both artist though

  • that troof

    blu got recognition and fame with out a machine and having to pay blogs to promote them so hard it makes their fans hate them i wonder if anyone on tde can say that? fan of both artist though

    on point af. blu did it with word of mouth support, not a bunch of blog payola sucking him off. also q is terrible

  • Jonesy Stark

    LMAO @ the Blu apologists. I love the dude’s music but he ain’t been hungry, focused, or nearly relevant in years. NoYork was a pretty solid album, but I still don’t think it was up to snuff considering the potential folk has. And point blank he was wrong when he stepped to Q (note I’m not saying wrong to have done it but actually wrong in regards to the facts). Now he’s mosdef a better lyricist than Q but like the homey said, folk ain’t eating right now. And trilly though, that’s his own damned fault, folk.

  • cap

    how the fuck is blu not eatin compared to q? since when is q anything???? q is nothing compared to blu. yall dont know shit, if riff raff was associated with kendrick yall be saying riff raff better than blu too? haha stupid mofos dont know anything. yall seriously need to grow up and come to some realizations

  • Oja

    Blu had a solid album Below the Heavens prolly a good 6 nice songs.. But Q got this setbacks and H&C go hard and also has content. Blu joint came out in 07′ and just a tons of bullshit material after that. I think blu can be a beast but his work ethic and trying too hard to be different is currently his down fall. Long Live TDE Ya Bish Yawk Yawk!!

  • I completely agree with “Boomerang slang”

  • marty mcfly

    Blu has released more music then Q and has released better quality music then Q in the last few years and yes we all know Blu could do better but if you take the songs of good quality he’s released after Below The Heavens then he still has put out more music with better lyrics over better beats then Q has overall. Most of the people talking down on Blu are still saying he’s dope in the same comment for a reason. Blu mite not have industry hype behind him but he still did his thing for the couple of years (06 -08) people were checking for him. Now when Q is no longer a blog favorite, we’ll see if his music still has an effect on the culture. Now for people talking about which artists are eating the most. Lets say Blu is making no money and he has no fame. So what? Q could feel like because he’s getting money now and he’s more popular that makes him is the better artist but he knows better then that. If its all about money then Chief Keef is the best artist out then cause he made more money off one song then damn near all the new rappers in hip hop.

  • nelo from the South of A

    N wot daz this site gain from posting this clip? Who the fcuk posted this? This mofaka was high, but y oh y wud any1 post this nonsense.boyz done gone excited wid 5mins wid Q n they just needed an angle to brag to us, that aint dope smh. Kdot just released a great project n Q is gna cloud it all up wid sum rubbish. Stupid mofaka.

  • Tity 2 Necklace

    they’re both dope, but Q comes off as an arrogant, delusional douche in this video, and Blu is terrible at performing/listening to lyrics lol. fuck ’em both, I’ll still listen to their music

  • ShawnKemp

    This irrelevant dude is the ultimate dick rider. Dude kisses Kendrick Lamar’s ass every chance he gets. How the hell is Blu not eating, but touring in Europe??

  • adolfmayne

    blu has so many classic tracks way more than q i like his lofi stuff doesnt mean i hate q

  • DayO

    “let me get a verse my g” -blu

    never not gonna be funny, ill never forget the L blu took that day.

  • weed

    i dont really fuck wit blu, so i cant say nothing bout him, but he is an idiot for starting this beef over a misunderstood line. niggas just want attention. as for all of you dissin q, you can hate, but hes dope. i havent heard many people wit a style like q. hes like biggie and jay elec put together. although he cat really freestyle for shit, cept on 6 foot 7 foot wit kdot. shit went in.

  • CABNumber

    And that my friends is what comes from a “Dont give a fuck” attitude.

  • J.West

    Q keepin it real fuck Shyne and fuck you niggas always talkin about who dick ridin. Yall dick ride with hate. Fuck u negative ass Niggas die fast

  • J.West

    Q keepin it real fuck Shyne and fuck you niggas always talkin about who dick ridin. Yall dick ride with hate. Fuck u negative ass Niggas die fast.

  • LOUD

    Blu need to take Trinidad James advice and “don’t be S.A.F.E” how u gon text a nigga askin to work, then accuse him of dissing you when he don’t respond? Why u wanna even work wit a nigga u think dissed u though. Blu hella S.A.F.E

  • Ur welcome

    @HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ yo Q this Blu, i got a question g, u diss me on ya 2nd album homie, or am i crippin’?

    @ScHoolboyQ: “@HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ yo Q this Blu, i got a question g, u diss me on ya 2nd album homie, or am i crippin’?”>>> lol wat I say?

