Wiz Khalifa – Tweak Is Heavy (Video)

blame it on Illy November 1, 2012

Off Cabin Fever 2.

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  • Saw It Coming.

    Lol I swear I miss the “Flight School” and “Deal Or No Deal” Wiz Khalifa.

    That guy is long gone. But I definitely knew this day was coming. I even remember when Flight School and all that was fresh, I was telling myself “Imma appreciate this because this dude is gonna sell out big time soon”

    It was obvious. Wiz always had a mainstream sound. But his new shit is very low quality compared to his 2007-2009 shit.

    Once someone sells out, theres no going back. The material just gets worse and worse.

  • quas


  • Lynxie Krueger

    Man this guy sucks so much now

  • M^2

    This song is horrendous, period.

  • j

    he letting his brand/image do the selling for him, that can only last so long.. goodbye so long wiz


    ha all this sell out talk ^. You cats want rappers to stay broke.

  • Detroit

    He’s still saying the same shit, wiz has never had substance in his music, he has one subject matter. So whats the difference between now and then?

  • Famous

    His flow and wordplay.

  • Flip

    Im a big wiz fan but this shit is str8 donkey butt