    @HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ what u mean what i say nga, u dissin me or what??

    @HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ on “gangsta in designer” sticking to the script like mu****ing blue, we just crippin right cut?

    @ScHoolBoyQ: @HerFavColor sound like u really mad, so yupp I dissed u wat u gon do???

    @HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ u think u not gone see me my nga!

    @ScHoolBoyQ: @HerFavColor first off I’m not explaining ****, 2nd u not EATIN 3rd u not EATIN 4tH u not EATIN

    @HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ ima c u nga

    @ScHoolBoyQ: “@HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ ima c u nga”>>>> I tHink u jus wanted to talk to me since I didn’t respond wHen u wanted to work… I got yo txt

    @ScHoolBoyQ: I would Neva take tHe new cHarles Hamilton of Hip-Hop serious. NiggaH lost His mind actin like He wanna get down lol- PUFFY

  • 2

    honestly.. blu is way more talented than anyone in tde, including kendrick. just my opinion though. ab-soul and Q are pretty good but nowhere near blu. blu just has way too many raw tracks compared to like <10 from Q

  • Damn

    Talk to me When TDE drops a classic Album .

  • Groovy Hippy

    Has everyone forgotten that blu was the one that made himself look stupid? I mean seriously how the fuck do you get blue out of glue? That’s some stupid shit man lol. Blu did it to himself. Blu is talented and all but he was just craving for attention, and Q just set him straight simple as that. Q aint the type to diss rappers anyway lol.

  • mcd

    Touring Europe does not mean that you’re making good money. When Q said Blu isn’t eating, it’s cause Blu definitely hasn’t even made near a mill this year. It doesn’t have shit to do with his abilities, he just isn’t putting in the work to make that money. Q says he’s got a show every night, he’s getting paid every night. That’s what matters to him. Blu can stay on his indie rap shit, I dig it. But he won’t ever get to Q’s level in terms of shows, publicity, and reputation. Comparing Q and Blu as rappers is retarded. There are almost zero comparisons to make between their work. Just let me know next time you hear a Blu joint on the radio in NYC and in LA.

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    Blu bodies anything Q has ever done or will probably ever do, it’s that simple. Q riding K Dots coat tail, he’s the weakest out of TDE too. Lesbehonest people, pound for pound Blu’s lyrical abilities are lightyears above Q’s, and we’re not even talking Below The Heavens included; his catalog alone shows you his bars. And I like how people attacking the one’s defending Blu, because instead of defending Q themselves, they’d rather attack the defenders, lol.

  • Rub The Sleep Out Ya Eyes

    Also, to say Blu ain’t eating is just stupid and fucking ignorant. If Q really thinks the amount of money he’s getting compared to Blu equates to him being a better rapper than Blu then let him eat. Let Q have the money and fame, nobodys gonna remember his ass 10 years from now but only as that one weak ass member from TDE.

  • YOYO

    @rub the sleep out your eyes

    BLu is an idiot , he started this beef on shit that didnt exist, fuck that attention grabbing slut

  • adolfmayne

    yo i dont give a fuck if blu started the beef that wasnt what the discussion was about that jesus track is better most q’s catalog again tde have the buzz and blogs behind them right now but that still doesnt make him better

  • jwiii

    Blu looks silly on twitter but his track record remains as a fan of hip-hop that’s all that matters. I don’t care about how much money you have or how much records you sold or how big your fanbase is. That’s your issue, not mine.

    I don’t buy y’all shit anyways. :)

    On that note, Schoolboy Q is ill and has murdered nearly every feature he’s been on.

    They just in different lanes.

  • Zwinddle

    Blu was on a grammy nominated album with the roots, dropped a classic, has lupe saying he’s scared of him, selling out shows in europe, worked with dilla etc. and is OBVIOUSLY better in every aspect of being an MC. Q has no choice but to “not even care”. Blu did it by himself.. Q needed his boy to get co signed by dre then hopped on the coat tail and started eating kendricks crunbs that fell on the floor. Schoolboy Q has yet to even headline his own tour.. cmon son hes opening up for asap right now and niggas like mac miller. “somebody said i need paper to eat, but a mean shouldnt live off bread alone” Blu

  • Zwinddle

    “somebody said i need paper to eat, but a men shouldn’t live off bread alone” Blu ***

  • no1cares…foo

    it don’t matter if blu more lyrical or not if he hit homie up on twitter askn “did u diss me on such n such song” thats sum yee type mickky shit…plus blu on sum back pack shit wut kinda beef a back pack type mufucka gon have like who gon take that serious…I’d say the same shit no one cares

  • Aye

    I like Q…I REALLY do BUT Blu is dat nigga.
    Anyway I wish Schoolboy Q luck in his career.
    TDE! HIIIPOWER! Bitchezzzzz!

  • Jus Sayin


    “I was a huge Blu fan after he dropped Below the Heavens a few years back but Blu’s career has been a joke since then. I would give Blu the slight lyrical edge over Q but Q is more consistant, puts out better quality music, and is more entertaining.
    I don’t think Blu is focused on hip-hop or his career the way that he should cuz he has tons of talent and thats sad cuz TDE is takin over”

    – Boomerang Slang

  • Jus Sayin

    Truth. Stop sleeping on Setbacks by Q. Cycle, I’m Good, Druggy With Hoes Pt. 1, BetIGotSumWeed, Live Again ft. Kendrick & [email protected]!n$, Figg Get Da Money all go in. You can like both artists but an established one like Blu quietly tweeting a relative newcomer like Q and sounding like a new booty asking for a verse than mistakenly accuse him of a diss. Come on John Barnes.

    “But Blu brought that shit on himself, nobody in the world who listened to that song thought that shit said blue instead of glue. And then on top of that, he approached the nigga on twitter, cmon bruh”

    – Cloud9

  • Just give it up

    Blu fucked up. He should of contacted Q and apologized for being a fuck up. Deaded it right there. Remember that Schoolboy Q wasn’t the one that started this shit it was Blu. As far as their music is concerned we all know they’re both dope so just leave it at that. No need to be cheerleaders.

  • Danny

    So the new Earl song is dope…

  • MonEYE

    my question is if Schoolboy Q wasnt associated with Kendrick & TDE would yall be meat riding how yall still do, my guess is probably not. He just comes across as arrogant when he hasnt done ANYTHING in music lol… he even said his ad-libs are what makes him like c’mon. Q is an avg artist his tde ties make ppl think he’s better than he actually is.

  • so much bullshit i heard on this c-section….(sorry for the mistakes im french)
    its funny how schoolboy Q starting to get fat.
    Blu is a genious, i heard people talking about marketing seens when a artist need to make marketing and sell stuff?
    i heard people say blu dont pay attention to is fans ? seens when a artist need to pay attention to the fans. loool you all donwload illegaly his music and dying for gratitude.
    here the difference between an artist and a entertainer.
    a artist make art… a entertainer try to amuse is public.
    a artist try to express things … a entertainer say what is public wanna ear
    respect for tde but they are entertainers.
    Blu is an artist … mean he express his self.
    you acting like there is camp and battle all that bullshit.
    schoolboy q just lost all the respect i have for him.
    i need to slowdown on the burritos he look like honey boo boo mother.

    respect for ab-soul
    respect for kendrick lamar…. overly dedicted iz a classic, section 80 iz a classic good kid maad city iz…”need to listen to it more” ;-)

  • they all su fucked i just saw all the twitter thing mac miller jump on this shit too… mac miller look like a spoiled child he mess with hiphop…
    blu iz real no attitude.
    schoolboy q iz getting fat iz favorite rapper iz fifty cent…he iz trash.
    he wanna gangsta we all have a friend like that, the crew making big stuff so he think iz on a position, but he iz bad…six month later nobody gone remember you schoolboy g go back to school

  • wunda

    Q is dope as fuck….fuck blu that nigga irrelevant although he nice with the lyrics…but still, q dropped 2 dope as projects and u niggas saying he aint nice? both those projects i bump the whole thing front to back….and his album finna be dope as fuck too…people dickride tde i admit that but tde makes human music that a real nigga can relate to and live with…so fuck these niggas FIGG GET THE MONEY

  • Rocco Siffredi

    16 years 2pac and biggie die and you still think hiphop iz about competition….

    you still think iz about beef and stuff.

    we all making money of that hiphop stuff ///
    we dont need beef we dont need little words on twitter
    we dont need confrontations.
    schoolboy q iz a fat ass with no lyrics
    im cool with hiz muzik but dont front
    because i might just decide to dont listen to you anymore and this iz the only think you thirsty of… that young kids who going to your shows that 106 and park presentation, that youtube views.
    shut your mouth and start a slimfast diet for your fat ass

  • eclyse88

    lol he is too high for that interview

  • realtalk™

    No matter how off-track Blu has been since BTH.. Schoolboy Q aint got shit on him lyrically, Q is by far the worst rapper out of Black Hippy too, he’s just riding the other guys’ wave

  • hiaw

    Q is my nigga, but i been bumping blu for too long. they need to collab and stop the bullshit 4real

  • hiaw

    Stop acting like BTH aint classic doe

  • doodoo

    I honestly thought blu was just messing with him lol, wouldn’t that make more sense?